New Moon in Sagittarius December 18, 2017: You are a Badass Butterfly

The New Moon in Sagittarius rises on December 18th at 7:30am CEST.  Its power is active most effectively from December 15th through the 25th.  Oh, Beloved Friend!  The next two weeks are vital, not just because it’s the end of the year, but because it is potentially the end of your internal wounding, impoverished feelings of lack and loneliness, and small-minded thinking.  It’s a big claim, I know, and I am dead serious about it.  Spirit is so entwined in our material world and I KNOW that if you commit to your desires, they will manifest quickly. The Cycle of Manifestation is ripe and ready for your positive focus! I’m not saying you won’t have lots of work to do, in fact, I know you will.  But I am also sure that if you do your work, you’ll prosper.  You’ll want to read this report in its entirety and sign up to do the New Moon ritual.  This is the most powerful phase of the whole year.

As the year 2017 (a ’10’ year or ‘1’ year)  closes, we are closing the door on the great initiation into Badassery.  We are finishing up our integration and ready to stand strong in our True Badass Authority, knowing what we want and that we are worthy to claim it.  We have never had a more powerful opportunity to shift the entirety of our being, the entirety of our existence.  If you have been feeling stuck and in need of a breakthrough, you are in luck. You have two weeks to turn your life around for the better.  I don’t care about what you haven’t accomplished in the past.  I don’t care about what you think you’re lacking.  The next two weeks will change your destiny, if you accept The Call of the Universe.

We are in the most powerful energetic phases of the year.  It is the New Moon in Sagittarius (an opportunity to formally align yourself with the consciousness of the Badass Higher Self) and the Winter Solstice (the awakening of the Soul to rise and answer The Call.)  On December 18th, the New Moon rises in Sagittarius and is giving you the supreme chance to open your mind and to align yourself with a powerful Life Philosophy.  What you put your mind to over the next two weeks will determine your future. Sagittarius is the open-minded philosopher of the zodiac.  The sign of Sagittarius rules journeys, particularly the journey through life.  It is about higher education, experiences and moments.  But above all, it is about your LIFE PHILOSOPHY.

God/Goddess is constantly breathing life into you.  You are the breath of Source energy and you are meant to dance and create here on earth.  The Earth is your playground and her resources are your resources, fully and completely.  The only thing stopping your Soul from experiencing its full glory are the barriers you have in your mind– your ego.  It is that simple, my friend.  This New Moon in Sagittarius is opening your crown chakra and readying the next 365 days for whatever YOU decide.  Your job is to accept your Divinity and to know that the breath of God IS your Life Force.  Embrace the Truth of who you are and decide what you want for yourself for the rest of your life.  So what is your greatest potential?  What is important to you?  Who do you want to be?  What do you want to manifest in the world?  How do you want to live?

Now is the perfect time to think about goals and desires.  This is always what we do at each New Moon but it is really important that you take time now to get CLEAR about what you really want at the level of your Soul.  Please check out my Soulful Goal Writing for Conscious Co-creation with the Universe program.  It is a powerful way to open your heart, quiet your mind, and make goals that come from your Soul.  Goals that come from your Soul are reflections of your Higher Self and they help you fulfill your Life Purpose.  The program will even help you develop your Life Philosophy.  Check it out and sign up!

