Get Grounded NOW! 3 Quick Ways to Contact Your Inner Child

I want to tell you a quick way to lovingly improve your mood, get clarity and come back to center– Contact your Inner Child.

So when was the last time you consciously had a play date with your Inner Child? I’m betting that it wasn’t anytime recently. For some reason, we tend to ignore this powerful creative aspect of ourselves. I think it’s because most people don’t know it exist and we’re kind of taught to outgrow it! Which is weird because it’s always here and is never meant to be outgrown. Much of my work as a Spiritual Empowerment Coach and Healer focuses on the Inner Child, even though it’s mostly indirectly. In fact I rarely even use the term “Inner Child” in my sessions. But when a client says to me, “I feel terrible every time I am around my boss. They are such a bully, but I don’t have the courage to speak my mind to them.” I know that my work has nothing to do with the boss but everything to do with the Inner Child whose voice was stolen 30+ years ago.

Are you familiar with the Inner Child concept? The idea is that the little child you once were is still active and alive in you. The happy little you fuels your creativity, your optimism and your heart’s desire for fun times. The wounded little you fuels your fear, anxiety, and incessant fatigue.

I have found that personally, my greatest healing and growth has come from working directly with the little me’s. Okay, so, I’m going to be brutally honest with you and say that my happy little me gets more of my attention than the wounded little me simply because the happy little me floats by my side all day. She is outgoing, expressive and sharing. She likes to be seen! She’s writing this email to you, in fact! She loves writing and anything creative. The happy little me easily and naturally integrates in my life.

But the wounded little me is more challenging because she hides in shame until her pain becomes so great that she can’t help but burst forth in rage or grief or self-sabotage. ALSO (and this is even harder to admit) she tends to slow down my fast-paced life, making me feel stuck and afraid. I don’t like those feelings! When my wounded little me shows her face, my dominant adult ego (the part of me that just wants to feel good) subconsciously says, “You’re slowing me down. I can’t deal with your pain!” Uh-oh. That’s not good. That’s exactly how little me got wounded in the first place! My lovely toddler self was constantly told that her tears and sad feelings were invalid, burdensome and a waste of energy. She was never validated in her feelings and she was constantly told that being happy was better than being sad. To make matters worse, she was often punished (which in and of itself is totally sad/angry making) for being SAD and ANGRY! Talk about a losing battle. Wow. And here I was living that out in adulthood, inflicting that same disregard on my own Inner Child myself! YIKES!

Ignoring my wounded Inner Child is NOT the way to take care of myself! And thank God/Goddess that I have learned better. I am a significantly better parent to my wounded self than in the past, but still, there are times when I forget.

I wanted to give you a quick and easy way to connect to your Inner Child. I strongly believe that she or he is the key to your emotional wellness and your ability to manifest the life of your dreams.

Here are my 3 quick and easy steps to get in touch with your wee one today…

Step 1. Intention. Set the simple intention to meet your Inner Child. You might want to close your eyes for this process. Think back to either an image of yourself or an experience from your childhood. Just hold the image or the experience in your mind and instead of reliving the experience as a memory, set the intention to meet the child as a separate person– not a stranger, but maybe as a friend or new neighbor. Let down your guard and be curious to learn and explore your Inner Child from a new perspective. “I intend to meet my Inner Child.”

Step 2: Quiet your mind, open your heart, and BREATHE. Now that you’ve set your intention, you can let go of it. Let go and let God/Goddess. Quiet the judgments in your mind and tune into your physical body. Feel your way… See if you can focus on your breathing and any physical sensations that are present. DON’T THINK about what you feel, just observe. As your mind softens and you feel more present in your body, let your breath expand your chest cavity. Move into a state of peaceful acceptance of this moment in your body.

Step 3: Meet your Inner Child. From your place of peaceful presence, go back to that image or memory of yourself as a little one and reach out to the child you see. Treat this interaction with the same kindness and respect that you would any other being that you meet. Be curious, kind and respectful. Don’t overstep your boundaries. How your Inner Child responds to you will determine how to proceed. But don’t try to do too much on this first meeting. Just be present with the child. Listen to them if they want to talk. Or perhaps stroll with them through the memory. Let them show you their world and you connect and validate. Use your instinct and follow their cues. Observe your own reactions to the child. Notice if you feel excited or happy; or if you feel afraid or angry. The relationship you are building with the little you is your most important relationship because it is your connection to the Divine. How you interact with your Inner Child is how you interact with God/Goddess on a deep, subconscious level.

That is good enough right now. Just this brief interaction will change the course of your emotional life. Your Inner Child can determine your destiny, so I applaud you for giving this technique a try. From here, you can go forward and build a meaningful relationship together by meeting daily. As you get more comfortable with them, things will start to reveal themselves and you will find your relationship deepening naturally and your emotions mending. You can spend some time nurturing them, holding them, listening to them, loving them. You can also tutor them and let her tutor you. In their innocence is WISDOM. You don’t have to spend a lot of time… just a minute reaching out to say, “Hey! I’m here. I acknowledge you.” That’s enough to open the door to a new relationship.

Alright!  I hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to take your emotional wellness seriously, and you have any issues with childhood wounding, limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns or the emotional blockages that are stopping you from moving forward in your life, please book yourself in for a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session. During this appointment, we’ll explore your key desires and the blockages holding you back, and we’ll see how we can work together to get you on the path of thrive.

You can learn about my coaching philosophy by reading about my signature program, The Ultimate Shadow Work and Healing Intensive. It is a private coaching program designed to get you feeling better immediately while giving you the tools to THRIVE. In the program, I work with you to heal the wounding fueling your dark, negative emotions and to give you positive, life-affirming behaviors and practices that let you manifest a joyful experience here on Earth. One of the great benefits of the program: you build and nurture a HEALTHY relationship with your Inner Child! You’ll not only meet them, but you’ll REDEEM them, becoming their best friend and hero. Can you imagine being your own best friend and hero??? It’s AWESOME!

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