The Ultimate Shadow Work and Healing Intensive Package

Learn to do Shadow Work to get the Deep Healing and the Emotional Freedom you Crave
Learn to do Shadow Work to Redeem, Transform and Thrive your Life...

This Ultimate Shadow Work and Healing Intensive package is going to help you learn Shadow work so that you can get down to the business of deep emotional healing and Butterfly Badassery.  If you are tired of feeling the pain and frustration of unmet desires and you are READY to dive deep into your emotional baggage for transformation, then this is the program for you.

To truly heal your life, you have to REDEEM your Light (take it back from your dark Shadow,) TRANSFORM your negative thoughts and beliefs (authentically replace your negative thoughts and beliefs with ones that are aligned with the higher vibration of Trust and Love)and then you have to consciously choose to THRIVE yourself on every level (not just surviving-- THRIVING.  Thrive your mind, your body, your emotions, your relationships, your career, your mornings, afternoons and evenings.  Thriving means that you are abundant, open, prosperous and kicking ass like a Badass Butterfly! Every breath you take if full of LIFE!)

If you are aware of the price you're paying by staying in the prison of your mind and you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then read on.  This life-changing program is meant to take you from frustrated and stuck to living the life of the Badass Butterfly-- abundant joy, emotional freedom, passion, optimism and the ability to manifest your heart's desires.

Book a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session
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Learn to do Shadow Work and Heal Your Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs

A beautiful life begins inside.  What you experience in the outside, three-dimensional work is an outpicturing of what is happening inside you.  What you see around you is a reflection of what is happening inside you.

Your emotions, beliefs and the repetitions of your mind are telling the Universe what you want.  If you feel dread, pessimistic, fearful and anxious, the Universe can only send you reflections of that.  If you feel optimistic, hopeful, trusting, and joyful, the Universe must send you reflections of that.  Your job is to get your emotions, your mind, your energy and your body all aligned with those positive vibes.

But how do you do that when your mind keeps thinking negative stuff and you feel dread in your emotional self?


Shadow work is an intellectual and heartfelt exploration of your dark self.  It is a conscious dive into your negative emotions, your negative beliefs and your negative thought patterns with the intention of confronting what's there and applying a direct healing method to change and transform what you find.

Shadow Work will have you look at your past life experiences with an aim to heal and balance what is active and triggering you in the present.

Now, just a minute!  You might be thinking that you don't want to go back to the past and revisit painful memories.  You might also be thinking that you've done this work before and it is pointless to do it again.

I hear you.  And at the same time I want to challenge you, because if you are still triggered today and experiencing disempowerment, then you have NOT done your work on the past in its entirety.  You've done some things, yes. But clearly your subconscious mind is holding onto trauma and it is still causing you pain today.  That's why you have been led to this page and this program.  So that you can do the next level of healing.

Now, I want to invite you to set-up a complimentary consultation with me to discuss your specific issues so that you and I can determine if this program will actually benefit you.  I want you to join me in the healing journey with trust, enthusiasm and a hopeful outlook.  In order for you to get there, you need to know that you can trust me and my guidance.  This complimentary appointment will give us a chance to meet and you can FEEL if working with me is a good fit.  This also gives me an opportunity to discern if working with you is in alignment with my own Spirit.

Lots of people have come to me claiming that they have done a lot of healing work before and they wonder how my system differs.  The thing that I humbly tell them is that I work with your Soul's agenda and it helps me get to the root cause of issues.  When you heal and confront the root cause, you heal the entire system.  This makes it much easier and faster to dissolve your attachment to the old wounding that is keeping you imprisoned.

This is an intensive healing program for anyone ready to invest their heart and soul into self-illumination, deep healing and breakthrough transformation.  This program will help you learn Shadow work so that you can find true forgiveness and unconditional love for YOURSELF. When you have forgiven yourself and found true Unconditional Love for yourself, then you can truly spread this to others; and you will find that your old triggers, obstacles and challenges are no longer able to hold you back.  You can move forward in your life with an open heart and a mind that seeks opportunities to expand and connect.  You will find that you have a new home in the world!

I created this program for those Precious Souls who feel the pressure of not having their desires manifest and are READY to dive deep into their psyche for profound emotional healing and transformation. This is the time for serious investment in your biggest, most badass dreams. We are in the midst of powerful change.

2017 is a tremendously auspicious year and you will definitely want to end it with an open heart and open mind.  The more time you take in the last several weeks of the year to clear out your psychic debris and heal, the more focus, clarity, joy and vision you can experience in the new year, 2018. This program is designed to clear out the shadows and let your light shine through.

If you are aware of the price you are paying for being disconnected, and you recognize that the cost is dear, then The Ultimate Shadow Work and Healing Intensive Package is perfect for you.

The package combines Coaching, Shadow Work, Light Work and Healing all together in a 13 session bundle. The intention is to give you support while you work on releasing the dark emotional baggage you carry, and to get you focused and clear about your true desires. The healing sessions are meant to help affect change at the deepest level of your psyche by redeeming your Inner Child and removing the psychic blockages that can make you feel sick, tired and even depressed. When you're blocked, you can't get a broader, more powerful perspective, and so you feel stuck, and powerless.

There are practical solutions that are so full of Unconditional Love and genuine compassion! That's what I am offering in this program. It it tested, tried and true. The program works to get you uplifted, inspired and READY to take on your biggest dreams. I know about it first-hand because I use it every single day on my clients… and myself!

Book a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session
to learn if this program is right for you.

Here's what's in the Ultimate Shadow Work and Healing Intensive Package...

