New Moon in Leo July 23, 2017: Let your Heart Roar!

Here is your Moon Phase Report and Ritual for New Moon in Leo Sunday, July 23rd at 10:23am CEST.  By the way, we actually have two New Moons in Leo this year– this one and the other on August 21st is a Solar Eclipse. ALSO, we have a partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th.  WOW!  What a line-up!  Sign-up to get the Astrology and Moon Phase Reports and Rituals delivered right to your inbox.

This New Moon in Leo Report and Ritual will be in effect for about 10 days. So read it early and practice the ritual once or twice in the coming week.  Read the report (or listen to the podcast) and get the ritual below…  NOTE:  The podcast contains a recording of the ritual so that you can have it guide you through the work.  You can download it from SoundCloud or play from the link below.

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Listen to the New Moon in Leo podcast or read the blog below:
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Heart of the lion:  New Moon in Leo…

Hello, Lovely.  You were put on this earth to thrive.  No matter what your beginnings, humble or rich, you are meant to thrive.  And so I ask you, how are you doing?  The New Moon in Leo is a blessing meant to reward the efforts of the hard work you’ve done to open your heart.  Leo is the sign of pleasure and fun, Authority and confidence.  Ruled by the Sun, Leo is the natural embodiment of these things.  So how are you doing in these areas?  Are you taking  soulful pleasure from the world around you, incorporating fun into everything you do?  Are you authoring your life confidently with your Heart at the helm?

Pleasure and fun, Authority and confidence, as expressed by Leo, are emboldened by the heart.  The sign of Leo is passionate and its people throw themselves into life with spirited gusto.  And rather than their endeavors being driven by achievement, they are powered by the innate curiosity that comes from innocent, heart-led souls.  I know a lot of Leos and all of them are naturally curious (like big cats) and soulfully invested in the world around them.  Soulful investment comes from the heart.  Savvy financial experts will use their heads to make smart money investments.  Analyzing, calculating and weighing options–  these are all excellent head stuffs.  But investment in life must come from the heart.  Leos listen from their hearts, they see through their hearts, they receive through their hearts and they take action from their hearts.  This, dear friend, is what the New Moon in Leo is calling us all to do.

What came before this New Moon in Leo…

So, I want to give you a little backstory for this Moon phase so that you can understand the depth of what I’m talking about.  If you’ve been following my Moon Reports and Rituals, then you know that each Moon phase builds upon the last and that I make it my job to tune in and find the greatest point of personal empowerment.  In other words, I’ve made it my job to help you be as emotionally and spiritually powerful as possible.  So as you read on in this report, keep in mind that EVERY Moon phase is about going into your emotional self and doing work to clear it of stuck, negative feelings, thoughts and beliefs.   Mastering your emotional self means you master your destiny because the way you feel at your core determines how you experience the world and what the world gives you back.  If you feel powerful, optimistic and worthy at your core, then you will experience a triumphant life. Plain and simple.  This does not mean that you won’t experience hardship.  You will.  But your hardship will be met with triumph because you are triumphant at your core.  If you feel doubtful, unsupported and ashamed at your core, then the Universe (being wholly a reflection of your core feelings) will deliver you the life that reflects those emotions.  That’s Law of Attraction 101.

So last month, the Sun moved into Cancer, the zodiac sign ruled by the Moon, on June 22nd and that’s when we went into the cold winter of our Shadow.  You probably felt it:  a profound awareness of all your Shadow energy.  Shadow energy is the dark emotional stuff that we prefer not to deal with– heartbreak, emotional wounding and resentment, are examples.  We call it Shadow because it is dark and mysterious and a little scary. Carl Jung coined that term, by the way. So we lock those dark and oppressive feelings away in a secret cabinet in our hearts and we only deal with them when the cabinet gets too full and we are forced to handle the overflow.  Well, last month was like having the Universe not just rip the doors off the cabinet, but actually blow it wide open scattering its contents all over our conscious day-to-day activities, making us deal with those emotions damn near every single moment; and not always at the most opportune times.  Keep in mind that the sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and it’s the Moon’s job to highlight what is not working in our inner world.  By the way, if you do not have your personal astrology birth chart, I can prepare one for you within a day.  Your birth chart is the blueprint of your Soul’s journey.  It can illuminate your life purpose, give you insights about relationships, talk to you about money, and even help you sort things like family and education.  The report is usually $32, but I’m running a special for $19.  Get the details and order yours today.  It’s such a GOOD READ! 

