Travel Memories: The Road to Montreal

Really, the only way to manifest powerfully is to keep your mind aligned with your heart. Your heart and soul are dialed in to those higher vibrations, you now just need your mind to get on board. What you experience comes from the the cross-section of the union. So the more clear and pure are your thoughts, the more wide is the channel for delivery of what you desire. And honestly, after something has ceased serving you, why spend any more time with it? Let it go and free up that space for more love, more abundance, more prosperity, more fun, more life, more long walks, more romance, more delicious dinners, more time with friends and family, more joy, more bliss, more excitement? Do due diligence to the lessons, but let yourself graduate to freedom from that which serves you not.

But maybe you’re afraid of the freedom. Freedom can be quiet and for some of us, that quietness is a lonely abyss. So we feed ourselves that which serves us not because it seems more interesting, more stimulating. But I’m here to tell you it’s not more interesting and it’s only more stimulating of cortisol. When you focus on the useless, your body responds with fatigue and anxiety. All the destructive hormones are produced and plague your glorious vessel. The destruction can be evident and loud or it can be subtle and sneak up on you. So stop it, please. The world needs you to participate by trusting that in the silence comes creative answers that will propel you upward into unity with your Higher Mind.

I’m just sayin’ to start practicing unity now…


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Here I am! Eccomi qui!

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