Coffee Cup Readings? You Betcha!

Coffee Cup Readings? You betcha!

I just love a good cup of piping hot coffee. I love the smell of it and the taste of it with thick, rich cream. Right now I am living in Zagreb, Croatia and here, coffee is THE DRINK. Every home has a traditional percolator and the city is full of gorgeous ‘coffee bars’, as they call them. And not a Starbucks in the bunch!

They make the coffee strong, here in Zagreb. Turkish style. Because the coffee is not strained or filtered, there’s a beautiful black mud that remains in the bottom of your cup. In order to not drink the mud, you usually stop drinking when there’s about 1/5th left. So, did you know that there is a tradition of reading these leftover coffee grinds in Middle Eastern culture? Wherever there is Arabic influence, you will find the art of coffee cup reading. To me, this is VERY cool because I believe that everything we do is an extension of Source energy into form. And I KNOW that our Spirit Guides are constantly sending us messages in everything from beautiful rays of light to 11:11 on the microwave clock to the whisper of the breeze to the words of a song on the radio. It’s no joke. Spirit loves communicating with us. Getting messages from coffee grounds is no less unlikely than Tarot or Ouija in my opinion.

In my mind I imagine an old Turkish man in a fez seated in an ornately carved wooden chair, a decorative rug hangs on the wall behind him. Exotic music plays in the background and the smell of cinnamon and sandalwood mingles with the smell of sweet cakes dusted with powdered sugar. While we sip our coffee, I share my personal issues with him and when I am done, he topples my cup in my saucer and the coffee grounds form a shape that tells the story of my destiny.

One of the great things about being a traveling mystic is that I get to explore these kinds of wild and mysterious practices. But of course, we cannot always travel to exotic places to meet the Sultan of Mystical Coffee and I have not had the chance to discover such a glorious gem her in Zagreb. But at least in our modern world we can get live coffee cup readings online.

Tasseomancy is the traditional name given to cup readings. This practice is believed to have begun in the 16th century. Tasseomancy covers everything from the reading of coffee grinds to tealeaves and even wine residue. I find these all to be very romantic and inspiring. Partly because of my vivid imagination… And actually, this idea of coffee cup reading is quite stimulating because it is fueled by and the even more mysterious practice of reading the steam that swirls from the steaming hot coffee.

Now, here’s why I believe that a proficient reader can get an accurate fortune from your coffee cup. Well, obviously, as I said, Spirit is always communicating with us. And if we take a look around, we will find that even a bunch of bananas can hold a message from a benevolent source. Spirit wants our attention and even though we do not always understand what is being expressed, the sooner we start accepting that there is a message for us, the sooner we can start opening our minds and our hearts to receiving them.

I have an ability to see Spirit messages through my very own eyes. The thing is, I don’t necessarily see ghosts or apparitions (and thank Goddess because that would freak me out big time!) I see Spirit messages in the shapes of things and through forms that arise from what looks like a simple bunch of bananas. It is as if the messages enter me through my eyes. Like my eyes are doors that open into my mind. For example, right now, I am gazing into my kitchen and looking at a bunch of bananas in the fruit bowl. As I relax the organizing aspects of my mind (those parts of my mind that give names to things, order things, and make hierarchies of things) the bananas really cease being bananas and instead become something like a yellow mass of message. Instead of being ordinary fruit, they have become living, breathing radio transmitting their essence to me. I receive the message as an image coupled with a knowing in my 3rd Eye and gut. Then I simply stay focused on the event and open my mouth and tell what I see without judgment or censorship. When I read for people, 99.99% of the time I get a confirmation that the message resonates highly with them. The thing is, I don’t really care how the message comes to me. I care about getting it right and making sure that I am transmitting accurately. I gauge my accuracy by my client’s “A-ha!” If what I say has the ring of truth to my client, then I know that I’m spot-on.

