This Week’s Spiritual Guidance: A Practical, Patient and Methodical Approach to Your Desires

Hi, Lovely.  I hope you’re having a great week.  Here’s this week’s Spiritual Guidance.

We are still digging deeply into our desires to determine what we truly want to manifest for ourselves while here on Earth.  We are thinking bigger, dreaming bigger and trusting that the Universe wants us to have what we want.  When we experience fear, doubt or anxiety around our abilities to attain our desires, we do Shadow Work.  We are listening to our Spiritual Guidance and taking inspired action on our dreams.  This is the foundation of a truly balanced approach to manifestation.

Right now, the Spiritual Guidance is gently urging us to take a practical, patient and methodical approach to manifesting our desires.  This practical, patient and methodical approach is very Earth element-oriented— it is very Saturnian.  Interestingly, as I was writing this, I double checked my Saturn-transit dates and sure enough, it is almost time for Saturn to move into his cozy home in Capricorn.  Now, this doesn’t happen until the end of December, but I am most certainly feeling the pull already.  I tend to be sensitive and as part of my work as an intuitive and mystic, I reach down into the most subtle energies so that I can prepare my readers for what is to come. You’re gonna be glad you’re getting prepared now, because this is a biggie.

Saturn is the natural ruler of Capricorn and certainly, you can see his influence on your friends and loved ones born under this sign.  These people are intelligent and tend to be perfectionists who prefer to think long and hard before taking action.  Folks ruled by the planet Saturn can be viewed as old warriors who take a slow and methodical approach to fighting their battles.  They have been through many wars and they are keenly aware of the consequences of foolish thinking and impulsive action.  We can use this warrior example to contrast Saturn with Mars, which rules the sign of Aries.  Mars people can be viewed as young warriors who are hot and ready to fight.  They are lead by fire and want to rush into battle because they love the heat and exhilaration that course through its veins when it is on the battlefield.  The Spirit of Saturn is keenly aware of the price to be paid for war and he prefers to lay the groundwork for a peaceful resolution, resorting to war only if he must.  And when it comes to that, look out.

I found this photo and thought it really demonstrates the differences of Mars (the MMA fighter) and Saturn (the Martial Artist.) However, I want to just acknowledge that this photo is biased and wrong in many ways, as MMA fighters must be disciplined in order to achieve. Likewise, Mars people are also tremendously disciplined.

With Saturn moving into the sign of Capricorn, we are all going to be experiencing a more profound pulling into our depths.  Saturn’s work is to deepen our knowledge, deepen our emotions, deepen our connections, deepen our quality, and deepen our sensuality.  This sounds pretty good, right? Yeah, but it comes with a price.  Saturn is known as the Task-Master of the Zodiac.  He is the sergeant that demands excellence, focus and discipline in every moment.  As he moves through each sign of the Zodiac, he is teaching each and every one of us how to get better, stronger and wiser.  Keep in mind that even though you might not be Capricorn, YOU ARE STILL AFFECTED.  Capricorn might not be your sign, but if this Saturn transit is happening in your money house, you need to mind your finances.  If it’s transiting your relationship house, then you need to pay close attention to what’s happening at home.  Everyone should know what their relationship with the stars and the planets is.  If you’ve never had your birth chart done, I can set it up for you and deliver it to you within 24 hours.  It’s normally $32 and I’m offering it to you for just $19.99.  It’s over 30 pages and talks in detail about YOU.  Your Astrological Natal Chart shows you in what areas of your life Saturn, Mars, and all the other celestial bodies are affecting you.  Knowledge of your relationship with the stars also helps you understand how to enhance your strong points and how to overcome your challenges.

So, as I said, Saturn is going to be entering Capricorn at the end of December and we are feeling the effects now.  If you’ve been following my blog, then you’ve heard me say that currently we are in a ’10’ year and that 10 is the number of Authority and it is very auspicious. We have two more months left in the year, and I, personally want to make the most of it.  I am tuning into my Higher Self and forging a deep and everlasting relationship with Her.  I am committing to Her because I KNOW that in Her all things are possible.  My Higher Self is the part of me that is nestled up with Source Energy— with God/Goddess.  This aspect of myself is not limited by my lower, egoic mind and it is not subject to the traits of my personality.  My Higher Self is expansive and sees the big picture and yet is not afraid of the smallest details.  The more I surrender to my Higher Self, the easier is my walk through life.  I like to imagine that my Higher Self has perfect vision and sits atop a mountain.  She has a crystal clear vision of the landscape and she is guiding me with Unconditional Love and Compassion, showing me the easiest path, while helping me navigate the treacherous parts.  My only job is to peel away my own fear, limitation and negativity so that I can listen to her more clearly.

Do you remember in the movie The Matrix how Morpheus was talking to Neo on the cell phone, guiding him away from the bad guy, Mr. Smith?  Neo was doing great darting around cubicles, hiding beneath desks and dodging the bad guy until Morpheus told him to take a risk that he just couldn’t stomach.  Morpheus had told him to go out on that ledge which was 20 stories up, and then Neo dropped the cell phone– he lost communication.  He was ultimately caught, but Morpheus got him out of trouble again.

In The Matrix, Neo represents every one of us and Morpheus represents our Higher Self.  Our Higher Self has total faith in us and always knows that we will awaken to our power in our own time.  The Higher Self always has our back and holds space for our ultimate awakening.  In the Matrix, Neo had to gain a broader perspective and a deeper understanding of the world around him.  He also had to face his fears and develop discipline to maintain his courage and strength.  This is where Saturn comes in.

