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I am SO excited to introduce you to my newest project done with my dear friend, Sonia Zivkovic.  Sonia and I are two entrepreneurial nomads who have claimed the power of our personal vision and created lives that inspire us.  That’s right! Our own lives inspire us to be more powerful and to take big risks for our most profound dreams.

Sonia is an educator whose company, Pana Wakke, connects storytellers and other artists from around the world with schools (mostly in China) who value a multi-dimensional approach to teaching and child development.  Sonia is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and has lived abroad independently creating her business, and following her heart and keen intuition.  She recently finished a TED presentation here in Zagreb where she gave a compelling talk about about the importance of storytelling as an essential tool of teaching.

And I… well, as you probably already know, I am a Spiritual Empowerment Coach who helps beautiful souls find their true source of power and their place of authenticity.  From here, these beautiful souls build the lives of their dreams– taking calculated risks that are based on their deepest knowing and unhampered by a fearful, limited mind.  If you’re getting this email, you probably know that I made a conscious choice to leave the safety of my family and community back in California to make a big leap for the life of my dreams in Europe.  It was the best move I’ve ever made.

Sonia and I met here in Zagreb, Croatia and we instantly felt a deep connection.  It was just right!  We recognized that we were soul-mates and above all, I recognized in Sonia a profound wisdom and way of being that was both inspiring and healing. My vibration is raised instantly when I am with her and I feel like many women and men who seek a passionate and soulful life will really enjoy our talks.  Not long after we met, I said to Sonia, “Hey!  Let’s do a weekly talk and share it with our friends and network.”  She said, “YES! Let’s build a community!”  And here we are:  Sonia and Crystal Lynn’s Nomadic Wisdom.

Each week Sonia and I are going to get together to make a video engaging in a meaningful conversation about passionate, soulful living. We will upload the video to our Youtube channel, where you can subscribe and get notified when the videos are released.  Or you can join our email list to have our weekly videos and offerings delivered right to your inbox.  We want to build a community of inspired people who are living from their hearts and exploring the world with an open mind.  We invite you to join our Facebook group, which is our community page so that you can join in the fun.

I inserted our first video just below.  Have a watch and tell me what you think.  I would really appreciate your feedback and please join the Facebook group, the email list and subscribe on Youtube!  There is going to be a lot of fun stuff coming through to help you feel GREAT! <3

Big hug,
Crystal Lynn


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