Full Moon in Gemini December 3, 2017: The Final Challenge to Your Badass Authority

The Full Moon rises in Gemini on Sunday, December 3rd at 7:30am CST.  If you’re in the U.S.A. on the east coast, that will be Sunday at 1:30am.  If you’re on the west coast, that will be Saturday at 10pm.  If you haven’t already signed up for the Monthly Full Moon Ritual, then please do so now and plan to get started right away.  It’s a 10 day ritual that helps you take advantage of the Full Moon’s energy.  It’s a SUPER self-loving process that helps you find deep forgiveness for your Shadow self.  If you don’t know what your Shadow Self is, don’t worry!  You’ll learn about it in this report and the ritual, so read on and sign up to join the ritual.  It’s free!  Weeeee!  Ideally, you would start the ritual three days before the Full Moon, but you can start it anytime between now and the next 10 days and still take advantage of the beneficial Gemini energy.

This Full Moon in Gemini is going to be awesome because it’s our last one of the year!  As we head into the cycle, I am fondly struck by the momentus-ness of this occasion.  My friends, we have been working so hard to stay in integrity with ourselves in this ’10’ year– to walk our talk and to find a sense of Authority within ourselves.  It has not been easy! It has been a year of profound transformation and growth.  We have challenged our old limiting beliefs and all the structures that were used to shape us; we have re-evaluated our relationships and ourselves within those relationships.  And above all, we have spent lots of time searching ourselves to find our True Higher Self amidst the jumble of emotions, thoughts and experiences.  Spirit is always here blessing me and I desire to add to this wonderfully delicious success that includes financial prosperity, deep romantic intimacy, excellent health, outstanding work, meaningful friendships, and profound inner peace.

The sign of Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury and makes up the 3rd house of Astrology.  This means that up for exploration right now are matters of the mind– your intellect, modes of communication and how you perceive information.  The way you speak and write, how you express yourself, the message you convey even through body language and likewise, how you receive information are all being influenced right now with the Full Moon in Gemini.  The 3rd house (and Gemini and Mercury) also covers the movement of things.  So short distance travel and commerce also fall in this area.  Okay.  That’s your astrology lesson for the day, let’s now get into what this means for us this lunar cycle.

The Full Moon is a time of going inward and reflecting on what we have experienced in relation to the New Moon that happened approximately six months before.  We had the New Moon in Gemini back in May of this year.  You can read my New Moon report for that cycle if you want to reflect on the energies.  The Full Moon is the culmination (the buildup and ripening) of the seeds that you planted at the New Moon.  If you’re following my work here regularly, you’ll notice that I always have you start something at the New Moon.  I have you think about what you want for yourself, and I have you work on your life vision.  At the New Moon in Gemini, I had you focusing very strongly on your dreams and choosing to call in your MOST ambitious goals and desires.  I had you choosing to THINK BIG.  Over the last several months, I’ve been strongly encouraging you to find your Authority in yourself and to Author your life in a BADASS way. A couple of months ago, I had you audaciously authoring your life with authority.  Well, here is the culmination of the work we have been doing since May.  A lot has happened since then.  We have grown and expanded beautifully on so many levels, but the Gemini energy is calling us to look at our thinking apparatus.

This weekend, it is imperative that we all dig deep into ourselves and use the silvery light of the Full Moon to illuminate the dark part of ourselves that is still resistant to our deepest desires.  This resistance is not outside of ourselves.  It’s in our mind.  This is the time to do serious Shadow Work to free ourselves from the chains that bind us.  Now, you know that I love sharing my Monthly Moon Rituals with you.  But I have something even more powerful to help with this.  It is most appropriate right now because it’s the end of the year and it’s really the best thing to do before the new year begins.  I REALLY want you to check it out and consider joining me for this seriously.  I have put together an AWESOME and wonderfully EFFECTIVE program to help you uncover your deepest desires AND do the Shadow Work to free your heart from the prison of your mind.  This program is totally a jail-break for your heart.  It’s called Soulful Goal Writing for Conscious Co-Creation with the Universe.  Check out the program and consider starting it right away.  It’s 50% off if you sign up within the next week.  This is going to be the best $99 you you have ever spent!  Seriously.  Right now it’s only $99 and there are 10 sessions including powerful Shadow Work.  The program is designed to help you write goals that align with your Soul and come from your heart (not your ego),) and it takes you deeply into Shadow Work to help you see your sabotaging beliefs and the negative thought and behavior patterns that are holding you back.  This Full Moon in Gemini is all about getting BIG with your Heart’s desires and removing the Shadow energy that is stopping you from living the life of your dreams.

