Parisians and their Baguettes

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Geez! I was feeling glum being inside all day working, and so I went outside for a little stroll. Two hours later, I’m rolling back home feeling refreshed, renewed and invigorated.

I love Paris so much. There’s something about being in a city where everyone stops off at the local boulangerie to pick up a baguette to accompany dinner. You see baguettes flung across baby strollers, carried in gloved hands, and even sticking out of backpacks. The baguettes here are light, with a crispy outside and moelleux (soft and cushiony) inside.

As I said, I was feeling a bit kooky after being cooped up in the apartment all day trying to get work done, and getting out did me a world of good. It is a real pleasure to lèche les vitrines (window shop) here. That phrase ‘lèche les vitrines‘ literally means to lick the display windows. It’s a vulgar phrase, but it’s pretty accurate because window dressing is a real art form here. Displaying everything from cans of paint to clothing to food to anything is done with a sense of elegance, beauty, and style. It makes it damn near impossible to keep your money in your wallet!

I had been jonesing for some tea this morning and hadn’t purchased any, so when I turned down rue Raymond Losserand, I couldn’t resist going into the lovely Palais des Thés to see what was new in tisanes (herbal infusions.) Oh mon dieux! I’ll tell you what was new! Gorgeous teas with pear, peach, apple and cinnamon, and a delicious tropical fruit blend tea. Can I say wiaou?!! Wiaou! So yummy! The French even do tea well. Exquisite blends. I got a couple and then realized that I had spent quite a bit of time in the Palais and now needed to get home in time for my client…

… but not before I grabbed a couple of roasted chicken legs from the traiteur, and of course, a baguette.

La vie est belle.


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