New Moon in Gemini June 13, 2018: What is Your Soul’s Agenda, Badass Butterfly?

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Keywords for New Moon in Gemini:
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I was doing my research for this New Moon in Gemini and on a whim, I thought I’d look at the report I wrote for last year’s phase.  I was pleasantly reminded that in that report I was talking about making my farmhouse retreat in Italy sustainable.  It was a bit shocking because I had forgotten that I had actually explored this.  When I wrote that article last year, I had planned to move to Italy in about five years.  Little did I know that my Soul’s agenda would guide me to the big move this year!  Remember, friend, that as the New Moon progresses from sign you are offered your heart’s desire.  When you make a choice about what you want and you say, “Yes,” to it at the New Moon, the Universe flows into action.  When the Full Moon rises six months later in that same sign, your system brings up your Shadow around that original desire.  During that Full Moon, you are to deal with the Shadow and do your healing so that in the following three to four months, your dream is ready to be birthed.

Last year in May, I was excited about Italy and I said, “Yes,” to it (albeit I thought it would be five to 10 years down the road.)  Well, interestingly, in March of this year (that’s three months after the Full Moon in Gemini of December 2017,) I sat up in bed with a distinct knowing in my heart that I simply had to choose Italy NOW.  Not five years from now.  NOW.

I am a woman who follows her intuitive guidance and I leap without thinking.  I totally trust the Universe when it comes to my intuition and I am willing to risk everything because I have utter faith in God and my ability to work with Spirit’s messages.

When I got the impulse in March,  I quickly sent an email to my current landlord and told her that I would be vacating my apartment in August.  I didn’t know what I was going to be doing, where I was going to live or how long I would stay.  I just knew that I was going.  And here I am packing boxes, ordering long term visas, making travel arrangements for Apollo and me, and learning Italian.

The point of this story, friend, is that this Moon phase work is fo’ realz.  We all have to ability to manifest powerful realities for ourselves.  If you follow the phases and do the work, the Universe will provide you everything you need to make your dreams real… but YOU MUST DO THE WORK.

So here we are again with the New Moon in Gemini.  What will you choose?

Download the June 2018 Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly Report

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and it occupies the third house in the zodiac.  This third house rules the mind and thought processes.  Mercury is known as a Messenger God and it’s kind of fun to explore the idea of the brain as communication center through which messages come and go.  With the Sun and New Moon in Gemini, communications of all kinds are being highlighted; so here in the third house you’ll find even technology and contracts under the influence of the cosmos.  Business and commerce are an exchange of goods and services for money.  Writing, speaking, and the presentation of ideas are an exchange between the author/speaker/presenter and the receiver.  So what does this mean for us Badass Butterflies?

How to benefit from the New Moon in Gemini

I tuned into the planet Mercury for this reading and I asked him specifically what he would like for us to integrate for this Sun and Moon phase in Gemini.  Mercury is a very elegant planet.  He is small, sturdy and confident in his being.  He wants to share that sturdy comportment and help us understand that even though we are tiny beings on a vast planet in our ever-expanding Universe, we are quite mighty and should treat ourselves with dignity and grace.  The energy of Mercury is very REFINED.  There is a lot of care and attention to details that goes into his work; and mercurial people reflect this.  Virgo and Gemini are mercurial because they are both ruled by Mercury.  If you have any planets in Virgo or Gemini, you may have some of the mercurial qualities.  If you need your Astrological Blueprint, I can make one for you for just $20.  It’s 30 pages of  your Soul’s Agenda!!!  Regardless, the Sun and New Moon in Gemini transit is an opportunity for us all to move toward excellence in our words and deeds.  For those of you who are more big picture oriented, you might find this challenging because you may tend to bypass the finer details.  But we are all encouraged to stay the course of excellence.  I’ve written about this in my last few reports, and the message is coming through again here.  We must strive, not toward perfection, but toward excellence—where we give the best of ourselves with care, quality and attention to details.

Mercury is encouraging us to stay the course of excellence and refinement of our skill, our word and our action.  He says that even though it may seem like we are fighting an uphill battle, we should embrace our challenges with enthusiasm—even when it seems they are getting the best of us.  To help me understand very clearly Mercury’s message, I drew a Tarot card from the Shadowscapes Tarot.

