Tarot Forecast for June 2018: Death of the Old Self

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When I began tuning in for the month of June, I reflected on the themes that have been emerging in my work with the Moon phases.  It seems that my guides are leading us down a path of magnificence.  This is all well and good, but are we truly ready to meet this call?  Are we prepared to do the work it takes to heal the wounds which will set us free?  And more than that.  Are we prepared to take on the responsibility of the magnificent Badass Butterfly? 

Being a Badass Butterfly is not just about having a pair of pretty wings and flitting about from rose to to daisy.  As Badass Butterflies, we have a responsibility to set high goals of excellence and do the work necessary to achieve them.  It is our inspiration to strive for big goals and dreams, but are we REALLY ready to invest the hard work, focus, dedication, commitment, and follow-through that goes along with creating works of excellence?  I’m sorry to say, Sisters and Brothers, that most of us are not.  Most of us are content to skip meditation and yoga.  We’re comfortable in dysfunction and would prefer to continue wallowing in the apathy formed by old trauma that taught us it’s better to be safe and small than big and vulnerable.  Binge eating, binge watching, excessive pot smoking and wine (and anything else that lets us numb out) are distracting us from the painful longing of wanting more out of life, as well as, helping us escape the painful feelings from past woundings.  I am keenly aware that this is happening in my community and so this is the question that I asked as I started tuning into the energies for June:  How can we truly align with our dreams and authentically (without faking it) be the Badass Butterfly– not just in word, but in mind, body and action?

The card I drew as DEATH.

The keywords for this card (as taken directly from the Druidcraft Tarot) are:  “Clearing away of the old—making way for the new”  “Precursor for transformation”  “Intense passion”  “Initiation”

So what does this mean for us?

In Tarot, the Death card rarely means physical death (thank Goddess!) but it is a seriously serious card that is screaming that it is time to let the old self die.  Friends, I am afraid they (my Spirit Guides) are talking about the caterpillar self.  Where are you still holding onto the old caterpillar mindset?  I am writing this while the Moon is still full in Sagittarius and it was during Sagittarius that my guides made it known that we must die to the old caterpillar ways in body and mind so that we can FULLY embody the spirit of the Badass Butterfly.  In December of 2017, they gave us a challenge and it resonated profoundly with so many of us!!!  BE THE BADASS BUTTERFLY… don’t just talk about it—BE IT.  Many of us jumped on that bandwagon and we have been trying to be more badass—pushing out of our comfort zone, thinking bigger, diving deeper to uncover our most dear dreams… But have we been doing the real work to help us heal the wounds so that we could set ourselves free from the old patterns of thinking and believing and behaving?  It’s not enough to go through the motions of creation, we have to fully embody the thing we claim we want to be.  We cannot fake it because the Universe isn’t rewarding you because you have nice thoughts, it’s simply mirroring back your level of magnificence.  If you are small in your thinking and believing disempowered thoughts, the Universe cannot give you big, magnificent, powerful rewards because you are not a vibrational match to them.

The month of June is going to be about getting REALLY clear about what you want and getting REALLY clear about what it means to truly be that person that owns that thing you want.  Once you know who that person is, then you have look at the person you are right now and recognize where you are falling short of filling the requirements.  The thing is, when you’re looking at how you are different than the truly Badass Butterfly, you must understand that you should not focus on superficial differences like age, race, gender, or financial status.  Badass Butterflies are determined by their drive, their commitment, their courage, their stamina and their grittiness.  Don’t look at what the Badas Butterfly has achieved, instead, look at their attitudes and their behaviors.  My Badass Butterfly heroes all have the following behaviors in common:

  1. They are curious about the world and actively seek answers.
  2. They are great learners and are passionate about what they are learning.
  3. They read books.
  4. They have some kind of daily practice that helps them be in touch with their Higher Mind, like meditation.
  5. They write every day.
  6. They are constantly directing their passion into great works—painting pictures, writing articles and books, making videos, and holding classes to express what is inside of them.
  7. They are always pushing into higher aspects of themselves. Their self-expression is constantly evolving.
  8. All my heroes started off small, but kept growing with each new project.
  9. They do what they say they are going to do.

My Badass Butterfly heroes all have the following character traits and make the following choices:

  1. Vision
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Tenacity
  4. Stick-to-it-iveness
  5. Courage
  6. Authority
  7. Audacity

As soon as you can, make a list of your Badass Butterfly heroes, then write down the empowering behaviors and character traits they have.  Then look at that list and recognize where you are falling short.  The next step is simple… start doing what your Badass Butterfly heroes do.  If you find that you cannot keep up those powerful behaviors and attitudes of success, then you will know that you have some work to do.

When I did drew the Tarot card for this month, it was very clear that our dreams and visions are ready to come through.  But the bringer of the dreams, us, must be ready to do the work to make the dreams real.  If you want to run a marathon in 3.5 hours, the you can run a marathon safely in 3.5 hours must come emerge.  You must be that person.  But if you are serving the habits of the couch potato, then how can you expect run the 3.5 race?  If couch potato is your dominant vibration, Couchy gotsta go.

June is funeral month, Baby.

That’s why the Death card has come forth for us, Friends.  It is time to lay the old self to rest in peace.  It is time to bury the old self along with their old habits, addictions, fears, doubts, and beliefs.  It is time to make way for a new self, a new you.

Booyah.  It’s on.

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