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Hi, I'm Crystal Lynn.  My work is to provide deep transformation and emotional healing using spiritual principles and a big dose of unconditional love.  I'm a spiritual life coach, multi-dimensional healer, world traveler and writer.

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Coaching to Transform

Re-membering your Magnificence.  We start with the premise that you are powerful beyond measure and meant to create great works.  We peel back the layers of doubt, fear, and feelings of unworthiness to reveal your magnificence. Private and Group packages offered.

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Intuitive Guidance

My Higher Mind talks to your Higher Mind and I deliver the messages clearly for positive change in your life.  My job is to help you manifest your best life. Lots of Spirit + a little coaching + lots of HEART = Brilliant Transformation

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Deep Emotional Healing

Transformation.  We go deep into your energetic system to create healing in your mind and body to free you from the bondage of your thoughts, your perceived limitations and even your negative karma.  You can't thrive when your emotional baggage is weighing you down.

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I offer a complimentary Discovery Session so that we can learn about one another and discuss your specific needs.  Learn about the process or just book yourself in with the button below. I love these sessions and look forward to working with you.

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 In France:  +33 7 69 03 59 61 In the US: +1 310 439 8749

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