Full Moon in Sagittarius May 29, 2018: Think Big, my Badass Butterfly!

Do the 10-day Full Moon in Sagittarius ritual starting on May 26th and finish before June 5th if possible. The Full Moon rises in Sagittarius on May 29th at 16:29.
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Keywords:  Owning Your Badassery, Life Purpose, Excellence, Alignment,
Determination, Thinking BIG, Personal Philosophy

We have a lot going on with this Moon phase and most of it is going to happen behind the scenes.  I am going to suggest you get into teaching mode—you’re going to be teaching your ego during this Moon phase.  Currently, the Sun is in Gemini, which means that our minds are actively seeking communication.  Gemini is the sign of communication and thinking.  It is an Air sign and it loves chewing on ideas, considering possibilities and sharing through talking.  Gemini is ruled by Mercury, that small and lovely planet that goes retrograde four times a year when it drives our technology and our brains crazy.  Mercury and Gemini rule communication, which is the exchange of information.  Technology is all about the smooth flow of communication, which is why when Mercury goes retrograde, our technology goes crazy.  It’s the same thing in our brains.  The brain is the motherboard of the body, so a retrograde Mercury makes us feel confused, unless we are willing to relax into the static.  You can read all about Mercury retrograde in the New Moon in Aries report from April.

Don’t worry.  Mercury is NOT retrograde right now.  It won’t go retrograde until July 26th, but we do want to be careful because the shadow period for Mercury (meaning the time that we start experiencing the sticky effects) begins early July.  So, we definitely want to make the most of the time between now and let’s say July 1st to make big decisions, sign contracts, and launch projects.  If you’ve been following my Moon phase reports, you’re probably working on significant projects, so having a little heads-up about astrological happenings can help you plan.  For example, I’m planning this big move to Italy and going back to school.  This means that I have to find an apartment, formally enroll in my program, and arrange transportation for my house across three different countries.  I do NOT want to sign a rental agreement for my home or formally sign for my classes while Mercury is retrograde because there is the potential for hidden pitfalls.  My goal is to get this stuff formalized now and to spend July packing up and moving in August.  Sure, there’s the potential for things to go wrong in the transporting, as Mercury also rules transport, but technically, we would want to spend the Mercury retrograde time in July RE-doing things.  All retrograde periods for every planet is the time to redo things.  You’ll have the best luck when you are redoing things that the retrograde planet rules and addressing issues where the retrograde planet falls.  In July, Mercury will be retrograde in Leo, which rules the house of pleasure, romance, and love making.  Hahahaha!  Be careful if you’re going to be doing a high school reunion in July and August!  You might find yourself tempted to REkindle thing with your old high school sweetheart.  Anyway, I will address this more in the Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly report for July.

So currently, we have the Sun transiting the chatty, upbeat and intellectual sign of Gemini.  Please remember that the Sun transits affect us all, whether we are that sign or not.  We ALL become a little bit of each sign as the Sun progresses through the zodiac.  Watch your thinking!  If you have some negative opinions about a sign, you can be sure that the Universe is gonna deliver you some Shadow work to do when the Sun and Moon transit that sign.  President Donald Trump is a Gemini and you can read his whole astrology report here on my website.  It is a fascinating read because he is a wonderfully open book and he makes himself very available for us to criticize and admire.  And boy!  His astrology report really describes his public persona.  Keep in mind that when I ran this report, I didn’t enter his name and say, “Tell me about Donald Trump.”  I simply entered the coordinates of his birthday, the time and place—all of which are a matter of public record.  My astrology software is insanely accurate.  If you want me to run a report for you, just order it online and I’ll deliver you a 30 page report within 24 hours.  I’m sure you’ll find it to be the best $20 you’ve spent!  If it’s not, I’m gonna force myself to eat just a single strawberry cupcake.  Hey, you’ don’t know how hard it is for me to resist eating more than one!

With the Sun in Gemini, our first Moon phase will be Full in the sign opposite Gemini, Sagittarius.  Being an Aquarius, this makes me very happy as Aquarius is highly compatible with both these signs.  That doesn’t mean this will be an easy transit, however.  The pressure is on for all of us to rise to our greatest potential because this is the year the Badass Butterfly takes a stand.  All of us are being called to look into our hearts to find its greatest desire and to answer the call of our Soul.  This is not an easy journey because our egoic mind wants us to stay safe and maintain the status quo.  I’m here to tell you, Beloved friend, that it’s not the Universe holding you back.  It’s the limitations of your mind.  The Universe is here to serve you and it takes on the shape of your mind.  You do not have to control the world outside yourself.  You have to take hold of your own existence and shape and nurture it into a pillar of optimism, hope, and Badassery.  And let me interject here, my friend, that I am a Badass Spiritual Empowerment Coach.  If you want to learn how I can help you THRIVE, then book yourself in for a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session.  You’ll share your story with me and I’ll share with you a strategy to help you find a sense of Butterfly Badassery.  🦋

In the meantime, this Full Moon in Sagittarius is our best friend helping us find our strength.  It is time to teach the ego.