Following the New Moon, on December 21st, comes the Winter Solstice, the true birth of The Christ.  (As a side note:  Please understand that some of what you are about to read is going to sound a bit Christian.  For those of my beloved readers who have issue with Christianity, particularly because of the pain it might have brought you personally, ethically, intellectually, and emotionally, I strongly urge you to receive what I am saying and let it heal those wounds.  I am neither Christian nor any other religion, but there are parts of many religions that I use in my life to bring me joy and help me see the world more wholly.  My Life Philosophy recognizes my Divinity and is primarily based on Unconditional Love, but it is informed by Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism, Christianity, Shamanism, Astrology, Intuition, Esotericism, Mysticism, Common Sense, and did I mention Unconditional Love?  I REALLY love Jesus Christ as I understand him— a man who gave up his ego and risked everything to invest himself in the power of Unconditional Love.  I’m TOTALLY a disciple of that!  And it’s through this lens that I want you to read on the following paragraphs.) We traditionally celebrate Christmas on the 25th, but that’s because 2000 years ago, the Solstice was falling on the 25th.  Rather than locking down the birth of the Christ to a date, I enjoy understanding it in terms of its place in the broader scheme of the Universe.  Ours is a wobbly planet; and now the Solstice is falling on the 21st.  So technically, December 21st in our day and age is Christmas Day. It doesn’t matter your religiosity.  The Winter Solstice is for EVERYONE.

From our perspective here on earth, at the Winter Solstice, the Sun begins its journey from the south to the north.  Spiritually, the Winter Solstice is the day the Soul emerges from the dark tomb of internal journeying and it emerges to answer The Call.  The Call is the next phase of your Soul’s evolution and you can imagine yourself moving from an egoic state to a state more akin to your Higher Self.  The Winter Solstice is a time of celebration and a time to claim a more evolved and clear direction.  You must look at where you’ve been and you must DECIDE where you are going. I am emphasizing the word ‘decide’ because it is in the power of DECIDING that you set the wheels in motion for manifestation.  Once you have a goal or a desire, you have to DECIDE that you are committed.  You could toss it over in your mind for years; or you could touch on it, dance around it, and even play around with it.  But it’s not until you DECIDE you are in that you are ready to give birth to it.  Making this decision involves commitment and dedication until it is complete.  If you have been following my blog, then you’ll know that I’ve been helping you kick around the idea of living from your Badass True Authority (your Higher Self.)  We’ve spent the last 8 months kicking around the idea of living from the confident knowing of our Divinity.  Now it is time to invest ourselves and make the DECISION.  It’s time to shit or get off the pot.  The energy right now is perfect for commitment.  The New Moon in Sagittarius wants us to make a Life Philosophy that is aligned with our Higher Purpose.  The Winter Solstice is calling us from the shell of fear, poverty and small-mindedness to confidence, trust, and expansive thinking.  We are being called to magnificence.  So I ask you, “What is your Life Philosophy?”

God/Goddess/Source of All is calling you to emerge from your temple of doubt, fear, anger, jealousy, resentment and un-forgivenness and to unite with hope, optimism, faith, and trust.  This whole year of 2017 has been the wake-up call and now it is time for you to rise from the quagmire of sticky, earthy, egoic wounding.  It is time to shed the baggage of “I can’t.”  It is time to KNOW and embody, “I can.”  We must say, “Yes,” to our Badass Higher Self.  We had a big eclipse a few months back and it heralded an ending of all things ego.  You can see this being reflected all over the media, but that stuff is not nearly as important as the ego disintegration that is happening inside you– in your own personal experience.  I am urging you to let it happen, my beloved friend.  We are all feeling the aching and the quaking and the shaking inside ourselves.  We’re seeing old wounds resurface, new fears emerging, old anger seething.  This is not happening because we are failing.  This is happening because our Souls are awakening.

Imagine that you were a caterpillar up until December of 2016.  You were living the earthly caterpillar lifestyle.  You were mostly driven by your ego– worried about earthly matters.  You were a lovely fat and cuddly caterpillar.  You had soul and heart, but you were earthly.  You crawled and understood life through the lens of the caterpillar’s perspective.  Winter Solstice of 2016 hits you with The Call.  The Call was to become the true author of your life– to be the True Authority.

