What My Clients Are Saying…

When you get the clarity and support you need, it's smooth sailing... (OH!  And I am deliberately keeping the names omitted from these testimonials because the nature of our work is very intimate. I get LOTS of referrals and I want to protect our bond of trust and safety. If you would like to learn more about me and my work, then book yourself in for a complimentary Discovery Session and let's see how I can serve you.)

"I feel like this last month has been so transforming for myself. I can feel the changes within myself, and its all fitting in, it feels like home.  As you said it I let the tears flow last night and I felt better. I see our sessions as a gift to myself and I am just so happy to have found you." ~Western USA
"Since the session, I've definitely noticed a change in my reality and I have a feeling of 'fullness' or 'wholeness' which I have never felt this strongly before after doing the process. It is like a part of me that was fractured and left behind is now living with me, which is kind of hard for me to describe, but I love it!!"~Mid-west USA
"I am really impressed with the love and intensity you have invested in this program." ~Eastern USA
"It seemed like everyone was treating me differently, much more friendlier and accepting, and I was way more outgoing than I normally am. I was able to let some real aspects of my personality show, which is something I have had trouble doing. (I'm usually really shy and scared and nervous to talk to pretty much anyone) This has also been the case in other interactions I've had outside of work. It's like the way people are treating me has completely shifted." ~Midwestern USA
"I'm more at peace, as if the un-met need I was trying to meet through him has been met through the process!" ~Central USA
"I wanted to tell you much I appreciate our practice, these talks with you. I feel... in particular the emotional Vipassana and the phrase "radical self acceptance" are with me all the time and really help alleviate fear, which is the thing I feel the most often holding me back, and pushing me again and again into sadness... it feels good to be alive and to know that awesome things appear unexpectedly" ~East Coast USA
"Thank you for offering your gifts to me Crystal!  You are lovingly appreciated!" ~Western USA
"I woke up from a peaceful sleep after working with Crystal Lynn last night. I am so grateful I got to do the completion process with her, it was truly amazing and magical. I saw all my fractured aspects coming back to me... It was wonderful to hold my inner child and finally be there for her, not judge her for the first time - instead seeing her as a pure, innocent and curious being...The fun part was, that I got to go to Fairyland - seriously I was over the moon. grin emoticon It felt like home to me. The land of beauty and magic." ~Europe
"I'm grateful for the growth I had through your Phoenix Rising program. It brought me back to myself." ~Western USA
"Hello Crystal!  Been thinking about our session all day.! I sobbed when we got off the phone. I felt like my guide and I had finally become one and I was finally were I needed to be. It was beautiful. I then meditated for nearly 4 hours. I kept going in and out of focus, I felt it had a lot to do with my energy level. I did however have some awesome things happen. My body was vibrating. It was crazy!" ~West Coast USA
"I truly appreciate the work you are doing and can't wait for the rest of the program." ~Western USA
"Wow! It's only been day 2 and I'm feeling its power.
 #1 "I am a being of light" I wrote it down before I went to sleep so I can have it ready to go in the morning. I was woken up by the bedroom light 'cause usually my husband gets ready a lot earlier than me. Let me tell you, I'm not one to wake up with a "rise and shine" every morning I probably  hit my snooze button 10 times before getting up. Well, I must have been thinking of my affirmation that I had to do in the morning and having to give myself an extra 20 minutes in the morning, that when I saw the light, I jumped up and said "I'm a being of light". My husband looked at me like I was crazy...lol.
As the day went by, I repeated the affirmations several times. What really stuck was "I'm a being of light". I was laying on my couch thinking about the affirmation and I had a "wow" moment. Situations came to mind that proved to me that indeed "I am a being of light." Self doubt is one of my major issues...doubting that I'm not doing enough for my students with special needs. Doubting that my colleagues think I'm qualified. Anyways, first thing in the morning my Principal approached me and thanked me for helping her with a project, she said it turned out great. Later on, one of my students who is a selected mute, smart girl but doesn't want to talk, she said her first complete sentence in a loud voice. It was music to my ears, I almost cried but I was afraid I'd scared her. I'm crying right now. Then, two colleagues came to me for help. I trusted myself to share my opinion and they liked what I had to say. Usually, I'm like well "whatever you think". So it felt really good sharing my input without the fear of " oh my god I hope they don't think this is dumb"." ~Western USA
"Thanks Crystal Lynn love your style and energy so very happy and grateful I get to be on this journey with you!! " ~Western USA
"My cup runneth over!  Enjoying the time....and moving forward! THANK YOU!!!"  ~Western USA



Here I am! Eccomi qui!

Florence, Italy


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