Becoming Aware of my Higher Self

As I’m expanding and uniting more intensely with my Higher Mind, I am struck by the feelings, moods and patterns of my egoic, fearful self. I’m learning that my ego is part of my own instinctual animal nature that is always in survival mode. My ego lacks confidence because it is separate from its True Family (The God Family.) My ego is fearful and governed by stories of its own making. My ego lives in a world all its own, and there’s nothing that I can do to force it to change. I can’t rationalize with it, or coax it because when it is resistant, it IS resistance.

But there is something that I can do to manage it– that is to stand in the power of my Higher (God) Self. I have total free will– the choice to choose between the material illusion of the egoic self, or the peace and allowing of the Higher Self.

Ego gets worried about the world that it has created, but the GodSelf lives in complete peace and unity with All, so it is free from fear, doubt and other negative emotions. When I identify with this Self, I am taking a more peaceful, trusting and compassionate outlook on the world. This is a vibration that attracts goodness, soulutions and unexpected surprised.

And from this empowered position is where I can tame and manage my ego.

I choose to stand strong in Trust and Peace and to embody the Word of Source. Ego can respond with resistance or it can come to follow. I am not my ego, so I don’t need to identify with its fear.

My Godself knows that this is an abundant Universe filled with joy, peace and love. I choose my Godself’s perspective.


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