New Moon in Scorpio November 18, 2017: Soul’s Purpose versus Ego’s Purpose

Hey, Friends.  I’m getting this report to you late and it is so strange to me.  I’m never late with my reports!  I always deliver them early, in fact.  Interestingly, I feel resistance to writing this report and doing the ritual.  We are in pre-Mercury retrograde and I am feeling the emotional stickiness that comes when Mercury, planet of the lower mind, communication, and commerce, transits retrograde.  Now look, I want to preface this by saying that you need not worry that you’re getting the report late.  The New Moon is effective for a solid two weeks and the report is two days late.  You can do the ritual at any point during the two week period.  It’s free to participate in the ritual, but you’ll need to sign up for it if you haven’t already.  With that said, let’s tuck into the opportunity that is present… and it is a fucking big opportunity!

Every New Moon cycle has effectiveness of two weeks and during this phase, we should see the Moon as an empty vessel waiting to be filled with our desires.  The New Moon is the time of visioning and using our feminine nature to shape the material world.  When the Moon is new in a sign, the Sun is also in that sign, so our two most influential celestial bodies are working on the same thing.  The Sun is masculine and emphasizes the externalization of our desires and the Moon is feminine, representing our feeling nature.  With both of these supportive energies in the sign of Scorpio, the emphasis is on depth, intimacy, sexuality and transformation.  When you’re dealing with the New Moon, you want to think about manifestation in the material world. The thing that you want to start asking yourself is “What do I want to be doing one year from now?”  This question is super significant at this particular point in time as we are ending 2017 and many of us like to write goals and intentions for the new year anyway.  This New Moon in Scorpio is our second to last New Moon of 2017.  By the way, if you have not signed up to get my Moon reports and rituals delivered to your inbox, you’re missing out!  Each Moon phase builds on the previous one and they are geared to help you maximize the benefits of healing, creating, prospering, romancing, empowering, balancing, manifesting and loving that are present.  Sign up to get the reports delivered so that you never miss one.

As I was saying, the New Moon is about visioning and creating in the physical world.  The New Moon in Scorpio is the time to vision and create around the themes of sexuality, death, rebirth, transformation, passion, power, and intimacy.  The sign of Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto.  Mars is deeply intuitive, hot, visionary and direct.  Pluto is deep and dark and occupied with the mysteries of the occult.  People often describe people born under the sign of Scorpio as intense.  I’ll say!  Anyone who has had the pleasure of sitting at an intimate dinner with these beautiful people will concur.  They have a deep and penetrating gaze and they listen carefully from the place of their intuition.  So the benefit of the New Moon in Scorpio is to bring our desires and hopes to the empty vessel of the Moon and pour them in.  The New Moon in Scorpio is a chance for you to add depth to any endeavor.  Whether it be romantic relationship, business vision, or connection with your Higher Self, what you assert over the next two weeks is what you are pouring into your manifestation vortex.  Do you know what I mean by the word vortex?  Your vortex is the spiraling funnel of energy from which you manifest.  It is the energetic concentration of your dominant thoughts and behaviors.  If you have a bunch of shitty, negative thoughts, then your vortex is full of crap and it calls crap to itself.  If you consistently focus on what’s working in your life, if you tend to be optimistic with mostly positive thoughts, striving always for your hopes and dreams, then your vortex is quite radiant and draws in situations and experiences that reflect your open-heartedness.

So with this New Moon in Scorpio, your best bet is to get VERY clear about what is most important to you in your life and to be prepared to dive deep into why you want what you want.  BE CAREFUL, my friend.  Do NOT put in superficial stuff that you haven’t thoroughly thought through.  Now is not the time to be cheap, frivolous and on the surface.  Pluto (power) and Mars (ego) are about manifesting powerfully.  Pluto is called a ‘dwarf planet,’ but that little bugger is EVERYTHING.  A poorly aspected Pluto can lower your self-esteem, fuck with your money, ruin your sex life, and cripple your career. Right now, you need to think BIG and deep.  You need to be soul-searching, looking beyond the material world and plunging into the depth of your life purpose.  So when you do the New Moon Ritual, approach the energy with respect.  Connect deeply with the Earth and reach high into the Heavens for inspiration and support.  Scorpio is a water sign and it is emotionally profound while being highly intelligent.  Scorpio is at home in the physical body and it is fiery in its zest for life.  At the very least, during this New Moon cycle, you should be calling in more of this energy for yourself.

