New Moon in Leo August 11, 2018: Step Into Your Authority for Realz!

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Keywords for New Moon in Leo:
✧  Being the Authority  ✧  Feeling your Feelings  ✧  The Cycle of Manifestation ✧  
✧  Big Heart  ✧  The Authentic Self Developing Intuition

The month of August is flying by.  Currently, the Sun is in Leo and on August 11th (August 10th if your in the Americas) we have a New Moon in Leo that is going to rock our worlds on the inside and outside.  Here’s why.  Actually, before we tuck into the stars, I want you to pause and simply be still.  If you are a regular reader of these reports, you know that it is my goal to help you be the Authority in your life—a Badass Butterfly.  THEREFORE, as an Authority, you do not look to outside sources for answers.  Your guidance and direction begins inside yourself.  So this report is dedicated to getting you in touch with your feelings. I want you to pause and simply check-in with YOU—the quintessential Badass Butterfly.

How do you feel?

Be careful!  Before you start exploring what you think, actually tune into your physical body and your emotional body and examine closely how you FEEL.  Most people don’t actually know how they feel because it’s been trained out of them.  Most people think their feelings because what they’re thinking is more socially acceptable than how they are feeling.  Here’s the deal, though, Beloved Badass:  Thinking is a mask that separates you from your Authentic Self.  Now, I want you to notice the word AUTHENTIC.  You see that AUTH?  AUTHentic.  AUTHority.  Uh-huh.  You cannot be an Authority if you are not Authentic.  And you cannot be Authentic if you do not know how you feel.  Thinking your feelings is a coping mechanism that your egoic self created to help you suppress and control your emotions.  But I want to challenge you to let go of that control and resuscitate your relationship with your emotional self– your feeling nature.  This is the key to following your heart, accessing your Intuition and clear communication with your Spirit Guides.

Your feeling nature is a powerful creative force.  Your feeling nature and your emotional self are vortexes of energy that draw more of  themselves to you.  So if you have a vortex of joy operating deep in your subconscious then you are constantly bringing in things that trigger the joy feeling inside you.  This is really strong in me and has been for all my life.  I have a huge joy mechanism.  So I can’t help but see beauty in things.  I look at my fan and see the light playing on it and I am filled with this indescribable ecstasy.  WEIRD!!

AND at the same time, I also have a huge grief vortex operating deep inside me.  YIKES!  At this point in my life, I have done a ton of work around grief and so that vortex has slowed its momentum considerably.  When you work to release your resistance to your pain body, the momentum around painful situations slows.  I started sitting with my pain a few years ago and it has done wonders to raise my vibration and shift the points of attraction (vortexes) in me.  But when that grief vortex was active, all my joy was tinged with an undeniable sadness.  I’d look at that light on the fan and feel the joy but there would be this strange counterforce that would make me pity the light.  The grief blocked my full expression of joy.  I couldn’t NOT call in a perspective that made me grieve!  It wasn’t a matter of changing my thoughts.  I cannot just change my thoughts expect an authentically healed perspective!  I have to change the energy in my body and my thoughts change as a result of the new vibration that I’m carrying.  And interestingly, since doing all the Shadow Work around the grief, I have been able to dive deep into the joy and have a whole new level of intimacy with it.  It’s freaking awesome and I really want you to learn how to read your vibration, shift it and consciously call-in more awesomeness for yourself.

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The Law of Attraction uses your emotional self and your feeling nature to call things into you.  Many folks think that it’s their words and their mind that calls in the good things in their lives.  Sure!  Those play a role.  But it’s your feeling nature that is the prime mover of the Universe.  As Gregg Braden teaches, the feeling is the prayer.  I’ve used the following example before.  If today you think, I earn $100,000 per month and you feel excitement around the thought, you can bet that the Universe is ordering itself to send you $100,000 per month.  But if that excitement is only in your conscious mind and deep inside your subconscious and your physical body there are gnawing feelings of  guilt, doubt and low self-worth, then the Universe is going to respond not just to the excitement, but also to all those negative things you feel.  Your beliefs and emotions are activated vortexes that attract more of themselves to your earthly, three-dimensional experience.  By checking in with yourself and feeling your feelings, you are coming face-to-face with your Authentic Self (a multi-dimensional being of depth.)  Sometimes, you’re going to find that your Authentic Self is not quite as happy-go-lucky as the mask you choose as a knee-jerk response to the vital question, “How are you?”

So I need you to get real for a moment and see how you feel.

This is a super apropos exercise because the sign of Leo is the quintessential thinker of their feelings. They kinda have to be out of self-preservation.  Leos are big hearted people and they have tremendous depth of passion.  They feel stuff intensely, friends.  Don’t be fooled by their tough exterior.  They hold a LOT of grief and pain inside them, which they compartmentalize; and they are not always consciously aware that they’re doing this.  They are excellent at putting away hard times and moving on.  The thing is, just because you put something away does not mean that you have dealt with it.  Most of us don’t get the chance to deal with our stuff—especially things from childhood.  In fact, we are taught to suppress and deny our grievances.  This is where we have to be cautious with the Sun in Leo.  We can become super caught up in the external world and suppress our emotions.  It is our job as highly spiritual beings to do due diligence to our feeling nature and give plenty of healthy focus to our emotions.  In this way, we are SO lucky that Leo follows Cancer.  If you think back to late June through July, we were DEEP in our feeling nature with all the Cancer transits.  As the Sun moved into Leo, we were still in our feels so we entered with the grace of the Lunar Goddess.