So what is holding you back from achieving your dreams?  Seriously, friend.  I love you so much and I really want you to hear me on this.  YOU ARE A DIVINE BEING OF GOD/GODDESS.  You are magnificent.  You can have it all.  Now look, I’m not saying you don’t have to work hard.  I’m not saying you don’t have debts to pay or mountains to climb. You’ve got many rivers to cross! I am saying, though, that all those challenges are actually opportunities to express God/Goddess in YOUR own unique way.  Embrace your challenges and difficulties with dignity, class, and grace.  Don’t snivel in the corner making a victim of yourself.  RISE UP.  If you have cancer, rock that shit from a powerful perspective.  That cancer is in your body, not your SOUL!!  Say, “I am an expression of God/Goddess experiencing cancer in my body.  I am not the cancer.  I am the Divine.”  And then focus on that power all day and all night.

With the Full Moon in Gemini, you need to focus on your thoughts and your mind.  Look at what you are thinking and what you believe.  Challenge that shit, friend.  If you have ANY thoughts at all that say you are limited, challenge them.  If you have any thoughts that say you are not worthy or haven’t earned something– challenge them.  If you feel broken in any way, challenge that idea.  How can what is magnificent be broken?  Own your brokenness and it becomes wholly magnificent.  Say, “I am the Divine experiencing brokenness.  Blessed be.”  If you are having trouble with any of this then you need…

Beloved Friend, I have been broken before.  I have been sick as a dog.  I have been lonely, desolate, isolated, suicidal, violated, mocked, shamed, and confused.  I have fucked up big time.  I have been at the bottom of the barrel.  I overcame all that shit, not by getting high and escaping and not by taking a quick fix, but by surrendering all my doubts, fears, worries and even my sickness to God/Goddess Source of All.  I did my Shadow Work and stared what scared me right in the eyes.  I have surrendered to my Divinity and I have found ALL the answers to ALL my questions in my Higher Self– the truth of who I AM.  You have a Higher Self, too.  Working with the planets, and with the Moon especially, teaches you how to reach this magnificent level of living.  Your Higher Self is BADASS Authority and your Higher Self is as real as the device you’re using to read this message.  Actually, it’s MORE REAL.  You are living in a dream that feels real, but actually, it’s an illusion.  It’s like being in a game, only we don’t always perceive it as being fun.  But that, too, is part of the game.

The Full Moon in Gemini is your prime opportunity to regain your personal Authority in your mind.  We must truly understand that the fear and doubt and worry in our head is shaping the world we live in.  What we think has a direct influence on what we experience.  Change those thoughts and you change your world. Use this Full Moon in Gemini to get inside your head and look at all the old crappy beliefs that are outdated.  Look at your past failures and see what opinions you have about them.  Change your perception about your past failures and you change your future.  Also, look at the areas of your life where you are feeling stuck today.  Can’t lose weight?  Don’t have enough money?  Can’t manifest that beautiful, awesome intimate relationship?  Have a dream but feel unable to connect with it?  Look at your thoughts and beliefs.  They are the things that are holding you back most of the time.

Spend this Full Moon in Gemini exploring your desires and examining the thoughts that are keeping you separated from them.

I’ve got tons of healthful spiritual solutions, Friend.  I’m a Spiritual Empowerment Coach and a teacher.  I work with women every day to help them see and recognize the thought patterns that are keeping them imprisoned.  You build entire life systems on your beliefs and thoughts.  You reject beautiful experiences based on things you believe.  You turn away awesome romantic encounters based on thoughts you have.  You stay in sucky jobs because of thoughts and beliefs.  The thing is, you are being jerked around, not by the obvious conscious thoughts, but you’re being manipulated by your subconscious thoughts and impulses!  You’re driven by a puppet master that is creating scenarios in your head and telling you falsehoods.  If you believe you are limited then you are believing a lie.  If you’re not doing Shadow Work and looking at your hidden motives and sabotaging beliefs, you’re only operating on half a piston.

My job is to help you get on the Magnificence track.  Sign up for the Monthly Full Moon Ritual and complete it.  It’s free.  It’s 10 days of Shadow Work and Light Work.  The thing is, you have to do it, Friend.  You can’t just sign up and do only the first day.  You have to care and believe enough in the Light in order to get the benefits.  Do the work and you will be rewarded.  Please take this seriously because in a few weeks, the Sun moves into Capricorn and that sign is all about the hard work.  But that is a different article.

AND if you’re ready to jail-break your heart and manifest some powerful goals and dreams, sign up for Soulful Goal Writing for Conscious Co-Creation with the Universe.



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