How to Follow Your Heart, Part II: Jailbreak It!

The beautiful magic of an open heart is is a blessing to us all.  And in this installment of How to Follow Your Heart, I want to encourage your to jail break your heart by challenging how you view the relationship between your heart and mind.

I want to start off by telling you that your heart is always healthy and happy.  When we have a ‘broken heart,’ it’s not that heart that is broken, but the mind that is broken and has morphed into a tyrannical prison guard.  The Divine Light Energy that lives in the center of your heart is always connected to Father Heaven above and Mother Earth below, so how can this Source of Unconditional Love ever be broken?  It cannot.  Your heart is your true brain and if you could truly sink down and ‘see’ through its eyes, you would find a space of unconditional presence, unconditional love, and unconditional trust.  In this human experience, HOWEVER, we have been trained out of the heart space and we have learned to engage the world predominantly with the small part of our mind that perceives.  The power of our heart is limited by the perceptions and belief systems of our mind.  The heart is thus a prisoner of the mind. Not to worry!   We have a solution for dat!

Most of us were brought up to think our lives because our parents wanted us to deal with ‘reality.’  And what was real for them were the things they could see, feel, touch, and taste.  The world of matter.  As we developed, we grew quite rigid within the ‘real’ world because when we went against the ‘laws’ of the ‘real’ world we met with pain.  For example, if we were running and stumbled, the ‘law of gravity’ pulled us down, causing us to scrape our knee, which was quite painful.  Yep.  We want to avoid pain!  (By the way, we’re going to get into this much more deeply in a different installment of How to Follow Your Heart.  Keep your eyes opened for it, and if you want it delivered right to your inbox, then sign up for my email list.)  It is the avoidance of pain that has turned our egoic mind tyrannical and caused the lockdown of our heart.  In the ‘real’ world, pain is the worst thing you can experience and whether that pain be physical, emotional or energetic, it all must be kept at a distance.

The thing is, what we consider the ‘real’ world is not actually the ‘real’ world.  What our parents called ‘real’ is actually an illusion.  Even modern science has come to understand that the material world is fully affected by the energetic world of thought, belief and focus.  Change our thoughts and we change our lives.  When we engage life through our perceptions, we are dealing with an illusion, which is limited by what we have been taught by our parents, peers, teachers, and (God, help us!)… the media.  This perception is vastly flawed as it gives us only access to what it ‘knows’ within itself and most of what it knows is the harvest of fear and the urgent need to control.  Your parents feared that you might not be successful so they scared you into going to school and getting good grades— creating a reward system for ‘good’ work and a punishment system for ‘bad’ work.  Your friends want you to be like them because there is safety in numbers and so straying too far from the norm invokes a sense of fear in you so that you stay status quo, never rippling the waters.  The media profits from fear mongering and the loss of profit means death, so this fear means that they must keep us under control and the best way to do that is to promote fear and reliance on the source of the news for safety.

One example that comes up in sessions time and time again is the issue of work.  Most people live their lives thinking that they need a job in order to survive in this world, even though they have deep visceral feelings that tell them otherwise.  Now, some of y’all are gonna get mad at me.  For some reason it makes people soooo mad when I tell them their job is not the source of their survival.  They say things like, “Who’s going to pay my bills? I’ve got kids to feed!  I don’t have a trust fund!”  Uh-huh.  I totally get it why they feel that way and I totally agree with them from the perspective of the egoic mind.

But look, powerful life-altering spiritual philosophy cannot be taken in parts.  You cannot just take one part and disregard the other.  Meaning, you cannot take the part that says, “The Universe is abundant and will provide all your needs,” and disregard the part that says, “You have to let go and let God/Goddess. Trust in life.”  Likewise, you cannot take the part that says, “Your job is not your supply,” and disregard the part that says, “You gotta follow the promptings of your heart.”

It all works together and no one part can survive without the other.  In other words, in order to follow your heart, you have to let go of the things your brain believes it needs to survive.  Remember how I said your heart is connected to Father Heaven above and Mother Earth below?  This is where you have to go in order to truly let your heart lead.  Trust is the principle that must function in order for you to be heart-led.  I do not believe that the egoic mind can truly trust anything.  It is more invested in what it sees, but it is in a constant state of anxiety, because of all the potential threats that exist in what it doesn’t see.   The thing is, this is the nature of the egoic self.  That’s okay!  We don’t need ego to behave any other way.  You don’t need a dog to be anything other than a dog, right?  It’s up to us to master the dog just like it’s up to us to master the ego.  We have to choose with whom we identify— the conditional and limited scope of the ego or the trustworthy, unwavering connection of the heart.   You have to decide, in any given moment, with which one you will identify.