Shadow Work

Shadow Work is a conscious practice that we do to bring the light of intellect and unconditional-love to the Shadowed Self.  Carl Jung coined the word 'shadow' to refer to the unknown dark side of the personality.  Today, healers use it to describe that aspect of ourselves that is wounded and often hidden or suppressed as a coping mechanism.  Many of us are absolutely terrified of our own Shadow, and it is completely understandable. The Shadow seems scary because it is suppressed and mysterious and there are lots of negative judgments coming from both inside and outside about its nature and the events that triggered it.

I am a strong believer in healing the root cause of problems rather than relying on temporary fixes to make myself feel better. I feel like true healing means that old issues will stop cropping up once we are truly free of the wounding.  There are many ways to approach this kind of deep healing and many of those ways involve working one-on-one with a healer, shaman or therapist.  There is one practice, however, that anyone can use at any time.  This practice can show you so much about yourself and help you resolve so many deep and disturbing issues.  It can help you recognize what your Soul wants, understand your Life Purpose, open you up to your Higher Self, help you redeem your Inner Child, help you confront and break through your deepest fears, and even help you change identify and change negative/limiting beliefs.  The practice is called Shadow Work, and in this module, you'll be learning all about the Shadow, what it is, and how to use it to break free from the limitations of your emotional wounding.

The Ultimate Shadow Work and Healing Module includes 4 private one-on-one sessions to teach you this invaluable practice.

Light Work

Here's how the program works...

Step 1: Book your Healing Path and Strategy Session

The entire program is structured to provide you with a deep and meaningful shift within six to 10 weeks.  Most people finish the program in 8 weeks.

Your first step upon deciding to do this program is to book your Healing Path and Strategy Session with Crystal Lynn and then fill-out the Intake Form to complete and submit before the appointment date.  During that session, we will discuss your needs, concerns and desires.  Well also look at what's holding you back. This is the perfect time to assess and strategize.

From there we'll put together a good path of healing and then book your Shadow, Light and Healing appointments according to what we decide.  This session takes 60 minutes.

YES!  I'm ready.  Book my Healing Path and Strategy Session.

I'm not sure... Book a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session to learn if this program is right for you.

Shadow Work Sessions
Light Work Sessions
Healing Sessions

Here's how you get started...

If you know that you're ready to get started...

If you have questions and want more information...

Accolades & Praise for Spiritual Life Coaching...

A glowing reviewThe experience has been incredibly deep and enlightening. I've had 8 therapists in my life over the course of 20+ years and I don't think I've ever learned more about myself or felt more resolved. Crystal is present with me as her client, on top of my unconscious resistance, and overall incredible at helping me evolve past my small mind-made self…Crystal is such a blessing and I absolutely love working with her! ~ East Coast, USA 

"Crystal is a catalyst for growth in her own right! Catalysts attract catalysts." ~From West Coast, USA

"I am very blessed to have you in my life. All my life I've been made to feel dirty and bad for having my thoughts, feeling and actions.  I've always been made to feel awkward and guilty about my feelings/actions. You are a safe haven for my inner self and I am grateful for  that." ~West Coast, USA

"Thank you for our session yesterday. It was helpful to me that you not only take on the role of a tarot interpreter but a spiritual councelor as well. You're very talented at painting ideas with words and you listen just as much as you give good advice and those qualities of yours helped me to feel comfy and get the most out of our time." ~West Coast, USA

"I really enjoyed speaking with you yesterday. I listened back to the recorder a little after yesterday and it was interesting to hear myself sound so confused. In some way, I knew or have felt but I couldn't put into words where you can understand and if I was unable to explain my feelings clearly to others, it also shows i wasn't entirely sure with how or why I was confused with my feelings and thoughts...You are so gifted Crystal Lynn. Not only do you make people feel comfortable, you really try to help each individual. I hope I wasn't an emotional burden on you Hahha. But you gave me a sense of peace within myself and I can't thank you enough. Even this email reaching out means so much and really think you are quite an unique individual." ~West Coast, USA

"Hi beautiful Miss Crystal Lynn!!
 The other night was AMAZING!! ...& yes, some "coincidences" have occurred! … he showed up the way I deserve & I believe it has to do with shifting the energy with my inner child & I thank you! ... I'm so excited!!! XXXXX Thank you!!! 

Awesome testimonial!"I woke up from a peaceful sleep after working with Crystal Lynn Bell last night. I am so grateful I got to do the Completion Process with her, it was truly amazing and magical.

One of the most fascinating parts I found was that during that experience which felt traumatic to me as a child, I scattered into so many pieces, and when we were going through the integration process, I saw all my fractured aspects coming back to me. I had some in the mirror as a reflection of myself but broken into tiny pieces, and had a lot of mini me-s hiding in the bathroom where the experience took place, and I was even fractured into an ugly monster, which was identified as my shame, and also a dirty sponge... It was wonderful to hold my inner child and finally be there for her, not judge her for the first time - instead seeing her as a pure, innocent and curious being...
After years and years of condemning myself and my inner child, feeling guilty and ashamed, now I have a new transformed perspective and am able to embrace her more and more.
I am not saying that the work is done, but I can feel that it has been a huge chunk of the problem and I feel so much lighter and powerful at the same time. I reconnected with the purity and innocent curiosity of my inner child, and it's empowering.
Thank you Crystal Lynn for giving me a safe place and guidance."

Zsuzsanna SomogyiFounder, The Woman Everyday

Here I am! Eccomi qui!

Florence, Italy


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