Consistently Choosing the Higher Self

Beloved Friends, I just had another powerful awakening. I was sitting with my Higher Self, simply appreciating all that is. My Spirit Guides asked me what I wanted for myself and very quickly, my egoic mind rose up and showed me it’s usual laundry list of things: romance, good health, wealth and power. Normally, those things occupy my mind and fill my consciousness with stories and questions and doubts and worries.
This is a normal process, but it is not one into which we must give. We do not have to let egoic impulses dominate the space of our awareness.
So what I did was snatch back my consciousness and I said, “Higher Self, I am You. I am Me,” and I repeated this about five times until I could feel myself snap back to my Self.
I said to my Spirit Guides, “All I need is consistency. All I need is the constant awareness of the Truth of who I AM.” In that moment, I saw all the lovely men in my life, not as potential partners, but as beams of light that were serving my Highest Good. I saw all my friends and family as beams of light offering me Unconditional Love. I was radiating Unconditional Love and so were they.
I repeated in my mind, “Consistency… consistency…”
I drew a Tarot Card, this time from my Druidcraft Tarot and I received The Star. Here is an excerpt from the message:
“The image is one of completeness, of wholeness and of healing. The waters flow with no interruption or blockage, and the card urges you to do nothing but be– to bask in the contentment of knowing that you are connected to the Goddess, to the Divine that flows through all existence… Here we see Strength at a higher, deeper octave: the strength is of connection with the Source of Life, and it unites us with our intuition in the deepest way… we are connected to our own inner compass, opening us to the guidance of our Divine Center…’here the gentle passion of Strength reaches its fullest expression.”
Ultimately, the card means that I am developing a calm, clear confidence in the future. It indicates positive self-esteem, well-being and vitality.
Over the next few days, remember that the Source of Life inside you is responsible for the world outside of you. It wants to draw to itself all things that are its vibrational match. Move your egoic self out of the way so that you can see all the love and light that surround you. Your ego and your personality, even your astrological make-up and your ancestry are masks that can prevent you from seeing your light if you get caught up in them! Spirit urges us to dive deep into the well of the Self consistently and drink deeply. When we resurface into the material world, we can don our masks again. No problem! That’s the joy of being human, of being individualized us! But we gotta stop believing the mask is our reality. Our reality is the light within. The mask is an opportunity to experience life on Earth. Personally, I’m learning to unite the two– to always remember Me while enjoying life as Crystal Lynn Bell.
Namaste, Friends. <3

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