Money Magic: Do You Deserve Money?

Do you deserve money?

I’m expanding into my Higher Self and my awakening today is that I don’t deserve money.  I Am Money.  For Badass Butterfly’s Moonlight Book Club, we’re reading Jen Sincero’s You Are a Badass at Making Money, which I am LOVING. Well, loving except for one little issue.  One of the exercises in the book asks us to make a list of the reasons why we ‘deserve’ money.  Immediately, my mind shot me a summary of my early work life where I was paid minimum wage and worked 60 hours a week.  The employers of that minimum wage job thought that I deserved minimum wage even though they were reaping the benefits of my grace, youth, creativity, magnetism and all the other reasons why people flocked in the doors asking for me by name, writing me notes of thanks for my great service and wondering why I was working there.  If I got what I ‘deserved,’ I would have been a millionaire at the age of 15.  So I ask you to consider:  Do you deserve money?
To me the concept of ‘deserving’ is untrustworthy because it is subjective and has failed me horribly in the past.  I felt myself bristle as I heard the first You Are a Badass at Making Money exercise described on Audible and I felt like I had been knocked in the stomach when I read it for myself on iBooks.  These were two instinctive responses that was originating deep in my subconscious mind.   This means something big and important was arising in my psyche and I needed to pay attention.  I had to pause and meditate to understand why I felt disgust at the idea of ‘deserving’ money.  The idea of ‘deserving’ in my mind, means that I must have done something to have earned something else. It means that someone is going to stand in judgment of me and decide whether I deserved something or not… and how much I should get for my efforts.  How much do I deserve?  Market value?  Over market value?  Jen Sincero is asking me to stand in judgment of me, but she didn’t justify which me should make such a decision… egoic me or Higher Self Me.  On any level, to make a list of why I deserve money means that I am making a list to justify my existence.  No human being needs to justify their existence and besides, I gave up judging myself ages ago.  Nope.  Not doing it.  I encourage you, too, to let go the idea that you deserve money.
I reframed the exercise, omitting the word ‘deserve’ and I did the exercise based on what felt true and correct for my understanding of God and Unconditional Love.  Instead of responding to the directive, “Make a list of all the reasons why you deserve money,” instead I changed it to, “Make a list of how you know that it is natural for unlimited money to flow to you.”  Now, we’re talking.  This feels right and powerful.  To me, this made it very clear that I need to put my money where my mouth is and dig deep to get my understanding of money and abundance.  Here is my answer:

Make a list of how you know that it is natural for unlimited money to flow to you. (Ha!  Not how you ‘deserve’ money!)

  1. God is unlimited, unwavering and unconditional. God is expressing itself through me at all times. It is simply up to me to realize this and take action on it.
  2. The nature of God is lavish, unfailing abundance. Therefore my nature is lavish, unfailing abundance.
  3. Money is an expression of God and is lavish and unfailing. Money is in abundance.
  4. It’s natural, as a being of God, that money flows to me easily and effortlessly because God is lavish, unfailing abundance.
  5. As a natural extension of God, I have been endowed with the Creator’s abilities. I can therefore manifest as the Creator. God has chosen to come down to Earth as me. I am not an accident. I belong here living this life. Therefore, it is natural for me to be live God through my mind and my body. God is lavish, unfailing abundance.
  6. As the Divine what I desire becomes manifest in the world if I would lead from my Higher Self and release the chains of my ego. My Higher Self if fully aligned with the lavish, unfailing abundance of God.
  7. I know that I am working with my Soul’s purpose. I know that my Higher Self is present and as I surrender my ego’s will and give control of my life to my Higher Self, I am fully aligned with infinite money.
  8. Infinite money is just natural. It’s not about deserving. I don’t have to prove anything. I don’t even have to do anything. I don’t have to earn anything. I just have to be a vibrational match to infinite money. Period.
  9. My heart is the attractive force in my body. The more free I am of limitation in my mind, the more free my heart is to call in all that I desire.
  10. I am releasing my ego’s limiting beliefs around my powerlessness and therefore, I am awakening to a new understanding of myself and my relationship with world–including with money.

What I realized as I made my list was powerful.  First of all, I realized that I actually believe what I wrote.  That feels waaaaay more real to me than “I deserve money because…”  Secondly, I realized that I have more work to do around awakening to the God Within. But not just around the area of money.   I’ve gotta start accepting that I Am that I Am in other areas of my life such as relationships and my Life Purpose.  It’s time for me to start thinking bigger and treating myself like I’m the Badass Butterfly that I AM.  I am READY.  How about you, Ducky?

By the way, you can join me in Badass Butterfly’s Moonlight Book Club and on my Emotional Wellness & Spiritual Empowerment Facebook Group.  Together, we work on freeing ourselves from the caterpillar mind and awakening to our Badass Butterfly selves.


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  1. Michelle
    October 25, 2022 / 11:43 pm

    I had the exact issue as you (which is how I landed on this page). I appreciate the steps and how you modified the question to bring out answers that rocked with you best.

    I however was still stuck because although I wanted to shy away from the word “deserve” I wanted to still fulfill the assignment in the spirit of what she was asking. Instead, I listed The Reasons I Am Not Surprised When Money Easily Comes to Me”.

    Thank you for giving me the idea of modifying the question.

  2. Marsha
    February 6, 2023 / 1:41 pm

    I was stuck too. Deserve is a tough word.
    I appreciate you taking the time to write and share your thoughts! Thank you for being open and honest! I am grateful I landed on your beautiful page.

  3. Holly S.
    April 2, 2023 / 7:54 am

    I had the same reaction to that question! You guessed it – that’s how I ended up here. Lol. Instead of changing the question I just wrote: I exist and I am worthy. I agree that I don’t have to do or be anything but open to receive. Thanks for you’re authenticity and inspiration.

Here I am! Eccomi qui!

Florence, Italy


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