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This is a page of my personal healing videos.  Video is a healing companion for me.  The process of making these often impromptu videos is an opportunity for me to practice expressing my feelings authentically at any given moment.  I share them because I know that many people go through the same emotions and have a history very similar to my own in some way.  And being very honest, my videos are very raw.  I tell my truth as I experience it in the moment.  Sometimes I will express utter elation, and at other times, I will express devastation.  I am a human who experiences the full spectrum of emotions and I feel that this is where true health lies-- no denial, no suppression.  I am only recently working on my videos so that they are getting shorter and more to the point, so forgive me if they get a little long... These are a work in progress-- and I totally appreciate you taking the time to watch them!

Fear of Change and My Friend the Ego

By Crystal Lynn | July 19, 2017
Crystal Lynn in her new office

Fear of change can do some serious damage in your unconscious mind!  It can easily hold you back from thinking BIG and keep you in your comfort zone.  Personally, I am working on breaking free of small-minded thinking and in this video, I share how I am working with my friend the ego to uncover what’s going on in my deepest, darkest psyche and set myself free of limitations. Essentially, I learned that with all the soul-opening changes that I have been making, my subconscious mind has been freaking out. As someone who has lived her whole life wearing masks, being defensive, and protecting herself through isolation and keeping the world at arm’s distance, it is strange for me to be opening up and letting people in…

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Am I Trying to Kill Myself? Food Choices, Self-Esteem and the Will to Live

By Crystal Lynn | October 6, 2016

With awakening prosperity comes the challenge to dig deeper into my personal challenges: FOOD, EATING, COMPULSION! However you want to look at it. I have been feeling very good about my relationship with the Universe. I have done lots of…

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Thinking Big and Inner Authority

By Crystal Lynn | October 5, 2016

Why did I choose the smallest apartment on Airbnb? Because I was afraid. I was still thinking small! Granted, I make some good points about value and making good decisions and weighing all my options. It is so important to…

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