So in 2017, you followed The Call and your instinct to become the True Authority in your life.  The whole year of 2017 was your cocooning period.  While you were in this cocoon, you were undergoing powerful metamorphosis.  Your old mind was disintegrating and your physical body was changing.  Likewise your emotions were shifting.  Your relationships were changing.  Your self-image was changing.  Your desires were changing.  When you entered the 2017 cocoon, you were carrying around the burdens of your old caterpillar wounding.  But while inside the sacred space of that 2017 cocoon, the old wounding was being healed, purified and released.  And strangely, these last couple of months have found you with these weird little wings folded up close to your body.  Lots of people have been complaining of back and neck pain.  Yeah.  They’re called butterfly wings.  Now, remember, you’re in the cocoon.  Your wings are naturally trying to spread but you’re in the cocoon of 2017.  It’s not spread your wings time yet!  You have to keep trying so that the wings get stronger.  It’s by the attempts to spread– by reaching out and taking risks and pushing boundaries that your wings grow strong.  And now, at this Winter Solstice, it is time to burst forth and break through the limitations that you have been experiencing over the last year of 2017.

You have one last barrier to cross before you can emerge at the Solstice– your old caterpillar mind that is still trying to keep you earth-bound.  Your old caterpillar mind is still trying to hold you down on Earth and to keep you prisoner of the old earth-bound paradigms.  You ego is the last barrier to being the true beautiful butterfly that you are.  So what are you going to do about it?

Well, I suggest you look at all the potential pitfalls of what the caterpillar mind can impose.  The egoic caterpillar mind is freaking out because it doesn’t understand the nature of challenges.  It sees debt and sickness as failure.  It sees negative emotions as bad.  It doesn’t want to live a full spectrum life– it wants to resist everything.  But the thing is, you have to overcome the egoic caterpillar mind.  You are NOT that mind.  You are the consciousness that gets to choose what it wants for itself.  You have to DECIDE.  It’s the New Moon in Sagittarius urging you to choose a powerful Butterfly (Higher Self) Life Philosophy and it’s the Winter Solstice calling you to emerge from the temple of darkness into the light of Truth:  You are Divine.

You can’t keep living according to the old paradigms of the egoic caterpillar mind.  You can’t hold onto those old fucked up relationships that are representing the broken you.  You have to be in integrity with Higher Purpose.  You cannot keep compulsively eating.  You cannot keep compulsively drinking.  You cannot keep compulsively smoking pot.  You cannot stay in relationships with partners who don’t value you.  You cannot stay in a job where you are taken for granted.  You cannot keep driving yourself into debt.  You cannot not pay your taxes.  You cannot not call your grandparents.  You cannot not do what you KNOW you need to do. You cannot keep living in fear and doubt and anger.  The Universe has changed everything about you into a butterfly– except your mind.  You have free will and you can choose to hold onto whatever you want in your mind.  To be a butterfly with a caterpillar mind is to be a broken butterfly which will be essentially some kind of sad perversion.  It’s like a miscreation– a miscreant.  You would be vibrationally mismatched.  That’s okay.  You can choose that!  I’ve chosen that.  I don’t recommend it, but you can do it.  Hey, not all butterflies emerge from their cocoons! Some of them die in there.  Not all butterflies launch into flight.  Some of them don’t get through all the stages.  That might be you, my friend.  In which case, I bless you and your journey.  I’m doing my job by writing these reports and offering you services and sending you prayers.  Do you know that 90% of the people who book appointments with me don’t even show up?  Caterpillar minds!  Most people don’t follow their powerful Soul to the bliss that the Universe is offering.  Most people struggle and keep themselves bound by their own thoughts.  Prisoners of their egoic caterpillar minds.  The New Moon in Sagittarius is NOT for the caterpillar mind.  If you are going to make your LIFE PHILOSOPHY of the caterpillar ilk, then you will NOT receive the benefits of the caterpillar life.  You see, you’ve already lived that.  You can’t stay there.  That is not the nature of our world.  To try to stay a caterpillar when the Universe has changed you into a butterfly is called RESISTANCE.  Resistance is what the Nazis did in Germany and what the KKK tries to do in the U.S.A.  They don’t want change.  They don’t want integration.  They are trying to keep the world in an old state that they can control and the world is moving on.  This Universe will NOT tolerate lazy, small-minded, hiding, fearful, cowardly life philosophies.  Actually, I wrote that wrong.  The Universe TOTALLY supports lazy, small-minded, hiding, fearful, cowardly life philosophies.  It supports them and It rewards them with a life that is lazy, small-minded, fearful and cowardly.  The Universe will give you something to be afraid of. You will get more and more and more of that until you disintegrate and have no choice because you have hit rock bottom.