As Saturn navigates the Zodiac, he presents challenges and obstacles that slow us down and make us think more deeply about our choices.  One of his greatest tools is fear and withdrawal.  YIKES!  Uh-huh.  That’s why I’m warning you, Friend.  Saturn uses fear and withdrawal to help you see your weak spots so that you can strengthen them.  But look, he doesn’t put something there that doesn’t exist.  Instead, Saturn brings what is deeply buried in the murkiness of your psyche to the forefront so that it can be examined, confronted and released.  Hmm… Yes, that can be the motto you take on whenever you are faced with a fear:  Examine, Confront, Release.  For example, my biggest fear right now centers around Silence and Stillness.  I need to escape from Silence and Stillness with food and television.  I shall EXAMINE this fear, CONFRONT it and then RELEASE it.  I’ll try this over the week and see how it feels.  If it is a good system, then I’ll write more about it.  If not, I’ll keep digging to discover a better way.

So anyway, right now we’re at the beginning of November and we have eight weeks left in 2017, this ’10’ year to enjoy the beneficent energies helping us build the foundation of True Authority. Developing a deep relationship with the Higher Self is key to building a solid foundation of True Authority.  Real Authority is based on Truth.  You are the Divine having a human experience.  That is the Truth.  You have power locked inside you that you are ignoring most likely because you are a prisoner of limiting beliefs, negative thinking and self-doubt.  Okay. Your Higher Self can help you break free and Saturn will help you get closer to your Higher Self so that you can enjoy the deep peace and the genuine happiness that comes from real connection.  This is the key to powerful manifestation of your heart’s deepest desires. If you’ve been slacking off on meditating, connecting  to the Higher Self, and doing your spiritual work, no worries.  You have two months to get into gear and to end this year with a bang.  I can guarantee you that if you tune into the Saturn principles of Practicality, Patience and Methodicalness, you will succeed in laying a solid foundation.

Now, what does this means in practical terms for manifesting our heart’s desires?

Well, as I’ve been saying for the last several months, you gotta get really clear about what you want.  You have to listen to your heart and really fine tune your dreams.  Where you have Shadow (fear, negativity, anger, resentment and doubt) you must do Shadow Work; and you must take inspired action as directed by your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides.  This is a practical approach to manifestation.  It is also methodical.  You must be patient.

Now, of course, if you were to enroll in any of my programs you would be learning how to do this stuff first hand!  What’s stopping you from joining my Emotional Wellness & Spiritual Empowerment Facebook group?  What’s stopping you from booking in a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session to learn how I can help you thrive?  It cannot be money because I have coaching programs that start as low as $40 a session.  It cannot be time because I am at your service seven days a week.  (I am Saturn’s child, by the way.  Saturn makes his children hard working with strong backs.  I LOVE my work and thank Goddess every day that I have tremendous capacity.  My work is fueled by Life Force Energy and it feels GOOD!  I am well nourished by it.)  I am here to be of service.  I am a Spiritual Empowerment Coach who helps people find their inner strength and power and use these to manifest the life of their dreams.

So here’s some insight from the Tarot:
Reversed Three of Cups:  We must pay attention to our inner needs.  It is time to stop playing, partying and escaping.  We are to explore the emptiness that is threatening us and stop trying to fill it up from the outside.  We must fill up the empty cup from within.  This is the first step.  So we must get still and silent and listen to what we really need.

I would like to recommend that you spend a little time with your Inner Child.  Your Inner Child is any aspect of yourself that is young.  Please read my article about how to access it.  Issues of emptiness usually start in early childhood, where things should have been handled differently were left energetically open, creating a void.  We try to fill that void with food, drugs, alchohol and other excessive activity.  Instead, what we need to do is give attention to that memory.  Personally, I have developed a profound relationship with my Inner Child, so our work together is fun.  If you are new to it, be gentle with yourself and approach them easily.  You don’t have to do much except make contact to start.  Just be willing to even look at them.  That’s enough to begin.  Your Spiritual Guides and Higher Self will do most of the work anyway.  You, though, have to show up.  You can learn a very fast and easy approach to working with the Inner Child in another blog post I wrote called, Get Grounded Now:  3 Quick Ways to Contact Your Inner Child.

Also, Reversed The Hanged Man:

You may be feeling subconsciously vulnerable and therefore you are unable to be in integrity.  So look, if you can’t trust God then you can’t trust your Higher Self.  You cannot be in integrity and aligned wiht your Higher Self if you don’t trust them and the world around you— and YOU CANNOT KNOW YOUR TRUE HEART’S DESIRES IF YOU DON’T TRUST THE WORLD!  Your desires are always going to be tainted by fear and disillusionment, doubt and anxiety if you do not trust yourself, your Higher Self, Source and the world.  If any one of those are off, then your whole program is compromised.  Our work this week is going to be about getting grounded in a foundation of trust at the most basic level.  This begins with consistent and regular spiritual practice.

And personally, for me, I need that practical, patient and methodical approach to my life.  So each week, I sit down with my calendar and I write out my priorities and then I write down my goals and make a To Do list.  I then plot it all on a calendar.  When I get up in the morning, I know what needs to be done.  For me, it’s a practical and methodical approach.  And I am patient.

What is going to be your approach?  How will you achieve your goals?  Does this Practical, Patient and Methodical approach appeal to you in any way?  Do you see a need for it in your life?  Please leave your comments below and join the conversation in my Emotional Wellness and Spiritual Empowerment Facebook Group.

I’ll check in with you again next week!  In the meantime, be blessed and fruitful, my friend!


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    Wow, this was incredible! It’s no coincidence that I found your page. I’m mpressed by the time and wisdom your articulated in this post. Thank you

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