Image of a woman making a tornado

The last four weeks have been the Universe’s invitation to examine our subconscious processes and heal all the places where we had negative thinking, limiting beliefs, unhealed wounds, and actions that needed forgiving.  The Sun was in Cancer and we had the New Moon in Cancer and then the Full Moon in Capricorn (Cancer’s dark sister.)  You can read all about those phases on my Astrology blog, if you want to revisit.  It was our opportunity last month to ream our emotional cabinet– to clean it, dust it, analyze it, organize it and heal it. The Universe was urging us to grow out of our old mould and to stop trying to be the same people we were in the previous years.  We are ALL being called to expand and lots of my clients have been coming to me with tales of transformation woes.  They are undergoing REAL metamorphosis and changing at their core… and they are learning that it ain’t easy going from a caterpillar to a butterfly!  The squeezing and shedding and stretching and morphing are painful… and worth every damned minute.

If you chose to ignore your feelings these last few weeks, then you missed the Universe’s call to Inner Authority.  Inner Authority means that you are identifying with your Higher Self perspective (trust, radical self-compassion, radical self-acceptance, unconditional love, and supreme confidence) and letting your heart lead while your mind follows. You are a heart-centered being, my friend.  Your heart was the first organ formed when you were a fetus… not your brain.  The New Moon in Leo is urging you to let heart lead.  The only way to really take your Higher Self’s perspective is to relax your mind and feel your way.  You cannot intellectualize your Higher Self Perspective.  You cannot think positively and feel loathsomely and claim that you are living your Higher Self Perspective.  You cannot think abundance and feel lack and claim that you are living your Higher Self Perspective.  You Higher Self Perspective is union of your heart, your mind and your body.  Everything is moving in the same direction and following the heart.

All the fanfare and emotional upheaval from the last Sun and Moon phase was preparing you to thrive in this one.  Your heart cannot lead if you are holding onto negative emotions and feelings.  The New Moon in Leo wants your heart in a place of prominence and power.

Imagine your heart bound in a cage.  Your heart wants to soar, but it can’t because the bars of the cage are keeping it from even being able to fully expand its breath.  The bars of that cage are your different life-negating wounds.  Sadness, pain, self-doubt, self-deprecation, unrequited love, infidelity, abandonment, betrayal, loneliness, isolation, despair, desperation, fear.  All of these are the prison guards, the prison walls and the chains that bind your heart and keep it small and let’s be honest:  atrophied.  Your heart is shrinking, withering, and dying on the vine. I REALLY hope that I’m exaggerating this for most of you.  I hope that your heart is THRIVING– pumping like Oprah!  But hell, we were NOT trained to be emotional warriors, so most of our emotions are stuck and yes, our hearts are languishing because we’re not realizing our greatest dreams and living our highest potential.  The New Moon in Leo wants to change that NOW.

image of an anatomical heart in a birdcage with birds

Last month’s celestial placements were meant to go to the prison and break-out your heart.  That’s right… PRISON BREAK!  Last month, we had to be like Neo and Trinity rescuing Morpheus from Mr. Smith. You remember the movie The Matrix, right? Well, it’s like that but instead of using guns, you will use Presence.  You deal with those negative emotions by first becoming aware of them (okay, I feel this,) then becoming willing to experience them (I am uncomfortable, but I am willing to feel this feeling,) then validating them by experiencing them fully (I feel this.  I am not running away from this) then allowing that emotion to run its course and simply holding space for yourself (I am present.  I can do this) and then sitting in peace with yourself as a whole being (I have negative emotions and positive emotions.  I am a whole being.)  This last step involves self-forgiveness and that is really important because most of us will forgive everybody else before we actually forgive ourselves.  I work with women who were raped as toddlers and still take responsibility for it!  Fuck forgiving the rapist!  Forgive yourself first and then extend forgiveness to the rapist if you are called to do so.

SO with that being said, let’s talk about your pleasure, fun, confidence and authority.

Pleasure and Fun for the New Moon in Leo…

Are you ready for summer?  Ha!  You’re saying, “Crystal Lynn, summer started last month.  You’re late!”  Au contraire, mon frère.  With all that shadowy Cancer energy behind us, summer officially begins NOW!

