My Eiffel Tower

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I got up to go run my three miles this morning. It was dark and cool, but a strange wind was blowing. I put on my Beats and headed down the street. I was trucking along and saw the darkened Eiffel Tower peaking over the rooftops and I decided to head off in her direction.

The streets were awaking with bakers baking and the sweepers sweeping. Parisians are surprisingly friendly in the dark morning hours, so there were lots of smiles as I trotted past with Ice Cube and Chaka Khan marking my cadence. I got to the base of the Eiffel Tower and found her splendid. This was the closest that I had been to her since I arrived two weeks ago. I had been admiring her from afar and offering her kisses and accolades from the well of my heart, but I hadn’t taken the time to give her a proper visit. When I saw her this morning, my heart sang. It was the meeting of old friends who have been apart, but whose bonds had never broken.

  • Elle est belle.

I ran up to Trocadéro on impulse (never mind that my 3 mile run has turned into 4 already) and admired my beautiful friend from a higher perspective. Father Sun was rising and was kissing the sky with color, warmth and the expectation of a magnificent day. Paris is unusually warm right now. I am taking this excellent weather as a mirror of the sunshiney warmth that I feel inside since my awakening to Unity and Trust. Paris is a result of that Unity and Trust. This journey of the heart began in Long Beach, California and took me to Spain, Cambodia and Paris. My heart began blossoming in Long Beach where I have many, many adorable friends, and it lead me around the world. Each step was an awakening to trust, each inhalation was a deepening of trust, and each exhalation was an expression of my Soul’s vision.

I said YES to the Universe. And the Universe, because it is a mirror, said YES back to me.

Friends, I share my journey here with you in integrity. I have shared my journey since the beginning. You have witnessed me in my deepest, darkest shadow. You have seen me angry, bitter, arrogant and broken. You have stayed with me through my processes. You have watched me transform. Well, some of you have. Some of you shared that you couldn’t take the darkness, that you didn’t like what I was showing. I respected that but I didn’t stop sharing because I knew that there were many sisters and brothers that needed someone to attest to their own shadow, their own despair. My messages right now are more filled with Light right now, because I processed all that Shadow in integrity, with authenticity… and with faith.

The road to ‘en-LIGHT-enment’ is paved with ups and downs, darkness and light. We are full spectrum beings and that is our privilege. It is an honor to be multi-faceted like a diamond. I want to encourage you to walk your path with integrity and when the going gets tough, reach out to someone who can love you unconditionally. Sometimes, it’s gonna be a stranger, and sometimes it’s gonna be a glass of wine. But do what you have to do stick to the path. And for goodness’ sake, do your Shadow Work.

So I enjoyed my run this morning and I ended up doing six miles instead of three, which means that I’ve now shown myself that I can fucking run six miles. Life is just beginning. It’s a new day every day. And in the words of Ice Cube, “Life ain’t a track meet, it’s a marathon.”

Big hugs from La Tour Eiffel et moi!


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