As I pulled the card, a vision of my uncle Mark came to mind.  He died back in 1984 and it really broke my heart.  He was youngish (33 years old) when he died of colon cancer and very dear to me.  And (if you couldn’t guess) he was a Gemini.  I drew the Five of Wands card which shows a strong young man pushing his way through a stampede of foxes.  There is a sense of playful mayhem amongst the foxes on the card as they are chasing the rabbit—they seem to all be going in the direction of the goal.  But I noticed that the man, although dashing lithely, is going against the flow AND away from the target.  Yet, he is strong in his chest and quick on his feet (so Mercurial!)  And his face is turned upward, the tip of his staff aglow.   What’s he doing going away from the target?

Complicating his life?  Maybe.

Please interpret this card as you feel fit, but what I am intuiting the message that not all goals are meant to be achieved with ease and directness.  This card reminds me that the journey is more important than the result.  The young man on the card looks at ease in his aim.  The tip of his staff is glowing and that tells me something Divine is leading him.  In other words, his innards (his Soul, his gut instinct) are leading him in this direction.

I am very aware that my Soul has its own agenda.  In my Spiritual philosophy, the Soul is the keeper of your very own personal agenda while here on Earth.  I see the Higher Self as your true, pure, unadulterated GodSelf.  The Higher Self is connected to All, infinite and eternal.  The Soul, however, holds the agenda for the particular experience your Divine Higher Self wants you to have on Earth right now.   When you (the Higher Self) came down to Earth, you dressed yourself up in your Soul’s agenda—your family, your personality, your limitations, and a whole bunch of other stuff, including your karma.  In my philosophy, your Soul’s agenda is influencing EVERYTHING.  Your ego might say, “I want to get married and have a baby.”  But your Soul’s agenda is for you to walk the path of Single Sally until you’ve gotten what you need. As a result, men don’t notice you or you keep choosing men that are not marriage material.  Your earthly, egoic mind wants marriage, but it’s not happening!  Your Soul wants you to learn self-love, connection, and intimacy.

So, what are you to do?  Just accept that for the rest of your life you’ll never get married and have kids even though you want it BADLY?  Because that’s what your Soul wants?


For most of us, our job here as Divine Beings having a human experience is about letting go of resistance.  We are living in this world of contrast so that we can stop resisting it.  Resistance is the primary blockage to Unconditional Love… and if God is Unconditional Love (and that’s what most people tell me when I ask them) then your resistance is a blockage to God.

Resistance is one of the greatest causes of pain.  Have you ever stubbed your toe and then resisted the pain?  You jump around, holding your breath, scrunching up your face and tensing your body.  All that stuff you do is in resistance to the pain. But you have the option to not resist the pain.

Have you ever tried just sitting with that pain and letting it shake you?  There’s something interesting that happens when you simply pause and be present.  Oh, it hurts.  It hurts like hell.  But energetically, unconditionally sitting with pain transforms your body and your mind.  It unites them.  It empowers you with oneness.  Try it the next time you stub your toe, have a headache or menstrual cramps (especially menstrual cramps!) I do NOT recommend you try it at the dentist!  YIKES!  Hahahahaa!  But if you are THAT type of Badass, then go for it!  I am not.  But I haven’t taken pain meds of any kind since October of 2015.  I sit with my pain and have learned so much about my Soul’s agenda.  It’s profound and it has helped me surrender so much grief.

If you want to be married with children but it’s not happening, then you MUST check into your Soul’s agenda because there’s a disconnection somewhere.  The thing is, your Soul’s agenda is to be worked through and overcome.  If your Soul’s agenda is Single Sally, you have to stop resisting being Single Sally.  Your job is to embrace your life as it is and find Unconditional Love within Single Sallydom.  The thing is, once you stop resisting Single Sallydom truly, you’ve overcome Single Sallydom; and thus you are now free of Single Sallydom.  If in embracing your life as Single Sally, you find yourself feeling more at ease, less angry, more creative and more enthusiastic, then you are more connected and available.  You’ve now shifted, by Unconditional Love, to a vibration of connection.  Your vibe is now a match to Married Mary.  By releasing your resistance, you shifted your vibration naturally.

