New Moon in Aries March 27, 2017

This morning the Moon waned into emptiness at 2:57 GMT in the sign of Aries. The Moon, whether new and empty or full is always feminine, receptive, intuitive and mysterious. The Moon represents the ever changing phases of our being. She rules the tides of the oceans and the waters of our bodies. The Moon and Sun are both our ever present, ever watchful guides in our day-to-day existence. The Sun, of course, brings illumination and clarity. He highlights things that we can see with our eyes and helps us to be aware of that which is front and center. The Sun is masculine and he, like this New Moon, is in the astrological sign of Aries. Aries is a masculine sign and it is the first sign of the zodiac. Many astrologers consider Aries to be the baby of the zodiac, the youngest sign. And why not draw that conclusion? Aries is energetic, youthful, exuberant, glamorous, enthusiastic and egocentric. Now, don’t go getting your panties in a bunch! I did not say that Arians are ego-maniacs, but that they are egocentric, meaning, being oriented by the ego. Aries is ruled by Mars and Mars is the ego. Mars’ first astrological child is Aries and this sign is all about knowing its own perspective assuredly.

So what happens when the softness of the emotional, mysterious moon passes through the home of the youthful egocentric warrior Aries? Awakenings. All. Around.

This image of Jennifer Garner came from Arena magazine. Jennifer was born on April 17, 1972.

Now, this is important for people of all signs—not just Aries. The movement of the sun and the moon through the signs are essential to knowing what is going on with your own being at the most subtle and spiritual level. When the sun is in Aries, we are all a little more awakened, a little more visionary and a little more optimistic. We are all a little more Arian. When the new moon passes through Aries, we have the opportunity to fill the empty feminine vessel with the Arian penetrating optimism and vision. Now is the time for visioning what you want and filling yourself up with the positive affirmations of its manifestation in word and deed. Aries has the masculine qualities of vision, leadership, and the energy to get it done. The moon is receptive—she is listening, intuiting, and gathering the energy of the vision in her womb. There it gets nurtured and nourished while it grows and develops like a baby. The new moon in Aries is the most powerful co-creation time of the year!

The sun in Aries wants you to think about what you want. Aries makes you want to have it. It makes you want to lead. It makes you able to raise the army, train the troops, bring the discipline and push you forward toward your goal. The moon is saying, “Yes,” and she is listening to instructions, aligning the vision, providing the nourishment for the troops, firing up your internal guidance system and holding it in her loving arms for growth, nurturing and development.

And again, these aspects are not just for Aries people… they are working on EVERYBODY.

It is said that during the new moon, we should think about to what we want to give birth in a year. What we focus on today is what will be manifested in 365 days. So what do you want next March 2018? Where do you want to live? What job do you want? How do you want to look? How do you want to feel? That is what you are to focus on today and for the next two weeks.

Here’s a super-simple ritual for you to use to harness the energy of this new moon…

Today is Monday… it’s Moon Day. Do ya get it? It’s the best day to have a new moon ritual, so this makes it even more auspicious. To top it all off, it’s a 22 day. 22 is a powerful master number. To top off THAT, in Vedic astrology, the moon rules the number two. BOOYAH. Do this ritual today. Don’t put it off.

  1. Set the mood. Turn off your computer and phone. Put on some uplifting music that invokes good feelings in you. Make it positive and inspiring.
  2. Light some incense or put some essential oils in some water in a burner. Get yourself a pretty glass and fill it water. Hold the glass in your hands and say a prayer of trust, love and optimism. Bring the water to your ritual space and sip on it as you do your ritual.
  3. Get a white candle, but before you light it, say a word of thanks and bless the light that will come forth. Light the candle.
  4. Journal and pen (or laptop or tablet or phone… whatever you’re gonna use to write. It could be a napkin and a crayon. Use what you got.) Put this near you because you’re going to need it in a few minutes.
  5. Get comfortable. You can sit at a desk or on the floor or on your bed. Just get into a position where you can hangout and focus on what’s really important to you.
  6. Take a few deep breaths and tune into your heart. Allow yourself to release any tension you may be holding. Put your dominant hand over your heart and see if you can notice the beat or feel heat radiating from your chest. Feel your body and settle into peaceful contemplation.
  7. Let your mind move into the heavens and envision the moon. When the moon is new, it is a sliver in the sky. Imagine this and remember that she is your empty vessel waiting to be filled with your dreams and ambitions. Use your breath to help you call the moon down into your heart. Inhale the love of the Goddess and exhale the manifestation of her in your world. Inhale. Exhale. Do this several times until you feel connected.
  8. Now is the time to dream about what you desire. Say, “Yes,” to it in your mind. Do you see a beautiful home in your vision? Say, “Yes.” Do you see a gorgeous home? Say, “Yes.” Do you see a new job, a new car, or a loving community of friends? Say, “Yes.” Whatever your heart sends to you, you say, “Yes,” to it. Spend 5 to 10 minutes with this. If you notice that you have trouble believing you can have what you want, then do Shadow Work.
  9. Write down what your heart said. Let yourself get excited and creative. If you can feel or sense the strategy of how to achieve it, you can write that down, too. If not, don’t worry. That can come later.
  10. Shadow Work. If you feel any resistance to your heart, or you felt like you couldn’t hear your heart, or you doubt your heart or yourself, then do Shadow Work. If you don’t know what Shadow Work is, don’t worry about it. Just write down your doubts and ask your spirit guides to help you heal. That’s good enough.
  11. Now it’s time to have a talk with God/Goddess. Open your mouth and tell Source how happy you are about your vision and dreams and how excited you are to know what you want. Share your ideas and your desires with Source. Talk to It with respect, but be honest. You can share your fears, as well. Ask for help to move beyond your fears.
  12. Shh… now just listen. Listen to the wisdom that comes from deep within you. Say, “Yes,” to this wisdom and invite it to expand through you. Enjoy it. Sit for at least 10 minutes.
  13. Say, “Thank you,” for all the love that has been bestowed upon you. Know that these words are appreciative, not grateful. What is the difference, you might wonder? Appreciation puts you on the same level of abundance. It is a mirror reflection of abundance. Gratitude is the feeling of having not had something and then getting it. It is about lacking something and then coming into having it. Appreciation is an acknowledgement that you were never lacking. It is a knowing that you have always been a child of God/Goddess—even when you have forgotten.

I took a card from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Oracle for this new moon in Aries aspect and I got the Goddess Isolt. The message is to pay attention to relationship—family, romantic, friendships. So be sure to include these in your visions and prayers during your ritual.

I hope that you enjoy this process of connecting with the moon and Source. I will be back in two weeks for the Full Moon on April 11th.

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