Another Powerful Testimonial for the Spiritual Life Coach Certification Program


"I’m 28 years old. I am an esthetician a card reader and a Reiki energy healing. I work with Crystal Lynn and the Certification program to help me with my business. I always knew secretly that I was a healer, but I wasn’t sure. I was intuitive as a kid growing up but I was afraid of it for a long time. I started noticing things as I got older that I started paying attention to. About eight years ago, my boyfriend had heart problems and I just started doing Reiki on him even though I didn’t know what it was. I would instinctively read people and tell them things when I didn’t even know them. I didn’t have a name for it. I’ve always been connected to spirituality, angels, and native American shamanism.

I chose the program because I love Crystal. She is amazing and she’s the only coach I connected with that made me feel comfortable in trusting her with her work. We connected right away. I loved her authenticity and how genuine she was. I could feel how honest she was in her healing that she wanted to help people whereas for the most part, I have come across a lot of coaches that didn’t come from a genuine and authentic place. Crystal was just being herself. I didn’t have a doubt in my mind. The money didn’t matter to work with her. I believed that much in her ability to help me.

Crystal is lovable. She exudes quirky cute energy, but she is so raw and genuine. That’s what I love about her. Every day she makes me feel empowered. When I am doubting my intuitive abilities she reassures me. When I need that pick-me-up she helps me dig deep in myself and find those hidden gifts in myself that I always knew secretly they were there but I was always afraid to express and show and she makes me feel so empowered and to me that’s priceless.

I love how much she pushes me and her ability to sense what I need. I love what the program offers overall. I love how she has it organized where there’s no disconnection of the spirituality to the business. With Crystal, we don’t lose sight of the spirituality. She connects it beautifully. That’s what I was looking for.

I’ve learned not to be afraid of my emotions. For a long time, I thought my sensitivity was not a blessing but Crystal showed me that by being sensitive and observant of my surroundings and energy I could help other people with those things. She taught me to believe in my abilities and to go about it in a way that is not only healing to myself but to others. And that I do have the power to do so.

As part of the program Crystal has us write about the chakras for our book. That’s actually my favorite part. I didn’t think I was a good writer until she had us doing these different healing modalities and different exercises. It’s so empowering and exhilarating to say I’m writing a book, I’m writing stuff! Through that writing, I’ve already written a meditation I will make a recording of. I just love how throughout the whole process she’s helping with the spiritual business, Crystal is also helping with the emotional healing as a healer herself. That’s priceless. You don’t get that in a lot of places.

The business building is a little hard. It doesn’t come without the hard work. But I feel like with passion and drive it is very doable. The work Crystal has us do you can do it. She’s not asking a lot but she pushes you because she knows you can do more. A lot of times when Crystal does push me in that way, things come out of it that I never expected. Such as in the writing practices she has us do. And also overall, because of the push and her belief in us makes me feel more confident and empowered. There was a lot deep down inside me that I knew but I couldn’t express. And she does things in a way where I’m not afraid but I’m empowered and excited to share those things.

Empowered, authentic, and overall loving, genuine energy. That’s how I describe the program. This is who Crystal is so that never gets lost in the program. It shows throughout the work. She pushes and never loses sight of us. Even when we are working on the branding and the marketing we never lose sight of the spirituality and that’s why I love the program.

It doesn’t fit the mold of most programs. A big part of the program is about the spirituality. It connects your spiritual gifts and what you have to offer to be of service. She is constantly asking questions and expanding our minds and it differentiates us from other people. I want to help people in my own way the way Crystal helps other people in her way— by being her.

I learned a lot about shadow work. It gave me doable practices where I can help cope with things in a very authentic way while honoring my feelings and healing, not just putting a Band-Aid over it.

I recommend this program because Crystal is amazing in what she does. Everything she does is to help you and guide you. She never does anything half-ass and I love that about her. I love her passion for helping people and I love how she won’t just give cookie-cutter steps to just heal for the moment. She’s not only helping us with emotional issues, she’s helping us empower ourselves to heal those issues ourselves. So when we leave from the program we’re not lost and we have things to work with that we can continue to use even after we’re done with the program."

— Angelia Santiago, Reiki Master, Spiritual Life Coach


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