2017 = Authority, Power and Self-Expression

We are now in a 1 year (or a 10 year, if you prefer.) 2016 was a 9 year and was about completing cycles, letting die old ideas, relationships and other things that had finished serving us. For many who saw a lot of things end, it might have felt like a heavy and dark year-long funeral. But for those of us who were more focused on the bigger picture, there was a sense of celebration as we felt freer and lighter as the things we no longer needed began feeling heavy, like old luggage.

Personally, I lost A LOT last year. But with each loss came a sense of space, openness and opportunity. I mourned a lot last year as I watched pieces of what I thought was myself get torn away from me. It hurt when they left, but always there was this uplifting sense of relief, even while they were leaving. I didn’t realize that my life was a series of masks that I had been wearing to deny or hide my true feelings and my true nature. So 2016 was a wake-up call to authenticity.

2017, as I mentioned earlier, is a 1 year, and the number one is about Authority. Believe it or not, the Highest Authority does not lie in the presidential office or in the supreme court. It lies inside your own light heart. That is the one true authority. It is your relationship with yourself. If your relationship with yourself is expansive, trusting, creative and unified, you face external authorities with confidence. If your relationship with yourself is weak in authority, then you face external authorities with dis-integration– you are out of integrity, fearful, mistrusting.

The number 1 is ruled by the Sun, so there will be lots of feelings of optimism, hope, abundance, creativity, and overall good feelings. This is an auspicious year to launch projects, relationships and to take calculated risks.


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