How to Benefit from the Full Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a fire sign and it is ruled by the ginormous planet Jupiter.  Jupiter is known as the teacher of the zodiac and in the Hindu Vedic astrology tradition, he is known as Guru.  Jupiter is like everybody’s favorite rich and ebullient uncle that comes along bearing gifts and blessing all your endeavors.

Excellence.  Jupiter and Sagittarius are the rulers of the 9th house which is responsible for your expansion and growth.  The 9th house rules big concepts that are taking to the level of ideal.  So there is a striving for excellence that surrounds all things Sagittarius and 9th house.  Be careful here because we tend to think that idealism is not worth fighting for—like these are things that are beyond our reach.  I’m here to tell you, though, that we’ve all gotta go for it.  Are you noticing that I’m indicating that we strive for excellence and not perfection?  Excellence is attainable and I believe that it means we are looking to work to the best of our abilities.  Perfection is not so attainable and can drive us crazy. Perfection can make us not do something because we subconsciously believe it can’t be perfect and this causes us paralysis.  The energy of this Full Moon is going to bring the idea of perfection and excellence to our minds because our Divine Inner Presence is perfect, Unconditional Love.  The thing is, it has to express itself through the layers of our humanity which waters down the perfection.  Hahahaha! I say, push yourself and work to the best of your abilities.  Pay attention to detail and keep your eye on the big vision.  That’s a darned good recipe for success!

My work as a spiritual philosopher and coach is to reach for spiritual ideals and to make them attainable for all.  In my astrology natal report, I have Neptune (planet of mystical creativity) in Sagittarius in the 9th house.  This makes me really connected to the big thinking about spiritual ideals.  For these reports,  I scour the Universe for ways to help our heart’s desires become real using the idealistic principles of the Universe.  If you’ve been following my reports, you’ll recognize that I don’t just talk about Unconditional Love, I make it the foundation of all my endeavors.  I don’t just talk about us as God’s creation, I talk about us as God in us—God as us.  This is Sagittarius working through me.

Your Life Philosophy and Purpose.  While we have the Full Moon in Sagittarius, all of the important, big philosophies and principles that we live by are being called into action.  We are being taken on a journey deep into our own life philosophy so that we can scrutinize it.  What life philosophy is driving you?  What hidden beliefs are driving your choices and influencing the decisions in your life?  These are going to be the foundation of what wants to be healed in us during this Moon phase.

In the last Moon phase (New Moon in Taurus,) I suggested that you look at your relationship with purpose.  I had shared with you that purpose is a drive that calls forth all that it needs to carry out itself.  If your purpose is to be a writer, then by embracing this purpose, you will find that the whole Universe shapes itself to provide you fodder for writing, opportunities to write, and of course, a steady flow of inspired words that want to be put on paper.  Along with your surrender to your purpose of writing comes the support that will feed you and get your work out to the readers who will receive your writing with fervor.  You are reading this, right?

Alignment of Body, Mind, and Spirit.  No matter what your purpose, you will be supported on the journey.  You just have to get your mind on board.  The alignment of body, mind and spirit is a key to achieving your purpose and this is something on which you can work with the Full Moon in Sagittarius.  The Spirit part is easy because Spirit knows what it is.  It knows what your strengths are.  It knows what your Soul came here to create.  My spiritual philosophy says that Spirit is never blocked or trapped, but rather that the mind is blocked or cut off from Spirit, which is AWLAYS there and always thriving.  Our work is to keep our mind on Spirit and our body acting as an open and receptive vehicle of action.  The body is also rather easy because it does what you tell it to do.  The body is simply reflecting what’s happening in the energetic world of the Spirit and mind.  My spiritual philosophy also says that the biggest blocks in the body are caused by the mind.  So, the mind is the thing most of us have to work on when it comes to purpose and honoring the heart’s desires.  Healing the mind will lead us to being differently in the body.  A healed mind is a trusting tool that views obstacles as challenges and challenges as opportunities to grow.  This is TOTALLY the motto for Sagittarius.  These Badass Butterflies see a steep mountain that appears in their path as an opportunity to stretch the legs, build strength in the muscles, connect with nature and become even more badass.

Determination.  When the Moon is full in a sign, you are being energetically called into yourself so that you can heal your interior landscape.  With the Sun in Gemini and the Moon full in Sagittarius, the opportunity is to challenge your big ideas, your deep beliefs and long-game choices.

