Full Moon in Pisces August 26, 2018: Fishing for Healing!

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Here’s your introduction to the Full Moon in Pisces…

Have you ever gone fishing?  Have you ever tried landing a fish— even a small one?

The pressure of the water, the strength of the muscular fish, and the weight of your rod all add up to the need for some seriously grounded strength, less you lose your great catch.

This Sunday, we have a Full Moon in Pisces.  This is traditionally known as the Sturgeon Moon because these great beasts are supposed to be easier to land around this time.

Lucky for us, the subconscious mind is playing the same role and so you get to go fishing for healing!

All Full Moons are a time when the veil thins between the different dimensions.  Well, hey.  Maybe you don’t know what that means?  I shouldn’t assume.  All that means is that during the time of the Full Moon, our conscious mind softens its boundaries and loses all rigid control.  We can think of the conscious mind as a masculine force that is occupied with what is rational, logical, and orderly.  The conscious mind likes rules and structure and answers that come from outside itself.  For example, the conscious mind likes to go to books and take in its knowledge and then it likes to share its newly found knowledge in likewise tangible ways such as in classrooms, blogs, videos, books, etc.  Media stuff.  Things you can see with your eyes and measure.

Well, when the Moon is full, the masculine conscious mind takes a back seat to the feminine subconscious.  The Moon has been traditionally seen as feminine and so when she is full, we can say that the feminine self emerges.  The masculine self is quite oppressive, my friend.  It’s need for order and logic are directly tied to its survival as we have built our entire world on a patriarchal system.  In our society, what is ordered, logical, and rational (and masculine) is king.

But not at the Full Moon— and certainly not at the Full Moon in Pisces.

The feminine self is the subconscious self.  It is a wild, unmanageable, forceful, disorderly, storehouse of impressions that have been suppressed, repressed, denied, ignored and shut out of our conscious awareness.  Our patriarchal society has demanded it because we can’t have people taken their knowledge from God directly.  And we certainly can’t have people taken their knowledge from Goddess! We train the Inner Authority right out of our children with rules that suppress their creativity and then we put them in schools run by “officials” who cannot (and will not) see the individual potential of each unique being.  This is the travesty of our society and thank Goddess many parents are shifting to different ways of rearing their young ones.  This is important because Pisces has an air of innocence and this is one of the great opportunities being offered to us right now.  The Return to Innocence.  Young children have not yet been trained out of their feminine connection to all.  They have not been trained to repress or deny what they feel and so their connection to their subconscious is raw and pure.  Lucky them and again, thank Goddess, that the Full Moon in Pisces rolls around at this time every year to give us a much needed refreshing dive into our subconscious space.

The sign of Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac and it rules the 12th house.  The 12th house is where all your impressions and emotions go to fester until something triggers a great release.  Then, like a pimple ready to burst, the egoic conscious self ruptures and all which is old and infected comes bursting forth.  Yuck and YIPPEE!  This is the time when you can see all your crap AND deal with it.  You’re gonna want to pay close attention to what you’re thinking and how you are feeling.  Keep your journal and your Oracle Cards by your side at all times and don’t be afraid to write down your insights as they happen.  And definitely ask questions of your cards!  Let their answers be your guide to healing and wish fulfillment.

The symbol for Pisces depicts two fish swimming in opposite directions.  One fish swims upward toward Heaven and the other swims downward toward Earth. Fish swim in water and water is the element of Spirit and emotion.  Every time you drink a glass of water, take a shower, step in a puddle, wash your hands, et cetera, you are connecting with Spirit.  You may not realize it, but that is one of Spirit’s many tools to engage with us.  The sign of Pisces, though ruled by the very masculine Neptune, is extremely feminine and connected to the other world that exists beyond the veil of our masculine consciousness.  When Pisces is evolved and well-trained, they make prolific healers and can offer terrific spiritual insights.  This is the upward swimming fish.

The downward swimming fish is where the challenge comes in for these adorable people.  Both of those fish want to be heading toward heaven and the other world beyond the veil.  But the downward swimming fishy is obligated to live in the material world.  Pisceans struggle to stay grounded in the material world but have no trouble accessing their feelings, emotions and even their deepest intuitive guidance.  Understanding the laws of the Universe come easily to them and bringing these concepts to understandable form for the rest of us is one of their many gifts.

Okay.  So what does that mean for all of us at the Full Moon? Well, quite simply, it means that we get to deal with all the 12th house stuff– both the good and the bad.

Alright, Lovely.  Now is the time to hop over to the Badass Butterfly Training site and access the rest of the report.  I’ve given you some good insights here already, but if you want to do the deep transformational work, you’re gonna have to join the program.  Remember that you can access both the Full and New Moon Reports at the FREE Beloved Caterpillar membership level.  If you want more profound work, then you’ll sign up for one of the higher levels of membership.  At those levels, you’re given rituals, meditations, Shadow Work, Light Work and Healing.  Check out the program, Precious One.  I KNOW you’re going to LOVE IT!


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    Hello my travelling daughter in spirit. I hope the world is good to you! Donna

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