Master Magician: Unlocking the 4-Steps of Manifestation

In Tarot, the Magician is the first person the Fool encounters on his journey through the Major Arcana.

🪄The Magician shows the Fool what is required to manifest any desire. His tools are spiritual (a wand), emotional (a cup), physical (a pentacle), and intellectual (a sword).  His countenance is quiet and confident; the Magician knows exactly how these tools work to bring whatever he can imagine down to earth: as above, so below.

😋 For simplicity’s sake, let’s imagine that you are the Magician and you desire a sandwich.🥪

🪬Manifestation is a complex process that involves several steps. While it may not always be linear, it can be broken down into four essential parts: Desire, Committed Action, Emotional Management, and Shadow Work. Each of these steps requires revisiting many times to achieve one’s goals. It is essential to remember that practice makes perfect, and giving up should never be an option.

🔥The first part of manifestation is Desire. It is the catalyst that sets everything in motion. Your desire for a sandwich is the starting point of your manifestation journey. You must be clear about what you want and why you want it. Ask yourself, “What kind of sandwich do I want? Why do I want it? What is it about the sandwich that I desire?” By understanding your desire, you can begin to move forward toward its manifestation.

💕The second part of manifestation is Committed Action. This step requires taking action toward achieving your desire. It’s not enough to want something; you must actively work towards it. In this case, your committed action may involve going to the store, buying the necessary ingredients, and making the sandwich. It is crucial to take inspired action toward your desire and be consistent in your efforts.

💖The third part of manifestation is Emotional Management. This step requires managing your emotions as you work towards your desire. It’s easy to become frustrated, impatient, or discouraged along the way. However, it is essential to maintain a positive attitude and believe that you will achieve your goal. Stay focused on the end result and visualize yourself enjoying the sandwich.

❤️‍🩹The fourth part of manifestation is Shadow Work. This step involves addressing any limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns that may hinder your manifestation. It’s important to identify any doubts or fears you may have about achieving your desire and work to release them. By doing so, you create space for positive energy to flow toward your goal.

✨The Magician in Tarot teaches us that manifestation is possible with the right tools and mindset. By understanding the four parts of manifestation, we can achieve our desires. Remember, manifestation is a skill that requires practice, patience, and perseverance. As the Magician knows, as above, so below, we can bring our desires from the spiritual realm to the physical world.

As with any skill, practice yields proficiency. Remember to be gentle with yourself and Don’t Give Up!

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