I know.  Because I have fucking been there.  And it is devastating.  I’m telling you right now.  You do NOT have to go down my path of sickness, di-ease, loneliness and isolation.  RISE, my friend.  Rise.  Butterfly body.  Butterfly mind.

Say, “Yes,” to your Badass Butterfly Higher Self in body, mind and Spirit.

With the New Moon in Sagittarius and the Winter Solstice, your Soul is rising.  It is a natural evolutionary process that happens beyond your lower mind’s egoic control.  You can resist it and withdraw into darkness, or you can come out and meet it with a renewed sense of optimism, hope and trust in the future.  You can make plans, goals and go for your desires or you can stay stuck in ego (caterpillar mind.)

The old structures of your old egoic self is NOT happy about change.  It doesn’t like it because the inherent nature of the ego structure makes the ego think that is dying, which, it is.  The dying is a good thing.  The Sun rises and sets.  Each day has a beginning and an end.  But the problem is that YOU THINK YOU ARE THE EGO!  You’re so heavily identified with your ego and its story that you are willing to forsake the freedom of the butterfly for the ‘comfort’ of the caterpillar.  Chickens LOVE eating caterpillars.  Do you want your life reduced to being protein for chickens?  Ego is making you sick so that you don’t have the energy to rise.  Ego is making you angry so you are distracted and not focused on the light.  You don’t have to give into it.   The ego is like the Devil tempting you to turn your back on your Divinity.  You have to be like Christ in the desert and say, “Fuck off, yo.  I KNOW who I AM.”  As the negative emotions of doubt, fear, and bitterness rise within you, you must stand still in the eye of the storm and let them swirl around you.  But you must not let yourself get caught up in the drama.  Use your breath to connect yourself first to the Truth of your Higher Self and use your focus to anchor yourself peacefully in the deep belly of the Earth’s core.  The Earth is a reflection of the Heaven of the Higher Self.  So start off by making your first goal to be of the Above.  Make your second goal to be the channel of the Above.  Make your third goal to be the manifestation of the Above in earthly form.  The Above is your Higher Self, your Monad– the perfect, True version of yourself that is nestled closely to Father/Mother God.  This is the Truth of who You Are.  It is your I Am Presence.  The Heaven of your Higher Self is the REAL world.  Your physical self is the dream.

It is time for you to STOP focusing on the dream’s rules and to start focusing on your limitlessness.  You’ve already played by the rules.  Stop it.  BUT don’t focus on the worldly things and try to change your life from here!  Don’t look at your empty bank account and think, I gotta get a job.  Don’t look at your 30 extra pounds and think, I gotta eat less.  Instead, go up to Heaven and talk to your Higher Self and LISTEN to what She/He has to say.  Get quiet.  Stop your ego from chattering away about your earthly story.  Shut up.  Be quiet, yo.  LISTEN.  I GUARANTEE your Higher Self is NOT saying anything like, “You don’t have enough money. You are too fat.  You are sick.  You are old.  You are ugly.  You are not educated enough.  You don’t have what it takes.  You can’t.”  All those statements are crap and are NOT the Truth; and the Truth of Who You Are would never say those things.  So when you get quiet and listen and you hear a voice telling you anything like this, then you will know that you are listening to your ego.   If you stop your ego from telling its story (I could also say, if you stop the Devil from lying to you) you would hear, “I love you unconditionally.  Fly, beloved.  I am your rock.  I am your food.  I am your resources.  Eat of my infinite being.  Feast on my abundance.  You are totally supported.  I will guide you.  I’m for real.”  If you would sit still and just LISTEN, you would hear the Truth of who You Are telling you that all things are possible.

