Step Into Something Bigger

Accepting your Divine Calling to become a spiritual life coach requires you to step into something bigger than you currently are. 👣💫

Sure, you’re a mom, a wife, a daughter, a team member, a member of the community. These roles are all beautiful, making life worth living… and you serve an important purpose in the part you play.

However, there is a sense of normalcy to these roles. They’re being played by people every day and there is a socially acceptable aspect to them. We expect to see and hear about these roles from you and other women. 🤷‍♀️

But becoming a spiritual life coach is unexpected and definitely out of the realm of ‘normal’ for many people you will encounter. In fact, when you tell people that you are studying to become a spiritual life coach they will likely look at you with confusion.

The term ‘life coach,’ although common enough as a phrase, is likely not expected from you– not because you’re inconceivable as a coach, but more likely because you are associated with those other roles you play (ie mom, wife, team member, et cetera.) It’s hard for other people to see you beyond the role (or box) they’ve put you in. 📦

If you make the phrase ‘spiritual’ life coach, you really throw people off because you’ve added a whole level of mystery to what was already outside the box for you. People get uncomfortable when you step outside the norm, and that might make you feel embarrassed or ashamed. It can be difficult to have eyes on you and you might be feeling vulnerable and exposed around this private soul-passion you are pursuing.

In the depth of your being, in your Soul, you are being called to step into something bigger than the other roles you have played in your past.

Am I saying that becoming a spiritual life coach is bigger than motherhood? No. Not bigger. But definitely less inherent. There is a reason that building your business is likened to having a baby. “My business is my baby” has a ring of truth for any person (male or female) who has sweated through the tiniest details of creating all the pieces that must come together in order to give birth to their business vision. 👀

And the thing that makes your decision to become a spiritual life coach so ballsy is that a baby is birthed through you while your business is birthed by you.

When you are pregnant, nature got you there. Sure, you did the coital act, but you didn’t bring the sperm and egg together. And you certainly didn’t divide the cells that form the heart, brain, et cetera. Nature did that. Your baby was brought through you.

And babies can happen by accident. Rarely do businesses happen by accident (although occasionally, a person’s passionate hobby can turn into a business!)

All businesses, accidental or otherwise, demand that YOU be the creator, acting as both egg and sperm, and doing the work that I so cavalierly called ‘Nature.’ It is you that must envision and build every single detail of your business. Sure, you can have a team of people helping you. But as the creator, you are the one ultimately responsible for it all.

This is what I mean when I say, “You are being called to something bigger.”

It is your hand at work here. It is through your spiritual life coaching business that you can see how God endowed you with the gift to create. And this is why I call it your DIVINE Coaching Business. By saying, “Yes,” to your Soul’s Divine Calling, you are taking responsibility of your Divine Gifts.

But how do you take the highest action on this Divine Calling from your Soul? How do you get started as a spiritual life coach and do it in a way that honors your Soul’s Calling to step into something bigger?

You get certified.

Becoming certified as a spiritual life coach means that you will focus your energy, heart, and brainpower on completing an expansive curriculum of spirituality, coaching, and business-building.

Certification will educate and train you so that you are qualified to fulfill the role of Certified Spiritual Life Coach and certification will walk you through the step-by-step process of building your business.

There are many different types of certification programs out there, and it can be challenging to find the one that satisfies your Soul’s need for expansion, and your material need for excellent business training. The right certification program will provide you with both.

A great certification and mentorship program like my Spiritual Life Coach Certification for Badass Butterflies is specifically designed to help you:

  1. Identify your natural spiritual gifts and put them to work through your coaching and healing sessions,
  2. Discover, develop, and articulate your spiritual philosophy. (Your spiritual philosophy is the deep and meaningful inspirational message you want to share with the world through your social media posts, videos, blogs, and even the books you publish. This is super important for Certified Spiritual Life Coaches because your thoughts and what you value are significant for your audience! Part of your job is to capture your spiritual philosophy and communicate it to us clearly. A great certification program will teach you how to do that,)
  3. Turn the hard-earned wisdom you gained through tough life lessons into a transformational healing program. You worked hard to learn your lessons, a great certification program will help you turn your lessons into outstanding programs that will help other people, and
  4. Build your Divine Coaching Business as a REAL business so that you can be found, seen, heard, and people can receive your offerings… which means that you can earn income and support yourself, your family, and your dreams.

Through the certification process, becoming a spiritual life coach with a thriving business is structured, logical, and doable. Certification will help you step into this bigger thing your Soul is calling you to!

With a great certification program, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never coached people or run your own business before because, with proper training, mentorship, and support, you can learn how to coach and build your own Divine Coaching Business.

If you want to get started as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach with a good business foundation, and my approach makes sense to you, then send me a DM and we can chat about how you can work with me in my certification program. Through the chat, I’ll ask you some questions about your coaching business vision and together we’ll see if you’re a good fit for my program.

And if you’re ready to enroll, then just book yourself in to talk to me about my certification program:

From there we can start you on the road to building, launching, and manifesting your Divine Coaching Business now!

How cool will you be one year from now?? Coaching and running your Divine Coaching Business like a Badass Butterfly! 🦋


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