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The Universe is abundant.  As I browse the plethora of apartments on Airbnb.com for my abode in Greece, I get to dig into my affirmations of abundance.  The places I desire are running from $4000 to $9000 monthly.

As my ego gasps, it says, “I have to find a cheap island and just find a place where I can be comfortable and stay in my limited budget.  I’m not earning much money these days and I should probably find a job soon.  But since I can’t convince myself to get a job,  I can at least get a place inland and take the bus to the beach.  I can settle for a little teensy-eensy balcony and wee little kitchen and I’ll be just happy enough.”

When this conversation comes up, my stomach turns and my head begins to ache because this sounds so freaking piss poor and all the studying and practicing I’ve been doing has trained me otherwise.  The life I’m living is about pushing the boundaries of the old paradigm of abundance and prosperity.  I now take God literally and seriously; and all his gurus that are teaching us here on Earth– well, I’m taking them at their word.

In The Abundance Book, John Randolph Price teaches that “God is lavish, unfailing abundance.”  This does not mean that “God is average; settling for; or the best you can get… sometimes… if you’re lucky.” Nope.  God is LAVISH (rich, opulent, exciting,) UNFAILING (without fail; all the time; for real) abundance (the ability to do what you want to do when you want to do it.)  JRP is my first teacher in abundance and his principles still guide my thinking.  The law of attraction is about being a match to the thing you desire.

So to make myself a match, I needed to raise my frequency which I did by getting my priorities straight and firming up my intention.  Why was I going to Greece in the first place?  Why do I desire a view? Why do I desire a kitchen with x,y,z?  Why do I want this island or that one?

I answered the many questions that came to mind and connected with my Divine Purpose.  Once I did that, the path became clear.

I looked at a place advertised for $12,000 per month.  I realized that I could have it if I wanted.  When I looked at the details, I saw endless rooms and gargantuan tables.  I did not need all that space and I’d feel stupid sitting in a big old empty house.  So I looked at smaller places which were still gorgeous and well situated.  Now we’re talking!  The prices were in the range of anywhere from $4000 up to $9000.  Would ego come up with an excuse and tell me I don’t need these places and therefore I shouldn’t have them?  It tried.

So again, I reminded myself of what I intentions.  I forced out all the things that didn’t serve my desire and didn’t meet my intentions and all I was left with was focusing on what I want. I found 15 places.  I emailed the owners and asked if they could accommodate what I need in terms of internet and Bastet.  They emailed me back and said no problem.  Most of them emailed me offering me a reduced rate up to 70% off the listed price because I’m coming to their island in the off-season.  Somebody offered me their place for $500 a month.

The moral of this story, my friends is that abundance is as abundance does.  If you are indeed feeling abundant and prosperous, act like it.  Start in baby steps, but take action frequently.  The more you practice, the more proficient you’ll become.  And the universe can work it’s powers of abundance on you more easily wen you are working with it– not resisting it.


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