With What Are You Aligning?


With what do you want to align today? This is a very important question. It is Friday, September 23rd. It is a 5 day, which represents freedom, femininity, broad vision, adventure. When I changed my name to Crystal Lynn Bell, I became a 5 and that’s when I began this lovely expansion and global perspective. I started traveling deeply into my own Soul and simultaneously traveling around the world. Change in the outside world always begins within.

For you, the energy of the 5 is a great day to explore your inner landscapes and bring what you discover out into the material world. We are eternal, unlimited Divine Consciousness having an experience of humanity. Although we experience ‘limitations’ as humans, those limitations are only as limited as the beliefs we hold about them.

I want to challenge you today, my friends. I want to challenge you to look at one of your ‘limitations’ and challenge your beliefs about it. I want you to spend today seeing possibility where there was once a prison cell of limitation. Because limiting beliefs are a prison.

At this point in my life, I do not see myself as limited in any way. But for the sake of this exercise, I am going to give you an example from my past mentality…

Limiting belief #1: “I am not ready to live the life of my dreams. I do not have the money to travel or to fund my projects. I do not have the knowledge I need. I do not have the resources. I need a bigger following and more support. I have to wait until I have everything in order before I can make this happen.”

That was a limited dialogue constantly running quietly through my head. I would have an impulse to take action on my dream, and that dialogue would come into my awareness. It was a series of thoughts that I believed and so I didn’t take action because I was waiting to get a more stable foundation in the MATERIAL WORLD.

When I challenged this belief, I started asking myself very simply “Why do I have to wait? If we are God having a human experience, and God made us in His/Her image, why would I have to wait?” I thought, why start with the MATERIAL WORLD when God started with the SPIRITUAL WORLD?? I was sick of hearing my spiritual teachers say that we are God and God is in all of us, but I was having a feeling of limitation and fear. Why would God make a promise He/She wouldn’t keep??? And so I said fuck it! I’m leaping. I decided that I would do whatever my Heart said. The Heart deals with the SPIRITUAL WORLD and it is not limited by the dominating beliefs of the mind. I believed that the Heart was right.

I promised that the very first thing my Heart said would be the thing that I would do. When I quieted my mind, I saw two glasses of red wine with the sea in the background and a sunset. I felt the feeling of what I call ‘Flamenco’ rise in my heart. I heard Spanish guitar. I saw the word SPAIN rise up from my 3rd Eye.

My logical mind resisted this and said, “How am I gonna get to Spain? I don’t speak Spanish. France, maybe. It must mean France because I speak French. AND WHERE WILL I GET THE MONEY?? And when is this going to happen? I’m not ready!” A voice from somewhere inside me said that I have to go to SPAIN and that I am not to compromise. It said that I have to focus on what I desire and I have to let nothing stop me. I have to push through the doubt and worry and fear and I have to trust.

Thank God/Goddess that I did. It was not easy and clear in the beginning. In the beginning, it took time to adjust. Even though I’ve been studying spirituality for years, we all have our own paths of self-illumination and things come to us in our own timing. I still have much more expansion to experience, but the thing is, I LOVE every single minute of it. Even when I break down and get gobbled up by fear and the illusion. I get gobbled up and I sink into a black hole. But while I’m down there, I KNOW that the real me– the God Me is watching over me, holding me in Her/His arms, singing away the fear, gently prying my fingers away from anger, resentment, doubt and preoccupation with things that don’t matter. This unconditionally loving Higher Self is real. She/He is more real than this physical condition. He/She is real and YOU HAVE ONE, TOO!!! Hooray!!!!!! We are ALL God having an experience of being human.

Right! So today is a 5 day and the #5 can mean an inner journey to connect to your Higher Self and an outer allowance of Her/His manifestation. So what limiting belief will you challenge today? Start small or start big, but challenge yourself. Please share with me what belief you’re going to challenge today. I wanna know! I wanna know who’s ready to thrive!


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