Apollo and Me: Man About Town

My sweet dog loves riding the bus. Everywhere he goes, people say his name. Last week on the bus, literally ten people were petting him and cooing his name.  He’s a Sagittarius.  Who doesn’t love coooing and petting a Sagittarius?

Apollo has a habit of walking over to random people and just sitting next to them. They always reach down and rub him tenderly.

My boy is quite the man about town.

We walk down the road and people shout, “Apollo” from their cars. They wave and smile and I feel so proud to be his keeper.

I have been truly blessed by the little Greek Hound that I found in Mount Pelion and who is now my beloved forever companion.  By the way, did you know that Artemis has been my patron Spirit Guide for years?  I didn’t know much about her until just recently, though.  And guess what I learned… She is the twin sister to Apollo!  Ha!  I thought I named Apollo because of his love of sunshine.  I didn’t know that the Goddess was working through me to perpetuate a great Unconditional Love.  Apollo and Artemis were allies.  Artemis was born first and actually took on the role of midwife and helped her mother, Leto, give birth to Apollo.  Both of the gods were supreme hunters and I think it’s funny that when Apollo runs off, it’s ALWAYS because his hunting instinct kicks in.  He isn’t being disrespectful– he’s just answering his calling.  And I guess that I, too, am answering the call to live my life from my open heart and my strong intuition.


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