4 Pain-Free Steps to Discover Your Spiritual Philosophy

What’s your spiritual philosophy? I know you have one! ❓✨

Discovering your spiritual philosophy can be an incredibly transformative process. It can help you clarify your beliefs, values, and purpose in life, and provide you with the guidance and inspiration you need to keep moving forward on your journey of personal growth and healing. Let’s explore the 4 Pain-free Steps that can help you discover your spiritual philosophy.

  1. Document your personal healing journey as if you were writing a memoir. This is only for research purposes (even if you decide to publish it later), so don’t worry about making it fancy or grammatically perfect. 📝📚
  2. Review the steps on your journey that moved you towards personal transformation. What inspired you to make those decisions? What books, blogs, YouTube channels, or mentors pointed you in the direction that you decided to take? Write down a list of references and be specific! 🔍🧘‍♀️
  3. Revisit the ideologies that inform your inspirational guides and write down how they play a role in your present life. 📅🙏
  4. Write down the daily, weekly, and monthly rituals that you continue to use on your healing journey, especially the practices you recommend to other people. Write down why you believe they work for you. ✍️🔮

As a Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach, it’s essential to understand that you are more than just a healer and teacher. You are a hierophant or an interpreter of sacred mysteries and arcane principles. Your role is to help your clients understand and navigate the spiritual aspects of their lives and to help them develop their own spiritual philosophies. To do this effectively, you must be deeply rooted in spiritual doctrine and practice what you preach. 💫🤝

Fortunately, you don’t need to give up your secular life to become a Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach. Instead, focus on integrating your spiritual philosophy with your everyday life. By living your beliefs and values, you become a powerful messenger for your spiritual philosophy, and people will be able to see the results of your practices firsthand.

You have probably noticed that quite a bit of writing is involved when you’re discovering how to put your belief system into words. By privately documenting your progress as you find a way to succinctly describe your spiritual philosophy, can relax into discovering your philosophy without having to waste energy on grammar and spelling… but when you get ready to share your philosophy, you will want to get those things right.

Discovering your spiritual philosophy is an ongoing process that requires reflection, introspection, and practice. By documenting your personal healing journey, reviewing your sources of inspiration, writing down your rituals, and practicing articulating your beliefs, you can develop a deeper understanding of your spiritual philosophy and share it with others.

As a Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach, your role is to help your clients develop their personal spiritual philosophies and navigate their own paths toward personal transformation. 🧭📈

I want to know your spiritual philosophy and I want to help you bring it to the world through your coaching. If you are ready to say, “YES,” to your Divine Calling and you have decided to take action to make it real in the world, then I would LOVE to be your partner in this endeavor, Precious!

Send me a DM and let’s chat about how we can unite to make your coaching (and business ownership) dream a reality. During our chat, I’ll ask you some questions about your coaching business vision and I’ll be listening to Spirit to hear the best way to guide you on this journey. If we feel great about the plan that’s coming from the heavens, I’ll present you the enrollment terms and we can get you started right away.

I also invite you to join my League of Badass Butterflies Facebook group  (https://www.facebook.com/groups/leagueofbadassbutterflies.) This is a learning community for new and aspiring spiritual life coaches who want to develop their mindset as they develop their Divine Coaching Business. 🦋🌟


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