One of the things I love to do is take photos of stuff.  This photo of a tuk-tuk was taken outside the Santosh Puri Ashram in Haridwar, India in 2014.  I lived in that ashram for three months and it opened my Third Eye and Crown Chakras like crazy!  

Living life from the Inside Out...

In the morning, I awake and contemplate my navel.  Well, I don’t contemplate my navel, but rather the spiraling vortex around it called the sacral chakra.  The sacral chakra is the energy center in charge of emotions and creativity.  The sacral chakra is responsible for a load of other stuff, too, but for this missive, it’s the emotions and the creativity that are important.

I awake and head for my navel, because I live my life from the Inside Out, and being aware of my emotional state and the blockages to my creativity are important to help me understand how I am going to flow with the universe, or resist the universe.  The key for me to live my life from the Inside Out is to be aware of my feelings in the moment.  I know lots of people who awaken and contemplate the external world– when they have to be at work, how they’re going to manage the kids, with whom they’re going to meet, what’s for dinner… For me, though, there really is just one question:  How do I feel?

I cannot emphasize enough, the importance of this question in the Inside Out lifestyle.  (Hahahaha!  I literally just made up that title.  It fits, so I'm keeping it!)  The ‘Inside Out Lifestyle.’  It might sound funny, but it has depth and meaning. What I mean is that I believe that what we experience in the external world is a direct reflection of what we are experiencing inside ourselves.  The outside world is a mirror reflecting our beliefs and thoughts back to us.  So when we look around us and see a wonderful world full of possibility, enthusiasm and curiosities, it is a reflection of a consciousness that is creative, optimistic and thoughtful.  And when we look around us and see a frightening world full of crime, danger, and limitation, it is a reflection of a consciousness that is fearful, doubtful, and short-sighted.  The feelings Inside of us are reflected in the Outside world.

Many people are turning to the Inside Out way of being in the world because it delivers instant results, feels super empowering, and is a cure for feelings such as unworthiness, lack, fear and limitation.  The Inside Out Lifestyle is a way of being in the world that empowers you to make your biggest dreams real.  It is a consciousness that assumes unity in all things, and from that place of connection and trust, allows you to go forward in your life with a feeling of optimism, curiosity and even playfulness.

I coach people in this lifestyle because it has proven to me time and time again that our most powerful dreams really can come true.  The Inside Out Lifestyle gave me back my own power when I was broken, fragmented, and drowning in a sea of lack and despair.  Opening myself to this way of being brought me back to a place of Self-Love, Authenticity and Trust in the Universe and most importantly, trust in myself.

It is my absolute joy and honor to share this knowledge with you through my videos, my blog, my classes, and through private and group sessions.  Life is exciting and an opportunity to have a full spectrum of experiences.  I am blessed to work with you!

Travel, food, and mysticism excite me...


I had my first travel adventure without my parents when I was a blushing 15-year-old girl visiting several European countries, among them, France, Italy, the U.K. and Germany. In my 20's I spent a lot of time in Europe but also had the excellent fortune to visit Kazakhstan and Eurasia, as well as, Russia when these countries were still off limits to foreigners. In my 30's I moved to Paris and stayed there for over two years, but returned to the United States to start a healing and wellness center. While in the U.S., Paris tugged at my heart and so I went back to visit every single year until my mom died in 2013. I started really coming into my own as a traveler after my mom died and I sold my business, doing the world in my own style. Six months in Montreal, Canada; two months in Bali, Indonesia; two months in Haridwar, India; two months in Provence, France. 18 months in Long Beach, California were spent trying to deny that I am a born journeyer and in May of 2016, but by the end of that time, I realized who I AM: a healing journey woman who loves this world with a passion.

I've been to over 21 countries, mostly traveling confidently by myself. I recently embarked on my newest adventure and I am currently living in Paris, France deepening my personal healing, writing my first book and improving my French (which I LOVE speaking!)

My joy for eating is no secret.  My diet is mostly plant-based but I simply enjoy eating omnivorously.  Being in France is so much fun because food is treated so beautifully here.  Hey, do you know where else food is really esteemed?  CAMBODIA!  Did you see that coming?  Wow!  They have access to the most diverse and colorful selection of vegetables, fish and meat!  And some excellent chefs making delicious creations.

Travel, food, and mysticism are definitely weaving a story in my heart.  I became fascinated with mysticism as a child.  I was raised as a Christian, but my relationship with God/Goddess Source of All was always very loving and intimate, so I never believed that It needed to be seen as the one and only.  I didn't see the purpose of creating a limited definition It and I felt better and the world made more sense when I allowed for God/Goddess/Source of All to be a concept shared by all to take whatever form we wanted.

I studied Buddhism and really enjoyed chanting and the practice of Zazen.  I'm also a believer in Angels, Fairies, Devas and Ancestors.  It is NOT a requirement to take all this on to work with me!!!  Hahahaha!  The Inside Out Lifestyle does not require a relationship or even a belief in mysticism!

I got my degree from a private university in Paris, France and my major was Philosophy because I wanted to learn how to think. I love philosophy in all of it's forms.  The philosophy of psychology and the workings of our minds, the philosophy of emotions, of religion, and even political philosophy really turn me on.  My personal philosophy of the Inside Out Lifestyle has been a lifelong journey and definitely coming to its fullness now in my life.

About this website...

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My website is here to offer you inspiration through my blog and videos.  I have a calendar of events which will keep you up-to-date with my classes, events and workshops, and I LOVE putting together free offerings and sending them your way.  So please sign up for my mailing list, and I'll keep a pleasant stream of goodies flowing.

Here I am! Eccomi qui!

Florence, Italy


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