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I’m a healer and Spiritual Life Coach who believes that the most important thing I can do every single day is feeling my feels.  Have you heard this term before?  “Feeling my feels.”  It’s a kind of new-agey term that basic says, “I’m being present with myself without judging my emotions.”  Friends, this is the most powerful thing we can do for ourselves.  I wrote this little post on Facebook and I wanted to share it with you here because I just think it’s really important.  Have a read!  I hope it inspires you to feel YOUR feels!


Good morning from Healing Central! This is what I’m calling my home these days because not only have I been recovering from a nasty cold, I’ve also been recovering from the nasty effects of subconscious (deeply buried, hidden and sabotaging) unworthiness.  How will I deal with this?  By feeling my feels!

Personally, I have found that the best way to overcome any negative feeling, especially the shame that comes from unworthiness, is to stop resisting it and to dive into feeling my feels. When I let go of my resistance to shameful feelings, thoughts and fears, I basically surrender to them. Yep. I dive deep into them and let them ravish my mind and my body.  It is wild to witness this, friend.  It feels like my whole inner being is being battered by invisible enemies.  My stomach churns, my breathing is short and it feels like bombs are going off inside me.  It is less physically painful and more energetically painful.  It HURTS so bad that it really feels like I am dying.  It is torturous!!  And the thing is, my mind is TOTALLY against this.  It wants to shut it all down and eat a cake.  So not only am I fighting cake cravings, but I am fighting my own survival mechanism.  And I don’t know who’s gonna win this battle!!

Although this is a terrifying act, somehow through it, my vibration is raised. The very act of surrendering is an affirmation of trust and unity. It is a proclamation of ego-less atonement (at-one-ment) that transforms your entire state of being without being distracted by the outcome. My tendency to be preoccupied with outcomes is what takes me out of the present moment and gets me confused by my egoic story of how things ought to be. This growing obsession with the outcome never actually lets me be peacefully satisfied in the present moment. There is a constant striving for has not yet become and this is what lets in the little monkeys like unworthiness, doubt, and fear.

This act of letting go of my resistance to ‘negative’ is powerful. Yes, it takes me into the depth of the fear and it is profoundly painful, but because I’ve stopped resisting, I’ve actually taken away the ‘negativity’ of the feeling and I’ve entered a state of Unconditional Love. I become at one with the thing.  This is the powerful healing salve of feeling my feels!

When you truly stop resisting something, you give up your judgments about it. You enter into a relationship of unity with it. Although it feels counter-intuitive, this state of union with anything is elevated– it’s UNION. Union is when two things are united and they become ‘at one.’ If you’ve done any A Course in Miracles work, you’ll recognize that the Christ Consciousness is urging us to atone for our separation by becoming ‘at one’ with the Source of ALL. No resistance.  Are you familiar with A Course in Miracles?  It’s a one year ‘course’ designed to help you see past the limitations of ego and align yourself with the Unconditional Love of God.  It’s GOOOOOOOD STUFF!

In my personal healing journey, the more I have stopped resisting unworthiness, the more unworthiness has dissipated. This is where feeling my feels comes in.  I have to feel the feeling of unworthiness and the shame that goes along with it.  Doing this empties me of anxiety.  I have seen this with every negative emotion and state of mind. When I stop fighting the thing, the thing stops fighting me, and then all I am left with is Peace.

From this state of Peace, I am connected and ‘at one’ with everything. I am in the non-judgmental state of Unconditional Love. In this state, I am truly that woman the devil dreads seeing rise in the morning.

Indeed, this morning, after having boldly sat face to face with the devil’s feelings of unworthiness, I arose and looked in the mirror and saw a woman redeemed. I saw a woman who walked through the hell of unworthiness, insignificance, inadequacy and the utter terror those all conjure, and came out on the other side a Badass Butterfly.

Indeed, this morning the devil cringed and said, “Oh shit. She’s up.”


My inspiration for this morning’s writing came from an email I received from my friend, Josephine Faulk, who wrote this poem titled, “Jagged Edges Singing:”

Fragmented into a thousand-thousand shards.
Glittering in the slanted light of day.
I pick through—searching out chunks of brightness.
Jagged edges singing of possibilities.
What use now, separated from
your wholeness?
How can you still shine—though broken?
No longer vase—standing firm
in your usefulness-
So long waiting for release.
At last—at peace,
You remain,
Perfect in your glassness;
With jagged edges singing.”

You can get her book of poetry on Amazon.

If you want to learn how to be a Spiritual Life Coach and help Badass Butterflies feel their feels, then check-out my Spiritual Life Coach Certification program.  It will train you to be a Badass Spiritual Life Coach and I will provide you a full mentorship for an entire year!  SUPER POWERFUL!


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