I believe the thing that makes me ‘psychic’ is my willingness to let bananas not be bananas and my willingness to accept that the feelings in my body and the images that arise within me are true. So, I speak without holding back and trust that I am getting Spirit’s message across. I’ve been doing this for decades so I am well practiced.

So I happen to think that you, too, have the ability to ‘see.’ In addition to tasseomancy and simply using your eyes, there are many different modalities of using your natural intuition to divine and get messages. My favorite way is Tarot. I love Tarot because of the beautiful images that have deep meaning. My subconscious mind is totally stimulated by the images on the cards. I also love Tarot because anyone can become an instant ‘psychic’ using them. This is proven to me all the time because I like challenging non-believers to reading cards. Here’s a real-life example:

My friend was a Tarot-skeptic. He was in a time of expansion and I told him to draw a card. He looked at it and I simply asked him, “How does the card make you feel when you look at it?”

He replied, “It makes me feel excited. My heart instantly started racing when I saw it.”

And then I ask him to describe what he saw in the card and how he felt about what he was seeing. He said, “I see a man holding up his hands to the sky. He’s like a wizard or something. He is wearing a wizard’s hat and in his right hand he has a magic wand. He looks like a powerful old dude. He is confident and he owns himself. I feel like he knows what he is doing.”

I then asked him, “How does this apply to you?” And he said, “Well, I can relate to him. I feel like I am in a phase of my life where I am ready to take on new challenges. But instead of being afraid, I feel confident—like I know I’m going to win. I don’t know! I guess I feel like I AM him.”

I then read him the meaning of the card: “The Magician: New life cycle. Creativity. Power. Dexterity. Skill. Logic. Intellect.”

He was blown away because he could totally relate to the message and because he did it himself, there was no sense of hocus pocus and or illusion or coincidence. He was surprised to find that he could draw a card that had such significant meaning and value. To me, everyone can read cards!

Here, try it yourself. Look at the card below and ask yourself some simple questions:
A) How does it make me feel? (Be careful! Don’t say what you think about the card. Look at the card and scan your emotional body to see how you feel.)
B) What do you see in the card and how does that make you feel? Write it all down.

Here is the meaning of this card from the Druidcraft Tarot book:
“The Princess of Cups represents all the tenderness and beauty of a young woman who is sensitive to the world of feelings and of dreams. The chalice the Princess holds symbolizes the heart, and she cradles it tenderly and with care… you are entering a phase in your life when you will have the opportunity to follow your dreams. This card may signify the beginning of a project, or you may hear good news soon. It can also signal the arrival of a new soul into the world—the birth of a baby…”

Okay! How did that go? Tell me in the Comments section if your interpretation was accurate or not.

Obviously, I love Tarot cards. I am an avid reader and I have a powerful relationship with all of its symbols and its history. But there are other modalities of reading that I find truly fascinating. For example, palm reading. In Bali, I had a woman read my palm and when it came time to talk to me about my relationships. She focused on the side of my fist and she found a pattern in the folds of my skin that told her the exact frequency of my relationships. She told me that I have a nine-year relationship pattern—meaning that all my major relationships would last for 9 years. No more, no less. I disagreed! I said, my first relationship was only 8 years and my second was more like 12. She insisted and so I recounted from very close to day one of my first relationship. Sure enough from the time we started our courtship to the day we got actually divorced was 9 years. Coincidence. I was certain that the second was going to be much longer. Nope. After I took away and extended break-up, I found that I was dead wrong. It was 9 years exactly. My relationship patterning was written in the folds of my skin!

I really appreciate that Spirit communicates with us through the material tools that have been created specifically for this purpose—like Tarot and oracle cards, Ouija boards and even crystal balls. These are beautiful and fascinating tools. But I am most impressed and find even more wonderful the use of mundane things like tea leaves and coffee grinds. The next time you have a cup of coffee or tea, gaze at the inside of your cup and let it speak to you. Let the messages wash over you. And if all you hear is a distant echo of something you can’t understand, get a live coffee cup reading with an expert!


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