Your Soul is the keeper of the things you have to experience and learn, but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to repeat life over and over again!!  Remember in Groundhog Day how the Bill Murray character, Phil, kept repeating that same day over and over?  He kept having the same response to the events in his life and life kept delivering the same situation.  That’s the Soul at work—doing its job.  It’s not until you STOP RESISTING the Soul’s agenda that you see the other life that awaits you.  Phil was in that loop for ages until he finally gave up the fight and stopped resisting.  And what did he do once he stopped resisting?  His creativity began opening up and he became a virtuoso, a master and eventually, he found himself absolutely free to live his Highest Potential.  Once he learned all that he needed, he was free to become whatever he desired.

Ha!  But I’ve totally digressed.  Hey, if you want to learn more about my spiritual philosophy and how you can use my techniques to help you get empowered from the inside out, then book in a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing session with me.  My work is about helping people get in line with their Soul’s agenda AND expanding into the glory of their Higher Self.  This is not a quick fix approach to your problems, although you will probably start feeling better right away.  It always feels good to work with someone who knows what they’re doing.  My work is about helping you align with the highest aspect of your existence.  It’s about finding Unconditional Compassion and Unconditional Love for yourself.  When you do this, your vibration raises, and you become a magnet for happiness, creativity and trust… which will ultimately make you a MASTER MANIFESTOR.

Now let me get back to Mercury and how you can benefit from this awesome New Moon in Gemini.

Download the June 2018 Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly Report

Mercury wants us to EMBRACE the pain of change and transformation.

Our greatest opportunity with this Moon phase is to free our perspective from the grips of old emotional wounds and past internal trauma.  All obstacles are to be embraced as opportunities and all challenges are to be seen as life-affirming muscle building exercises that prepare us for the next stage of life.  If you read the Tarot report for this month, we drew the Death card and the message was that it is time for transformation.  What is complete and has served well must be released so that it can nourish the soil that will bring forth NEW LIFE.  We gotta let go of old habits and behaviors that shrink us, old relationships that no longer expand us, and old perspectives, beliefs and thought patterns that hold us locked in a prison of small vision.  We are Badass Butterflies and in order to truly strengthen our wings and take flight, we must let go of the comforts that are holding us back.  Look, I understand that it’s easier to be in a bad relationship with a dude who treats you “just okay” because it’s more comfortable than being alone.  I totally get that.  But it’s time for us to stop aiming for instant gratification.  We have to start casting our gaze toward the long-term reward and be present with the discomfort that comes with being taken out of our comfort zones.  This New Moon and Sun in Gemini are a good time to engage our brains in some life-affirming activities.

Thrive Your Mind.  So, Mercury, Gemini and the third house are about enterprise.  Enterprising energy is a beautiful, uplifted energy that loves taking on challenges and dives into new ventures with enthusiasm.  My advice is to use the enterprising spirit of this phase to thrive your person.  In what ways can you nourish your mind?  I’ve had an insatiable appetite for learning since the Sun entered Gemini on May 21st.  I’m working my way through Italian, reading an historical novel whose backdrop is Florence, Italy during the Renaissance, and listening to an audiobook on emotions and the brain.

This is a time for having fun.  It’s no coincidence that Gemini takes us from Spring into Summer.  Get out some games and arrange playtime with you and your friends.  Charades, Trivial Pursuit, The Game of Life and Scrabble are wonderful ways to bring folks together for brain-stimulating playdates… and of course, Chess is all about strategy.

Brain Your Business.  If you are a Badass Entrepreneurial Butterfly or a Badass Artistic Butterfly, it should be pretty clear that your focus should be on what you are bringing to the marketplace and how you’re bringing it.  Now is the time to really BRAIN your business model not just for the short term, but for the long haul.  Remember that you are here to thrive, not merely survive.  The New Moon and Sun in Gemini period is the perfect time to define a new higher level of success for your business and to claim it.  Remember that your keyword is “Yes.”  Even if you don’t know how to do something, say, “Yes,” and know that you are smart enough to figure it out with time.  It’s a great time to seek professional advice and to talk about what you want to create with others who love to share information.  The business world is a generous place and there is so much helpful information available for us all to access.  It’s up to us to take a generous helping of what is being offered.  Now is definitely the time to feed our minds.

The circumstances are RIPE if you have a business in your mind but haven’t taken action on it.  You don’t have to do much right now, just say, “Yes,” to whatever the Universe is sending you.  Remember that you don’t have to know how you’re going to get there.  You just have to be open to letting the Universe guide you.  You need to also remember to take inspired action.  The Universe will provide you the resources and training you need to thrive your business.  Keep in mind that my business began with zero clients, zero followers on Facebook, and zero readers to my blog.  Now I’ve served over a thousand people and my blog gets 10,000+ readers each month.  You gotta start somewhere, Precious.  Start NOW.

