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Welcome to the “A Course in Miracles” Study Group. If you are dedicated to completing “A Course in Miracles Text and Workbook”, then you have come to the right place! A Course in Miracles is an exciting year-long journey into the core of your connection to the Divine. A Course in Miracles (or ACIM, as it is affectionately called) penetrates the barriers that separate us from our Divine Selves by powerfully teaching us how to see through the illusion of what we have learned is ‘real.’ It teaches us how to see the world through the eyes of love and unity as opposed to the prism of separation and limitation.

The course work consists of a discursive Text and a daily practice Workbook. The Text explores the nature of reality and challenges our understanding of what we experience sensorily. It also urges us to release our old paradigms and belief systems that see us as beings separated from one another and different from God (or Goddess or Source or however you want to define this all encompassing creative energy) and to instead embrace life in Unity. Rather than keeping ‘separation’ and ‘unity’ as theoretical concepts the Text, combined with the Workbook, help bring these ideas into our minds and bodies so that we actually experience Unity as a way of life. This awakening to Unity is the Miracle.

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ACIM is a deeply personal journey that many people choose to take on their own. In my own practice, however, I have found the need to share my experience. Although written in simple, straight-forward language, ACIM is heavy-duty, life-transforming stuff! Personally, I need a place where I can shout my joy from rooftops, as well as, vocalize my pain and confusion to compassionate souls who understand the journey. That’s why I have created this study group. I want this to be a workspace for those of us who are committed to this work to have a safe place to share our experiences, a place to ask questions, get feedback, and commune with kindred spirits. The whole program takes 365 days to complete and is worth every ounce of effort.

Most of our interaction is done online using Google Hangouts, and I want to make this as warm and tender an experience as possible. Warm and tender? Yup. We are going to be sharing the deepest aspects of our psyches. It may not always be pretty. We need to be received with loving compassion, warmth and tenderness. I’m not saying that we won’t experience tough love or hard lessons. But personally, I want to give and receive the teachings with loving compassion, warmth and tenderness. You may come as you are and be who you are– rough and tumble, sweet and sappy, uptight and condescending, it doesn’t matter! You will always be held in loving compassion, warmth and tenderness in this group.

I am so glad that you want to join us!

Here are the materials you will need to participate:

  • A Course in Miracles Text
  • A Course in Miracles Workbook
  • A journal and pen
  • Access to a Google Hangouts on your phone, notebook or computer

I started off with the audiobook version of the Text and Workbook. I found that I needed a paper version to highlight and bookmark. I then got the Kindle version to take on the road with me. You decide if you want to get the audio, paper or electronic versions. It’s totally up to you! I recommend the combined paper version that gives you the Text, the Workbook, Teacher’s Manual and Clarification of Terms.

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Here’s how the program will work:

  1. First of all, you have to sign up to participate in this study group. Signing up is really easy– just enter your name and email and you’ll be put in the group.  You’ll receive a welcome email with links to join the live weekly sessions and a link to access the secret Facebook group. You’ll also be kept abreast of all the details surrounding the program.
  2. Buy A Course in Miracles Text and Workbook and start reading the Text! I recommend starting the very first exercise in the ACIM Workbook on January 25th.  Our very first telephone call will be on Saturday, January 28th at 8:30am PST. In addition to being an introduction to the program, this call will be a test-drive of how the calls will run and things will work in general. If you want to start the exercises sooner, then go ahead! If you need to start later or are joining the group after January 28th that’s alright, too. You can find all of the help you need for each exercise in our Facebook group.
  3. We will come together for a weekly LIVE session where we discuss different aspects of the ACIM Text and Workbook. The sessions will be every Saturday morning starting at 8:30am PST. These sessions will last from 60 to 90 minutes. During this time, we will actively engage key points in the material and open a discussion to help us better understand what is being presented and how we can integrate it into our daily lives and relationships. If you cannot make a live session, don’t worry. The sessions are recorded so you can listen when it’s convenient.  Our sessions are an opportunity to work out issues in real time. Each session will begin with a special meditation to help us connect to the group and the material. We will then have a Dharma Talk where we discuss pertinent topics in the Workbook and Text. And then we have a Question and Answer session. I will personally facilitate many of the meetings, but I am excited that you, as a member, might want to facilitate, too. This practice will give us plenty of opportunities to see the work through different eyes.
  4. In addition to our weekly telephone calls, there is a secret Facebook Group for members only. This is our opportunity to really share and express who we are and how we are experiencing this work. It is open to you to post whatever inspires you. Tell us your story! You can write articles for it and post photographs, you can post questions, share artwork, poetry, links to articles that have inspired you, quotes, whatever it is that comes up for you during this practice. The Spiritcentric A Course in Miracles Facebook Group is our discussion board. This is the hub of where our interaction will take place between our calls. I encourage you to visit it daily and participate in it. This is where we give and receive support in reciprocity.
  5. You are invited to donate to support what is being offered in the program. Your monetary contributions can be made through Paypal and are not a requirement to participate. You may donate as frequently and in whatever amounts you desire. Thank you!

So that is our program in a nutshell! I am happy that you are joining me. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me: CrystalLynn@Spiritcentric.com.  See you Saturday!

In heartfelt connection,
Crystal Lynn

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