Allowing Authority

Part of being a real Authority in my own life means that I have to let go of that small and petty part of my mind that wants to be right in the eyes of other people.

For example, I wrote a review for a guy who did some work for me and with the scoring, he got 4.5 stars out of 5. I also wrote a nice message with a word of thanks.

He wrote me back saying that he was very disappointed in my review and wanted to know why I didn’t give him a better review. I politely explained that my review was accurate for my experience.

But my wounded inner child was incensed that he was telling me that my review wasn’t good enough. I started coming up with all sorts of judgments about how he should be happy with what I felt was an excellent review.

The point of this story is that his reaction is his issue, and for me to be in my own Authority means that I have to let people express themselves and have their opinions in whatever way they want. Part of me wanted to try to fix his point of view. It also wanted him to see things my way. I also wanted to fuck him off because he was wrong. Ha! Some authority, huh? Sounds more like a petty dictator.

I get to practice being in Authority every day by unconditionally loving my friends, family and the people around me while they are being themselves. Being an Authority doesn’t mean that I have to boss people around or show them the right way. Being an Authority means that I get to stand in my place of power knowing that I AM aligned with my own standards that I chose for myself. But I do believe that this stance needs to have a good dose of unconditional love thrown into the mix. Unconditional love for the self and unconditional love for friends, family and the world around me.


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