Now what about you Badass Butterflies who are neither entrepreneurial nor artistic?  How can you best use this New Moon in Gemini energy to thrive yourselves?

Choose Differently.  HEY!  You should also remember that your mind can be used to unlock your heart. This is a really good time to make a new agreement with yourself about letting your heart sing freely.  I follow my heart but use my mind as my heart’s tool.  In my mind, what my heart says goes.  I do whatever work I need to get my mind out of the way.  Don’t be afraid to make some new goals for your mind.  Get yourself disciplined; confront your bad habits; make some stronger choices for your perceptions.  Your choices begin in your mind.  Where do you need to make better choices?  Make it a goal to make better choices for yourself.  Stop making the decision to eat poorly.  Stop making the decision for relationships that no longer serve you.  Stop choosing low vibrational perspectives.  Stop choosing to see yourself as weak and at the mercy of external forces.  You are NOT.  If you need help getting yourself out of the rut of small-mindedness, then sign up for an Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session.  This is a complimentary session that I happily offer anyone who is ready to step into Butterfly Badassery.

Tune-up Your Body.  Since the theme of our work with this Moon phase is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, why not do something good for your body.  Start that eating program.  Do a Whole 30 challenge.  Do a Yoga challenge.  Personally, I have started running again.  I have never enjoyed running on the treadmill, but I have started here because of the convenience.  I started off running 5k and it took me over 30 minutes, but two weeks later it’s taking me only 25.  I’ve developed a very mercurial attitude where there is joy in what I am feeling.  When I am running, my leg muscles are pumping, my heart is working and sweat is pouring off my face and chest.  I stare at one point on the wall and I think thoughts of strength and competence.  When my mind tells me I should stop, I call on my Spirit Guides to help me focus on completion with excellence.  It works every time.  Eventually, my 5k time will get down to 21 minutes.  I know it will.  Although my attitude toward my run does not seem playful, there is a level of play about it.

Find Your Soulmate.  The Sun and New Moon in Gemini are highly intellectual and engaging.  There is plenty of good conversation to be had.  Remember that this period is about exchanges of energy and what better example of exchanging energy than romance!

I have a feeling it’s Soulmate Time, my friend. I was sitting down here contemplating the Sun and New Moon in Gemini and I had this rather pleasing awakening to a beautiful dance between these two powerful cosmological figures—the one masculine and the other feminine.   I saw the Sun sitting proudly in Gemini, beaming with joy as the Moon, graceful, lithe and mysterious danced around him.  This phenomenon happens every month as the Sun and New Moon transit the different signs of the Zodiac.  However, what sticks out for me today is the twin nature of Gemini.  One of my beloved clients is a twin and I had the pleasure of talking to her and her identical twin in one of my classes the other day.  It was so sweet to watch them together, playing and laughing.  They looked and sounded exactly alike.  It is the sweet intimacy of sharing the exact DNA codes that inspires me as I prepare this New Moon report.  Something is going on and our Spirit Guides are calling us toward connection.

We all know that Gemini is associated with the twins, Castor and Pollux from Greek mythology.  And it is interesting to note that Pollux is the brightest star in the constellation with a fiery orange hue and Castor is a touch dimmer with a cool blue-white tone.  I am finding this interesting because I associate the Sun with yellow and orange and the Moon with blue, white and silver.  Perhaps these subtleties are subconsciously stimulating my Twin Flame radar.  All of this is to say that maybe, just maybe, you should use the playful flirtiness of your mind to help your heart find it’s perfect match.

And that is that!  By the way, my friend, please remember that the Completion Process is a powerful healing technique for the Inner Child originated by spiritual teacher Teal Swan.  I was among the first to be certified in it and I have incorporated it to my coaching program.  If you feel like you want to experience this service, then book yourself in directly. If you have any questions about it, check it out on my website.  There’s also a video of Teal taking me through the process personally.

Alright, my beloved Badass Butterfly!  That’s it for now.  Remember to sign up for the Monthly New Moon Ritual and if you need help with this Full Moon, join me for Emotional Wellness Happy Hour!

With love,

Crystal Lynn 

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