Leos are big thinkers.  Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun is big, masculine, hot, optimistic and outgoing.  The Sun does not go deep inside itself.  The Sun is about its own outward expressions of Authority.  It can’t help it!  It’s the Sun!  The Moon is about inward stuff.  The Moon is feminine, cool, deep and all about inward expressions.  So as I am asking you to pause and check-in with how you feel, you might actually be resistant to this because the Sun in Leo is making you more outward in your focus.  That’s okay.  Just give yourself a little extra time and patience to get out of your head.  Remember that the Moon is new and calling you inward for connection…

Drop into your body right now, my friend.  Take a moment to quiet your mind.  Feel your body.  Very quickly just feel your feet.  Feel your legs.  Feel your hips… your torso… your arms and hands.  Feel your shoulders, your neck and your head.  Boom.  Body:  CHECK.  Connect with the statement,  “I Am Here.”

Now, I want you to bring your awareness to your breathing.  Be aware of yourself as you take a deep inhalation.  Feel your body expand as your lungs fill with air (Life Force Energy.)

As you exhale, close your eyes and simply feel what physical sensations are getting your attention.  Seriously.  Notice whatever physical sensation wants your attention.  It could be a tingling in your shoulder; stiffness in your neck; or it could be burning in your stomach (at your Solar Plexus.)  Perhaps you feel the weight of your body on the chair– or the texture of your denim jeans against your thigh.  Pay attention to yourself and feel what is there.

As you become aware of what you feel in your physical body, just hold Unconditional Presence for what is there and simply allow an emotion to arise from within you.  For example, I have a tingling sensation in my left leg.  When I dropped into the sensation, it took about five seconds for an emotion to rise into my awareness.  I sat and felt the tingling and actually, it made me feel really uncomfortable.  In fact, I felt a sense of hatred arise in me and then I felt a very strong wall of anger come.

So I want you to feel what arises inside you and understand that this, too, is a vortex shaping the world around you.

Many people (myself included) have wondered what to do with that emotion once they realize it’s there.  This is an excellent question because the whole reason we suppressed the emotion and buried it in our leg or hip is because we felt powerless to do anything about it!  Why on Earth would we open up this can of worms???

Well, there are many ways to deal with difficult emotions, but what I personally do is two things.  First of all, if I am alone and in a place where I can have privacy and safety, then I will deal right then and there with the emotion by doing Shadow Work and Healing.  If you’ve not studied Shadow Work or Healing with me then please consider signing up for a few sessions to learn how.

Now, many times you’re going to come across some unruly emotions and it won’t be appropriate for you to do a full session of Shadow Work and healing as you might be at work or minding the kids or shopping at the mall.  In cases like this, you MUST do at least this:  Acknowledge the emotion, validate it with words of affirmation and then go back to it later.  It is up to you to go back to it later, Friend.  Don’t make empty promises to yourself.  When your subconscious emotions show themselves to you, you simply MUST treat them with dignity.  Don’t lie to them and don’t be irresponsible with them.  They are fragile things and disrespect will damage them.  Remember earlier I said that I want you to resuscitate your relationship with your feeling nature?  Yep.  It’s a vital relationship and you have to meet it halfway.  If your emotional self reveals itself to you, don’t be a dick and ignore it.  Be a true partner and tend to its needs.  If you don’t know how to do that then I can help.  Book yourself in for an Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session and learn how I can help you get regain responsible intimacy with yourself.

So, as you know we have the Sun and New Moon in Leo.  You have learned that Leo is ruled by the Sun and that the Sun = Authority.  It is, after all, the center of our Universe and with the Sun and New Moon in Leo, this is our opportunity to define what that means for us.

When the Moon is new in a sign, it is a time of creation.  In the sky, the Moon is dark and we can think of her as being an empty canvas on which we can bring our fondest desires.  This is really one of my favorite phases of the year because I just love the Sun!  When I energetically tune into the Sun, I am filled with so much hope and inspiration and enthusiasm.  I really feel like the Sun is Unconditionally Loving.  Look, it’s gonna scorch the heck out of our skin and hair if we spend too much time in it.  But we have only to withdraw to some cool shade for relief.  And guess what?  In just a few hours more, our Beloved Sun is right back there giving us warmth and vitamin D.  The Sun represents our Inner Authority and I want you, dear friend, to claim yours NOW and here I am going to wrap up this report and send you over to the New Moon in Leo Ritual so that you can tuck into the exercise that I have created.

Before I sign off, I am going to remind you to join Badass Butterfly Training.  Choose your membership and you’ll be emailed plenty of good stuff to get you inspired in your Badassery.  Have a wonderful day, Friend.  Namaste.

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  1. Lola L
    August 10, 2018 / 6:19 pm

    C.L., incredible words of wisdom as always. Thank you. Btw I haven’t been on facebook for 2 months, but I am still reading your posts in my mailbox here! You’re a true wonder, my sister!

    • August 10, 2018 / 7:36 pm

      Hey, Bella Lola! Thank you for your kind words and support! I am always happy to hear from you and it really warms my heart that you are on my team. Thank you, Goddess!!!

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