You know that the lion is the king of the jungle.  With the Sun and the Moon both in Leo right now, we are being called to rise up within ourselves and be our own King or Queen.  The New Moon is always a time of creating, visioning and projecting forward and like the true Divine Royals we are,  we are encouraged to use this time to think about what we desire for our future— what we desire to be and to create, how we desire to feel, what we desire to give and to receive.  Leo rules the heart, and now, for the next two weeks, we simply MUST heed the heart’s call.  The deep Shadow Self that we have been exploring these last few weeks may still be present in our awareness, and we are either doing our Shadow Work and integrating the dark aspect into our being making us truly whole; or we are resisting the Shadow Self and turning our back on it, relegating it to the even deeper, darker parts of our emotional cabinet because we cannot not bear to revisit the pain and do the necessary healing work.  Obviously, as a Spirit Guide and Messenger, I am always going to encourage you to confront your Shadow square on.  If it’s too big to bear, then enlist the help of a professional like me to help you sort it.  That’s why we’re here… Earth Angels at your service.
So what gives you pleasure, Darling?  Don’t think about it seriously.  Instead,  feel about it seriously.  Pause for a moment and tune into your body and feel.  What do you feel right now that gives you pleasure?  Is it the fabric of the dress you’re wearing?  Or the feel of the cool floor beneath your feet?  How about the feeling of your lover’s lips on your neck?  Sensual pleasure.  Leo LOVES it!  Leo is a big old kitty cat lolling on its back soaking up the tickles from the surface on which its lying.  Leo is the cuddly kitten stretched out in the sunlight basking in the glory of the morning sun, yawning, purring in lazy, luscious delight.  Leo is the big ol lion couple getting their groove on in the open plains of the Tundra.  Me-ow, big kitties.  Me-ow.  This is FUN stuff.
As you move through this Moon phase and into the next, I encourage you to take Pleasure as your Spirit Guide.  Invite pleasure into your life, explore it, sink into it and ask it to reveal itself to you on all levels– physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual.  Pleasure is your heart’s best friend and your best ally in your prison break.  I think that you will find that this is one of our funner Moon phases, although, there are still, of course, the Shadow aspects.
What are the Shadow aspects of Pleasure?  The biggest ones that come to my mind are excess and restriction.  Taking too much pleasure leads to imbalances.  I LOVE Medjool dates and raw almonds.  I love the world’s sugariest and fattiest natural foods.  In moderation– super pleasurable.  In excess– issues with gas, bloating, excess weight and a damp system.  My Shadow Work is to go into my emotional body and find out why I am not satisfied with a single healthy portion of my favorite snack.  Why must I go to excess?  Likewise, too little pleasure can herald an emotional body that is also out of balance.  Withdrawal from sexual pleasure is an issue for a lot of people.  If you’re feeling withdrawn from sexual pleasure, you gotta look at your emotional body and find out where the blockages are.  Sexuality is a big part of this next 30 days, not just this Moon phase. If you need healing, now is the time to get it.  You have to do Shadow Work in order to get your heart open to pleasure.  If you need help with this stuff, I’m a Spiritual Empowerment Coach and I’m fucking good at it.  IF (and only if) you are serious about getting healed, then book in a complimentary Discovery Session to discuss how I can help you.  I take my appointments seriously.  There is an application that you need to fill out in order to talk to me.  If you are serious about transforming your life, then you have come to the right place.  But if you’re not ready, don’t worry.  I’ll be here when you are. Transformation and healing is an investment in yourself and it involves a reversal in your mind and body.  In addition to wanting it, you have to be ready for it.  Use your intuition to guide you to the right coach and the right system that will serve your Highest Good.

