Full Moon in Taurus November 4, 2017: You’re Responsible for Your Own Happiness

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I’m a day late getting this report to you, although the Moon has been SHOUTING at me.  I’m going to make this Moon Phase report short because I really NEED you to read This Week’s Spiritual Guidance:  A Practical, Patient and Methodical Approach to Your Desires.  This Week’s Spiritual Guidance is my weekly check-in that I channel from my Spirit Guides.  I use a combination of Astrology, Tarot and good ol’ Intuition to create a powerful message that is meant to keep you on track to open-hearted manifestation of your deepest desires.  So please check out that report.  To get it delivered to your inbox each week, please join my Tarot, Astrology and Moon Phase list.  You’ll also be kept abreast of the Monthly Moon Rituals so that you can join them each month.  OH! And to join the Monthly Full Moon Ritual, you’ll have to sign up for it.

Let’s tuck into the Full Moon in Taurus.  Hehehehehe!  I have to giggle at this Moon phase because I can feel the Moon and the whole Spiritual realm having a good ol’ chuckle at us.  They’re saying, “Hahahaha!  You wanted it, you got it, kiddo,”  and they’re putting their heads together and giggling like naughty little children who have innocently played a practical joke on their best friend.  The Universe is delivering many of us exactly what we’ve asked for.  Many people are blown away by their manifestations and this is a good thing! But this Full Moon in Taurus is going to illuminate your sabotaging thoughts, limiting beliefs and deepest darkest fears around having what you want. This is a very big deal, and frankly, this is a really terrifying time for many of us… especially if we have tended to think small in the past and have been bound to a lifestyle built by low self-esteem. The Universe is urging us to think bigger and to take bolder actions, so as we move into bigger manifestations, the fears we hold will show their heads.

The Full Moon rises in Taurus on November 4th at 6:22am CEST.  In your time zone, that might be on November 3rd, so be careful.  I’m in Zagreb, Croatia.  Taurus is the sign of the material world.  It is ruled by Venus, and so it covers all the Venusian qualities such as wealth, beauty, feminine sexuality, art, relationships, sensuality, and fun.  Taurus is about manifestation and making things happen in the material world.  When the Moon is full in a sign, it means that there is a culmination of energies.  All the things you’ve been working on in this particular area is coming to a head and there is going to be an internal eruption of emotions and feelings around the those things.  This Full Moon phase is about how you feel about those things and the process by which you went to get them. This Full Moon is challenging because you’re confronting all your deep dark feelings around your desires.  Feelings of inferiority and weakness are coming up for you to examine.  Your deep, ulterior motives are coming up for you to see.  And really, all of this is going to help you see that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR HAPPINESS!  Sometimes we think that by snagging the right partner, getting a windfall of cash, or even easily losing weight is going to make us happy. We focus on the external trappings of happiness and don’t really get to the core Shadow issue that rests inside us.  This causes us to behave badly when we get our gifts.  For example, you might not recognize that Mr. Right is standing right next to you in the grocery store.  Or you might be tempted to recklessness with a sudden cash injection you’ve recently received.  These issues come up during the Full Moon so that they can be Examined, Healed and Released.

If you’re in my Emotional Wellness Facebook group, then you will know that I’m running a challenge to manifest 10 powerful goals before the end of the year.  It has been GREAT!  We’re all setting goals and making plans and seeing the fruits of our efforts.  Lots of our work is coming forth NOW in this time of the Full Moon.  So, what I want you to do right now is think back to what you were working on when the Sun was in Taurus of this year.  That would have been for one month at the end of April through May.  The Sun was in Taurus and was urging you to think about what you wanted to manifest in the material world.  Whatever you were working on back in April and May is coming through now!  That’s how it works, you see!  The Sun and the New Moon are active in the same sign.  Both the Sun and the New Moon are about your outward manifestation.  You take that time to think about what you want to manifest in the material world during the New Moon and then, when the Full Moon rolls around six months later, you see the manifestation in the material world.  That’s the system we have.  So six months ago, it was the Sun and the New Moon in Taurus and you were focused on writing goals for your material (Taurean) desires, and now it’s the Full Moon in Taurus, so now you go inside to examine the deep inner emotions so that you can free yourself from blockages and heal old wounds.  It’s actually very clear and straight forward, right?  Good!  You can use this to your benefit as your life progresses. Hahahaha!  You’re welcome!

Now, whilst you’re reveling in all rewards you’re reaping with the Full Moon, there’s a weird kind of internal Shadow that’s being cast.  Most of us are emotional wrecks at the Full Moon!  So why, if we’re manifesting our desires and reaping the rewards of our hard work, are we so fucking fucked up inside?  Why are so many of us sad and confused?  AH!  This is the beauty of the Full Moon, my friends.  The Full Moon is a culmination of all our good external work (remember that the Sun and New Moon are about looking outward) but it is also the culmination of all the dark Shadows that are lurking underneath.  The Full Moon is the time when we go inward and we look at all the Shadow that is holding us back.  With great success comes great responsibility.  We tend to look at our lives from the outside and take responsibility for our deeds in the material world.  BRAVO!  But it’s the inner world that DEMANDS our attention at the time of the Full Moon.  This is why I have created the 10 day Monthly Full Moon Ritual to help you cleanse and purge your Shadow and reset your emotions.  The Monthly Full Moon Ritual is a meditation, prayer and Shadow Work practice that guides you to uncovering your limiting beliefs, your fears, your areas of doubt and any other negative emotions that are holding you back from being happy and a badass manifestor of your heart’s desires.   It also helps you recover your open-hearted, loving, trusting and forgiving innocence. It’s an AWESOME program that is helping hundreds of women find emotional balance.  It’s free to participate and you can sign up for it on my Emotional Wellness website.

As the Moon rises in Taurus, we are seeing the emergence of our material desires and we are feeling our resistance to them!!  GOSH.  You would think that the hard part was the manifestation, but it’s not.  The hard part is feeling worthy of our desires and knowing how to manage our desires and dealing with those parts of ourselves that want to sabotage our success, and accepting the ultimate responsibility for our own happiness.  YES.  This is what is coming through for this Full Moon in Taurus.

This is powerful, my friends.

They say that most lottery winners end up flat broke because they were aligned with winning the lotto, but they were not aligned with managing money and nurturing wealth.  Just because you attract the ideal life partner doesn’t mean that your insecurity and low self-esteem won’t drive them away.  Ha!  It doesn’t even mean that you will recognize them!  You Perfect Partner could be standing right next to you and you don’t even know it.

The Full Moon in Taurus is going to make you go into your deep, dark emotional body and illuminate all your fears, doubts and anxieties around the Taurus/Venus stuff (sexuality, money, beauty, relationships, fertility.)  As you are looking back at all you have created, you are being called to appreciate it, but also to question it.  Are you happy with what you are calling in for yourself?  Did you choose to focus on things to satisfy your ego, or things to satisfy your Soul?  Are your manifestations coming from fear or trust?  Your job right now is to get into your Shadow, examine it, heal it, and let your badass Higher Self come through.

Alright, Lovely.  Join the Monthly Full Moon Ritual, do your Shadow Work, say your prayers and make space in your heart to enjoy the opportunity that is around you.  Please join my Emotional Wellness Facebook Group and share your progress and insights there.  I’ll see you in two weeks with the New Moon in Scorpio report and ritual… LOOK OUT!  That’s gonna be HOT!


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