Jailbreak it, Baby!

Personally, I trust what I feel in my heart… but not what is on the surface!  Remember that the true heart is buried beneath layers of ego drama.  On the surface, there are layers of mind that must be peeled away to get to the tender center of light and connection.  To peel away the layers, you gotta do a combination of meditation, Shadow Work and healing.  Your mind has layered its crap ALL OVER YOUR BODY in the form of fat, viruses, cysts, disease, tumors, moles, anxiety, stuck energy, sexual dysfunction, cancer, fatigue, adrenal fatigue, addiction, infection, migraines, irregular periods, eczema, allergies, obsessive compulsive disorders, et cetera.  Your mind is f*king with your body… and it f*ks with your heart most of all.  Your heart is fine.  It is totally intact.  Your Divine Light Energy is intact.  Your job is to peel away the layers of ego’s drama to reveal the light within.

Start off with some simple and basic meditation practices that help you quiet your mind and enter the restorative healing space of silence.  As you move forward, you’re gonna need some Shadow Work and healing.  What is Shadow Work? What is healing?

Shadow Work is when you actively use your mind to deconstruct itself and understand what’s going on at the subconscious levels.  Here’s my first definition of Shadow:  Your Shadow is that part of you that you think you are not.  Hehehehehe!  It’s the part of you where you point your finger at someone else and say, “You are so negative!  You are so mean!  You are a narcissist!  You are a couch potato!  You are so ANGRY!”  Your Shadow is the dark part of yourself and you have the opportunity to see it most clearly when you are pointing your finger at someone else and passing judgment.  When you are passing judgment on someone, you are projecting your own sh*t onto them.  Remember that when you point your finger at one person, you have three more fingers pointing back at you.  The projection is probably unconscious on your part, although, there times when I am sooo aware that it is my own sh*t and I do it anyway!  Hahahaha!  We people are so funny!

The other thing I want you to know about Shadow is that it is the negative aspect of the ego.  If you think about yourself as walking on a beautiful trail— heading toward the Sun… the light’s shining on your face and you feel the warmth on your skin, and your face is turned up slightly to really soak it in and you slowly blink your eyes and you trip over a stone and tumble and find yourself turned around.  Now your back is to the Sun and you’re facing some dark puddle of something on the ground and it scares you.  This puddle is your Shadow.  Hahahaha!  Your Shadow is the thing that follows you everywhere.  It’s your baggage.  It’s your self doubt, your low self-esteem, your fear, anxiety, and worry.  It’s your negative beliefs, your negative dialogues… your bad habits, your compulsions, and your old traumas and woundings that you’ve not addressed and healed.  It’s the stuff you suppress and for which you’ve created an elaborate system of coping mechanisms so that you don’t have to deal with them.

Your strong energy of your suppressed Shadow is the tyrannical jail warden that carries the keys to the prison cell around your heart.  Your Shadow imprisons your heart and your Divine Light Energy.  Silent mind meditation and Shadow Work is how you do a jail break for your heart.

If you don’t know how to do Shadow Work, then you should definitely start doing some work with me as your Spiritual Empowerment Coach.  Shadow Work, Light Work and Healing are the primary foundation of my coaching philosophy. We do Shadow Work to jail break your heart and then we do Light Work to put your heart energy to good use.  Light Work is developing your creativity, your vision, and doing what it takes to make your dreams a reality.  Healing is when we do some specific techniques to address your wounds so that they actually heal, not just place a Band-Aid.

There are a number of ways to work with me from Emotional Wellness Happy Hour Group Coaching and Healing Circle, which I offer at each Moon phase to private one-on-one sessions to a whole menu of programs and courses you can take.  The first thing you should do IF AND ONLY IF YOU ARE READY TO TRANSFORM is to book a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session.  In this session, we get to talk about your needs, create a healing strategy, and I get to tell you how I can be of service.  It’s a great opportunity to get to know one another and the one-on-one time together really lets me make the best recommendations for a course of action.

By the way, if you haven’t already done so, you should join my Emotional Wellness and Spiritual Empowerment Facebook group.  It’s the perfect way to connect with other open-hearted Souls AND I uploaded some cool Shadow Work videos there.

If you’ve been following my blog, then you are probably aware of my passion for the spiritual communication that Tarot cards provide.  I am offering a course called Badass Butterfly’s Moonlight Tarot School and I’ll be teaching you how to build your intuition along with showing you the hidden messages in the card symbols and their meanings.   Tarot is an excellent way to get instant messages from your Divine Light Energy (your Higher Self.)  I hope you’ll join me in class.

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See you at the next installment!

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