Authority and Confidence with the New Moon in Leo…

We are currently in a ’10 year,’ which means that the entirety of the year is dedicated to making us a True Authority, the real author of our lives.  You read this all the time in my posts because it is important.  Ignoring this universal movement could leave you feeling like you missed the boat next year as we move into partnership. 2018 will be an 11 year (or a 2 year.)  This means that we will have two Authorities coming together for partnership (your Authority meets the world.)  Are you going to meet the world with an egocentric authority based on fear and unhealed trauma?  Or are you going forward with a healed foundation of union of Heart, mind and body?  2017 is priming you to be your Highest Self on the inside and the outside.  This year is the beginning of a cycle and the position on which we end it is the foundation for the next 9 years of our lives.  The Authority we establish now, is going to be our avatar for damned near a decade.  With what kind of avatar do you want to live?  An avatar of inauthenticity, fear and small-mind thinking?  Or are you ready to choose and command a position of power in your relationships, your home, your community and the world?  I’m not saying you have to take over the world, but I am saying that too many of my beautiful sisters and brothers think small and see themselves as victims of circumstance rather than authors of abundant lives.  All of the planets, the Moon and the stars are meant to serve your Highest Good.  They form the ethers that are taking you on a journey of expansion.  I write these Moon reports and put together the accompanying rituals so that you can have clear guidance about where the Universe is leading you.  I can guarantee you that the Universe wants you to be as big, bold and badass as you are willing to let yourself be.  What you can conceive, you can achieve but you gotta take responsibility for your mental state.  You can’t simply repeat affirmations and think that they are going to overcome your low self-esteem.  You MUST esteem yourself.  I can’t esteem you for you.  You must self esteem.  And you can’t fake it with words, make-up, or a bank account.  The Universe reads your feeling signature, not your lips.  And the Universe is not fooled by how you look in a tight black dress.  It knows how you feel at your core.
illustration of woman overburdened by weights on her back
In my humble opinion, true Authority is rooted in confidence, trust, openness, inclusiveness, and inner strength.  True Authority is whole, connected to Mother Earth through strong roots and fueled by Father Heaven through Divine thoughts.  True Authority comes naturally from the genuine knowing of our Divinity and worthiness.  This genuine knowing is far beyond the intellectual knowing that many of us claim.  The intellectualization of our Divinity is an optimistic story that plays in our conscious minds and is a really good attempt to create peace, safety and surety in our perceptions.   But for many of us, the positive words are uttered thinly through our lips and have yet to penetrate the walls built by our Shadowed psyches. Inside the deep recesses of many our minds live feelings of unworthiness, loneliness, helplessness, powerlessness and fear.  It is these feelings and the negative beliefs that fuel them that prevent us from being truly Authoritative in our own lives.
With the New Moon in Leo,  we must stand up and claim the authorship of our lives. So write your story, Darling.  I mean literally.  Grab a notebook and pen and start writing down the story that you want to tell for yourself.  But here’s the deal– don’t start on the outside.  Don’t talk about your body, your home, your job or your relationships.  Talk about you.  Tell yourself the truth and find your esteem somewhere in there.  The first step for finding Authority?  Tune into your Solar Plexus and connect to your Divine Will.  Imagine that you’ve got deep roots digging down into the Earth and like a Baobab, strong roots that reach upward toward Heaven.  From Mother Earth, call up strength, resilience and grit.  From Father Heaven, call down vision, a clear mind and inspired action.  Do this every morning before getting out of bed and you won’t have to go looking for Authority.  It will simply come and find you.
Okay, Lovelies.  That’s your New Moon in Leo Report. The Ritual follows…

