You Were Made to Be a Coach

Welcome to the path of becoming a Certified Spiritual Life Coach! You have arrived here because your Soul is calling you to embark on a journey that is meaningful, purposeful, and deeply transformative.

But in order to fully embrace your calling, you have to understand first that your Soul is older than the life you are living now, and your Divine Calling to become a Certified Spiritual Life Coach is real.

Your Soul may have lived many lives before this one, and this calling is a continuation of your legacy as a helper, healer, and guide. You have been through a lot in your life, and you have gained invaluable wisdom that can help others navigate their own journeys.

The deep urge you have to share your hard-earned wisdom is real. And the things that you have gone through to gain this wisdom cost you a lot— not just in this lifetime… but from all the previous lives you’ve lived. You’ve experienced pain and loss, and you sacrificed so much to become who you are today. And you’ve also done a LOT of good in your past, which is why your Soul is ringing with the desire to be of service now.

This is not your first time being a helper, Babes! If you do a past life regression, you would probably find that you have been a priestess or even a High Priestess before.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this Divine Calling is whimsical and new. It’s not. So don’t shy away from the challenge to become a Certified Spiritual Life Coach that helps people heal and transform their lives. You were made for this.

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