Emotional Wellness: Healing the Shadow

Emotions are the key to your overall wellness and peace of mind.  When you are emotionally well, your relationships thrive, your creativity flows and the world shows you acceptance, compassion, good fortune and grace.  There is a strong correlation between emotional wellbeing and excellent physical health, and your emotional state is the foundation for working successfully with the Law of Attraction and its principles.

To me, being emotionally well is about embracing the full spectrum of emotions– joy, happiness, excitement and… sadness.  WHAT?  Embracing sadness?  YES!  As Divine beings living a human experience, I view every aspect of our experience as valid, worthy and essential to good health.  I never strive to be happy, but rather I strive to be aligned in Spirit, mind and body, and I let my happiness come naturally from there.  When my Spirit, mind and body are on the same page, I experience a sense of unity and peace and this feels really good.  When I am not aligned, it feels off.  I experience negative emotions when I am misaligned.  The thing is, being unaligned is not a bad thing– it’s a human thing and we are all Divine beings having a human experience.  It doesn’t help my state of mind to fight being human, so rather than fight it, I embrace it… and embracing the full spectrum of human emotions leads to happiness and alignment!

Shadow Work, Healing and Light Work

I have created an program to help you achieve Emotional Wellness.  In my program, I use three practices to help you find the deep healing that will change your life:  Shadow Work, Healing, and Light Work. Shadow Work is a healthy way to use your mind to heal and correct itself.  Shadow Work is a series of exercises that we use to help you discover how your mind is functioning at the level of negative and limiting thought patterns, negative and limiting beliefs, and negative and limiting behavior patterns.  Some of these patterns are conscious and others are subconscious.  Although we will address both, it’s the subconscious patterns that can be the most devastating because we are not aware that they are exerting authority in our lives and that we are responding to them.  These unconscious patterns of thinking, believing and behaving can stop you from attracting prosperity, creativity, romance and even good health.  Shadow Work is our tool to address all the negative patterning, both conscious and unconscious.

Now, with all that deep mind probing, we need to treat the problems we find with some efficient and reliable healing techniques.  I like to think of healing as a salve that we apply to a wound to help speed its natural reconstruction process.  In my Emotional Wellness program, I will be teaching you how to apply this salve to your mind and your emotions.  You do NOT have to be a ‘healer’ to heal yourself!  Healing is NOT about magic, spells or miracles.  All those things are wonderful and real, but they are not for ‘special’ people or circumstances, they are for EVERYBODY ALL THE TIME.  You are a Divine being having a human experience and if you choose, you can bring your Divine Self into this human experience.  This is what happens when you meditate, pray and commune with God/Goddess/Source of All.  However, it also happens when you dive deeply into something and shut-off the limited thinking of your mind.  When we work together in this program, I will give you tangible and practical techniques to heal your mind and body and bring them into alignment with your Spirit, your Divine Self.

The last part of the program is Light Work.  Light Work is where we train the mind to focus on what is working and how to be solutions oriented.  In Light Work, we build a new relationship with the Self and we make space to allow the more creative and optimistic aspects of the self to come forward.  This is really important because although we were born with open minds and hearts, years of negative thought, belief, and behavior patterning has created neuropathways (habits) that tend to trigger along negative lines.  For example, if you’re in the habit of viewing romance as something that you’ll never have because you’re not attractive or you think you attract the wrong men, then your habitual response might be one of envy when you see couples holding hands or even resentment when your friends seem to enjoy a boatload of dates and romantic gestures.  Light Work is what we do to get your mind to have a different relationship with YOU and thus a different relationship with the world.

My job as Spiritual Empowerment Coach is to help you learn how to be authentically empowered.  The best way to do this is to master your emotions– not by beating them down or denying them, but by giving them a healthy outlet through means that let you feel safe and protected.  My methods are compassionate, unconditionally loving and highly effective.  The thing is, no one can do this for you.  You have to master your emotions yourself.  But I can teach you by giving you practical ways to dig deep below the layers of limiting beliefs to get to the core issues.  Once you address the core issues, the whole system of negative feelings that they parented will fall away beneath the healing and compassion.  That’s why I created this AWESOME coaching program to help you get in touch with your Shadow, heal it, and correct your thinking.

To get all the details about the program and sign up, visit:  https://emotionalwellness.crystallynnbell.com/programs/emotional-wellness-level-i-healing-the-shadow/


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