So Beloved Friend, that is your last New Moon Report of the year.  You can do the New Moon Ritual any time between now and the end of the year and enjoy the powerful benefits of the activation.  I want you consider signing up for my Soulful Goal Writing program, too. You know that I love sharing my Monthly Moon Rituals with you. But this goal writing program is even more powerful. It is most appropriate right now because it’s the end of the year and it’s really the best thing to do before the new year begins. I REALLY want you to check it out and consider joining me for this seriously. I have put together an AWESOME and wonderfully EFFECTIVE program to help you uncover your deepest desires AND do the Shadow Work to free your heart from the prison of your mind. This program is totally a jail-break for your heart so that you can get really clear about what you want to bring into your life. Soulful Goal Writing for Conscious Co-Creation with the Universe. Check out the program and consider starting it right away. It’s 50% off if you sign up before the end of the year. This is going to be the best $99 you you have ever spent! Seriously. Right now it’s only $99 and there are 11 sessions including powerful Shadow Work. The program is designed to help you write goals that align with your Soul and come from your heart (not your ego),) and it takes you deeply into Shadow Work to help you see your sabotaging beliefs and the negative thought and behavior patterns that are holding you back. This New Moon in Sagittarius and Winter Solstice energy are the perfect time to start this program.  Learn more about it and sign up!

AND, of course, I offer a complimentary 30 minute Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session to anyone who might want to work with me as a coach and or mentor.  Hehehehe!  Caterpillar minds are TOTALLY welcome because y’all need it the most. I’m kidding!

No, I’m not.  Y’all need what I’m offering.  Ya might not be ready for it because I’m totally Aquarius and we tend to be ahead of our time.  But seriously… you’ve read this far, so you will definitely be able to get with what I’m offering.  Book in to chat with me and let’s get you on track, Precious One. OH!  But really, don’t book an appointment and not show up.  There’s a cancellation link there.  Use it if you need to. Hahahaha!  Can you believe that I have to write that??  Hahahaha!  90% of the bookings, folks.  It shows you were the minds of some people are.  I have compassion for it, but I will call you out on it, too!  Hahahaha!

Lastly, don’t forget to join my Emotional Wellness & Spiritual Empowerment Facebook Community.  It is a great place for us to keep in touch and support one another on the journey upward.  


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  1. December 16, 2017 / 8:45 pm

    I so loved reading this! I’m feeling my butterfly wings already!!!!

  2. Steph
    December 17, 2017 / 6:26 am

    Wow! So fitting to my life right now! thank you for guidance and support ! As a Sag! I was feeling all that you where able to put into words! thank you for that ! I’m ready a few more pumps of my wings and I’m blowing away this caterpillar life ! Can’t wait !

    • December 17, 2017 / 7:17 am

      YES, Steph! Excellent! Especially as a Sag, you must breakthrough. You sound ready, Sister!

  3. Vanessa Rodriguez
    December 17, 2017 / 5:04 pm

    This is on point!!! N made me realize !!

  4. Tysone Gray
    December 18, 2017 / 8:05 pm

    I loved this. I NEEDED THIS thank you so much for helping me to understamd what’s been going on with me. I look forward to reading more. Oh and the language is my language.❤❤❤ badass bitterly Love it

    • December 18, 2017 / 8:27 pm

      Hehehehehe! I LOVE “badass bitterly love it!” Excellent! I’m glad it resonated with you, Tysone!

  5. Candice
    December 19, 2017 / 3:50 am

    Took me the whole day to fully read and embrace all your wonderful words. The message you are spreading is just so wonderful and perfectly delivered!

    • December 19, 2017 / 7:09 am

      Thanks a bunch, Candice. I appreciate you taking the time to soak up the message. I hope you’ll join us in the Emotional Wellness group and follow the blog. We have some good stuff coming through in 2018! It’s gonna be a good year! <3

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