Here is your New Moon Ritual for the New Moon in Leo…

  1. You can listen to the guided version of this ritual on SoundCloud if you prefer. (I have to admit it’s a little rough since it’s my first time recording like this, but perhaps it’s okay.) 
  2. This ritual can be used as often as you like to connect with the New Moon in Leo.  It is most effective if used between July 22nd and July 30th.
  3. As always, set the mood by turning off your computer and phone. Put on some uplifting music that invokes good feelings in you. Make it positive and inspiring.  Remember to breathe and connect while you prepare yourself.
  4. The essential oil for Leo is Rose, but I am STRONGLY feeling like Jasmine wants to be used during this ritual.  Take your pick.  Light some incense or put some of the essential oils in some water in a burner. I recommend Young Living Essential Oils because they are organic, edible, strong and life changing.  Super high vibe and outstanding quality.  AND I love using charcoal disks to burn essential oils and incense resin.  It helps me really feel like I’m working magic (and remember that how you feel determines your power.) Get yourself a pretty glass and fill it water. Hold the glass in your hands and say a prayer for guidance. Bring the water to your ritual space and sip it as you do your ritual. Have a box of Kleenex handy.
  5. Get a white candle, but before you light it, say a word of thanks and bless the light that will come forth. Light the candle.
  6. Get a journal and pen (or laptop or tablet or phone… whatever you’re gonna use to write. It could be a napkin and a crayon. Use what you got.) Put this near you because you’re going to need it in a few minutes.
  7. Get comfortable. You can sit at a desk or on the floor or on your bed. Just get into a position where you can hangout and focus on what’s really important to you. Just keep in mind that the better your posture, the more aligned you are. This is purely technical. You’re still a divine being even if your spine is curved.
  8. Take a few deep breaths and tune into your heart. Allow yourself to release any tension you may be holding. Put your dominant hand over your heart and see if you can notice the beat or feel heat radiating from your chest. Feel your body and settle into peaceful contemplation.
  9. Remember that you are inhaling Life Force Energy and that as you exhale, you are releasing tension and doubt, worry and concern. Inhaling Life Force Energy. Exhaling doubt. Inhaling Unconditional Love. Exhaling doubt. Inhaling Joy. Exhaling doubt.
  10. Right from where you are, bring your hands into the prayer position at your heart and pray.  Begin with a greeting (Are you there, God?  It’s me, Margaret) and then simply talk to God/Goddess about whatever is on your mind.  Personally, I like to start each prayer by focusing on for what I’m thankful.  But just talk and release your mind to God.  When you are done with your prayer, release your hands back down to your lap with your palms turned up.
  11. Sit an listen to your Intuition and your Inner Wisdom.  Pay attention to the sensations in your body and the emotions you may be experiencing.  Sit as long as you like… 1 minute or more.
  12. When you’re ready, I want you to visualize the New Moon above you.  Because the Moon in new, she will be a dark, indigo blue orb.  Breathe into it and try to connect with it either through inner vision, or perhaps you hear a buzzing coming from it, and you can connect with that; or just feel your aura mingling with it.
  13. When you feel connected, raise your arms forming a V overhead, and call down the Moon.  Using your breath, inhale the Moon to your Third Eye and let it make an opening.  Feel your forehead becoming soft and malleable and inhale the Moon to the center of it.  You can lower your hands once the Moon has locked into place.  You can gently roll your eyes together and upward so that you are gazing at the Moon behind your closed eyelids.
  14. With your eyes on the Moon drop your awareness into your heart center and continue to take slow deep breaths.  Listen to the murmurings of your heart.  Mingle the New Moon’s wisdom with that of your heart and allow yourself to receive any messages that might be coming.  See if you have any feelings that want to be expressed.   If you are feeling fearful, fatigued or if you have monkey mind, then ask for help from the angels and most importantly, accept the help that will come instantly.  If you are experiencing joy, then rejoice!  Sit with however you are feeling in this for at least 10 minutes.
  15. When you feel ready, come out of your meditation/visualization and pull out your journal. Write down any message or vision that you saw in your mind. Let yourself feel any excitement or creativity that is rising. If you can feel or sense a strategy or a plan of how to work with your message or vision, you can write that down, too. If not, don’t worry. That can come later.  If you feel any resistance to your message or vision or you doubt yourself, then do Shadow Work. If you don’t know what Shadow Work is, don’t worry about it. Just write down your doubts and ask your Spirit Guides to help you heal. That’s good enough.
  16. Now it’s time to have a talk with our Spirit Guide, Pleasure. Open your mouth and talk out loud to it.  Imagine it as a fairy godparent that is here to initiate you into your Divinity.  Tell it your fears and worries, your hopes and desires. Be honest, but solutions-oriented.   Talk to Pleasure with respect, but don’t hide.  Ask for help to move beyond your fears.  This is also an excellent time to really talk about what your heart desires.  Talk, sit, and listen and when you feel inspired, write in your journal.  Say, “Yes,” to this wisdom and invite it to expand through you. Enjoy it. Do this for at least 5-10 minutes.
  17. Say, “Thank you,” for all the love that has been bestowed upon you. Know that these words are appreciative, not grateful. What is the difference, you might wonder? Appreciation puts you on the same level of abundance. It is a mirror reflection of abundance. Gratitude is the feeling of having not had something and then getting it. It is about lacking something and then coming into having it. Appreciation is an acknowledgement that you were never lacking. It is a knowing that you have always been a child of God/Goddess—even when you have forgotten.
  18. Say, “Thank You,” and, “Goodnight” to Mother Moon whom you have brought into your Third Eye.  Leave her there in your Intuition Center, which is where she belongs.  If you want, you can do a little bow with your hands in the prayer position at your heart.
  19. You ritual is complete.  Thanks for lending your energy to the healing of human kind. 

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