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round logoWelcome to My Tarot Page, friend.  This is where you can come and do your own card readings and to book an appointment with me to read for you.  Right now, I'm using the images from The Druidcraft Tarot because they are beautiful, colorful and loaded with Celtic symbolism.   Please bookmark this page and sign-up to get Tarot inspiration and private invitation to free reading events delivered right to your inbox.

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Tarot Reading:   When reading your cards, I tune into my Higher Self and allow messages from your Guides to flow through Me to you.  These messages from your Divine Guidance Team will bring you conscious awareness of your power to change or stay on your path. WARNING: My work is deep. It is meant to promote powerful change at the level of your Soul. I am not here to make you feel good. I am here to give you the messages from YOUR Guides in the way I am directed. Also, I will always treat you as the Divine Being that you are. I will never treat you like a victim of circumstance, although I will nurture you with love and compassion.

Do a Single Card Reading

Wait! Pause a moment. Take a deep breath. Center your thoughts. Now, hover over the cards to shuffle through and then click a card to get your answer. (Scroll on the image to see your complete reading text.)

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Something to Consider

The card in this section is message that might seem random on the surface, but we live in a world of connection and synchronicity.  What is Spirit telling you here?

Get insight from Crystal Lynn
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Do a 3-Card Reading

It is always wise to have a pen and paper handy to take notes when you are reading your tarot cards.  Start off writing out your thoughts, worries, doubts, concerns and even your dreams.  Then focus your mind on what you want to know or into what you want to gain insight. Then shuffle the cards, and when you feel the impulse to take a card, click the deck to draw.

Try these quick tips to improve your intuition!

Building your trust and practicing daily meditation are the best way to build your intuition. Doing daily tarot card readings is the perfect way to practice trust and also for learning the language of your Spirit Guides.
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