Another Powerful Client Testimonial for the Badass Butterfly Approach to Healing


She Jailbreak(ed) her heart...

I am 39 years old, and I live in San Pedro California. I am the CEO of The Fit Mommy Movement. I am here to inspire women to live fit! I teach Zumba (4) days a week. During an hour with me, women are feeling the power of dance...their own personal power. They are connecting to themselves, breaking down strongholds, and creating a better version of themselves again and again.

I met Crystal Lynn on Facebook and found myself in her living room for a New Moon Ritual ceremony. I was drawn to her spirituality, her divine feminine nature as well as her astrological gifts. I took a spiritual development course and then decided to get a round of coaching.

Crystal Lynn has a unique way of helping me see the benefit of what I was doing. I had been going through life not really knowing ...or not really aware of how my actions were affecting my world. She validated and pointed out the power of my own intuition. She helped me to understand the deeper meaning behind the things that I did.

At the time of my coaching, I was going through an ugly separation from my kid's dad. I was also very much attracted to another man and I was trying to win over his heart. I was coming out of a period in my life in which I silenced my voice and abandoned my sense of self. I had a challenge ahead of me, for sure. All of that with 10 kids to care for.

The Discovery Session was valuable indeed! I remember feeling a huge, "YES" inside. I felt like a road had been opened up. I had so much clarity, as well as a sense of peace.

Since working with Crystal Lynn, I see that I value my intuition more now than ever. I am content with what comes up naturally for me. I enjoy my inner world and I know how to change my outer world.

Since working with Crystal Lynn my children's father is now out of the house. I have taken back my power. I met a beautiful man who loves and adores me, I started my own organization, I obtained (3) fitness certifications and I am actively building my organization.

— MarLyn Bland, Founder of



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