So look, I’m sitting here telling you to call-in what you want for yourself and I am in full awareness that most folks don’t know what they really want.  Oh, they know what they want at the egoic level (financial success, a life partner, good health,) but that’s only a fraction of what their Higher Self and Soul want for them.  The ego is preoccupied with the story it tells itself while the Higher Self has a big picture view that encompasses the totality of possibility, including your karmic debt and your Soul’s purpose.  With the new year coming up on January 1st, many folks are getting geared up to write their resolutions and then blast into 2018 with an enthusiasm and hope that will last for about two weeks and then falter.  Most of the resolutions that folks write for themselves are meant to take them away from pain. They are small and ‘safe’ objects of desire that don’t really inspire them beyond a  couple of weeks.  How can they?  Who can get inspired by “Lose 30 pounds.  Work out more often.  Meditate. Eat more whole foods.”  Those goals are obviously difficult to do and if you’ve already been trying to do those things and failed in the past, then there’s tremendous resistance built up inside you already.  Your mind is thinking, “Not again!  I failed at this before,” and it has all sorts of plausible reasons why it will fail again this time.  Personally, a few years back, I got utterly sick of the cycle of writing goals– being enthused for a few weeks and then losing sight of them and then finding myself at the end of that year writing the same goals because I never actually followed through.  So I sat with Spirit and we developed a different approach to goal writing that made achieving my goals fool-proof.  Now, it’s almost impossible for me to not achieve my goals.  I launch my goals, not at our usual calendar year (the Gregorian calendar year) which begins January 1st, but I launch with the Chinese New Year which begins with the New Moon in February.  I do this because the winter holiday season is too convoluted for me to properly have the rhythm I need to start anything.  I might be a bit hungover from too much champagne beneath the Eiffel Tower, you know?  So yeah, I launch my goals with the Chinese New Year, which is fully aligned with the creative energy of the New Moon in Aquarius (sign of expansive thinking and big vision.)  I have systematized my goal-writing process and you are invited to join the program for 50% off, if you sign up before December 15th.  The thing that makes my program so effective is that it helps you get past your ego’s goals down to your Soul’s purpose. The program takes you beyond the superficial egoic goals down to the deep goals that are aligned with your Soul and your Higher Self.  These goals are the ones that break you out of the prison of your lower mind and put you right in the center of your heart’s deepest desires.  This shit is POWERFUL, yo!  Then we do Shadow Work to remove the blockages and resistances such as doubt, fear, and confusion that block you from allowing the Universe to deliver what you need. During this process, we do lots of work to insure that your goals are balanced, logical, realistic and measurable.  And then, of course, another significant part of the program is to create a plan of action that will help you actual achieve your goals.  The whole program takes six to eight weeks to complete.  Okay, if you’re thinking that’s too long!  Then this program is not for you.  This program is for people who are sick of staying on the surface and want to dive deep into their Soul’s purpose and want to get REALLY clear around their heart.  This program is meant to break you out of the prison of your mind.  Your mind is probably locked down tighter than ADX (a high security prison in Florence, Colorado.)  And to be honest, you can’t write Soulful goals with your ego acting as warden!  Prison break takes time, my beloved.  Sit back and enjoy the process of getting free. If you are interested in this program, then please book yourself in for a complimentary Discovery Session.

So right now, while the Moon is new in Scorpio, the energy is very much about getting as clear as you can about what you want and WHY YOU WANT IT.  You are the primary Authority in your life.  You are to Author your life story, but please remember to Author it with Authority.  Your own personal inner Authority is that part of you that is beyond ego’s limitations. Remember that Scorpio is ruled by Mars AND Pluto.  Pluto is deep, but Mars has the ability to be shallow. Mars rules the ego! He’s quick and doesn’t like to get stuck in the details of life  So right now, you may have a feeling of wanting what you want NOW.  You might feel yourself particularly hungry, even lusty for the pleasures of life.  I suggest that you go slowly and dive deep. It is easy right now to get thrown and mislead by your lusts.   Let yourself be plumbed to your depths.  That’s what Scorpio does.  You may be feeling yourself pulled between two different options.  You’re at a crossroads.  You may be finding yourself faced with a dilemma, torn between two lovers or two ways of being.  Either way, these two options originate within you since you are the Authority.  Do you act from the space of Mars (impulsive, egoic, quick gratification) or do you take the slow and deep route of Pluto?  It takes Pluto 248 years to orbit the Sun, by the way!  He can stay in one sign from 14 to 30 years.  Hehehehehehe!  Pluto is the planet of power.  I think that with this New Moon in Scorpio, the deeper, slower arriving option is probably going to make you happier in the long run.

To access the ritual, you’ll need to sign-up, if you haven’t already.  Enjoy!


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