Two weeks ago, we started doing some work to uncover purpose.  Although you may not have nailed down your exact purpose, you have hopefully opened the doorways in your mind to get you thinking about it.  The next step on the path of Butterfly Badassery is truly Sagittarian in nature.  It’s DETERMINATION.  Determination is simply your drive to stick with something and follow it through no matter what challenges arise.

As we move into the Full Moon in Sagittarius, I want you to look at your relationship with determination.  You know that I like to be honest with you, my reader, so I’m gonna share with you a hard truth:  I LACK DETERMINATION.  UGH!  My stuff is wishy-washy.  I have to fight inconsistency every single day.  HEY!  Wait a minute.  I wrote that I LACK determination, but actually, just because I fight inconsistency doesn’t mean that I am actually losing the battle.  Actually, as I think about it, you’re reading this report.  I consistently deliver these reports and I consistently deliver a high quality service to my clients and in my classes.  I also consistently go to the gym five days a week and I consistently eat organic food.  Ha!  I guess I am determined!  So why did I think that I wasn’t determined??  OHHHH!  Okay.  So look, I am very determined with my basic lifestyle.  I am super comfortable.  It’s the bigger stuff where I lack determination.  Like writing my books and taking my business to the next level.  This is where the Full Moon in Sagittarius is a great opportunity for me to have a BIG breakthrough.  What is blocking my determination when it comes to the BIG things?  That’s what I need to uncover during this Full Moon, but I think it’s fear.  I’m asking myself this question and exploring the possible answers, and I want you to ask yourself the same thing, Lovely.  What is blocking your determination when it comes to the BIG things?

Grab your journal and pen and write down all the areas where you are determined in your life.  Do this step as an acknowledgment of yourself.  And then write down all the areas where you are not determined.  These steps together will help you recognize the contrast between where you do have determination and where you don’t.

Think BIG, my Badass Butterfly.  It seems to me that the next step should be for you to get clear about what you want to manifest in your life.  Be careful here!  If you are choosing small, comfortable things, then you might be a victim of fear and limitation.  You might be lulled into a false sense of security by the status quo.  I want to remind you that my spiritual philosophy says that we are here to THRIVE, not merely survive.  Many of my beloved friends are merely surviving and have become very comfortable in that state.  They’ve gotten confused by their ‘high’ level of surviving because they get one week of paid vacation every year and they are only unhappy eight hours out of the day.  My job is to encourage you to reach beyond your current standard of living to a lifestyle that inspires you to jump out of bed every morning and makes you fall into bed at night with a sense of blissful (exhausted) surrender.

What do you want to manifest on a BIG level, my Badass Butterfly?  We started this back in December 2017 when we had the Sun and New Moon in Sagittarius.  If you’ve been following these reports, you’ll recall that I invited you to step fully into your Badass Butterfly Nature.  I suggest that you read that report because it gives you my theory about our transformation from caterpillar to Badass Butterfly.  Also, remember that at each New Moon, we name and claim our desires and we set the Universe in motion to line up everything we need to make our dreams real.  Then at the Full Moon six months later, all our resistance to those dreams rises so that we can go inside and free ourselves from it.  Back in December we initiated something powerful and now, six months later, we are being called to address it.

Thinking big is not something that most of us do.  When we were kids we did!  But somehow we ‘matured’ and lost that sense of infinite possibility.  Personally, in December of last year, I took the Badass Butterfly thing to heart.  I had spent all last year confronting my demons, challenging my old paradigms and extinguishing the hidden sabotaging beliefs that were keeping me prisoner to a small way of living.  I was determined to break free of that prison which I had created for myself and in December with the Sun and New Moon in Sagittarius, I officially claimed Butterfly Badassery as my life philosophy.  And sure enough, I have been embodying it.  Since then, I have made the big decision to move to Italy and go back to school.  I’ve started writing my book, lost 12 pounds and I’ve even gotten myself a dog! Yeah, those are big life changes.  It is definitely time to do some good Shadow work!  What were you working on back in December of 2017?  What end of the year boldness did you dive into?  What commitment to yourself did you make?  And most importantly, are you honoring that commitment?  I am feeling the effects of the Full Moon already, so I admit that my commitment feels a little thwarted.  But challenges to our commitment are an opportunity for expansion.  BOOYAH!  Full Moon in Sagittarius.

The rise of the Full Moon always means that we have to go inside ourselves and look at any Shadows that are cast upon our heart’s desires.  Shadow is simply a collection of negative feelings.  So where do you feel doubtful or fearful?  Where are hidden and suppressed emotions sabotaging your vibration?  I was inspired to make a video about anger the other day because I recognized how repressed anger was undermining my positive efforts in my work.  You might enjoy watching it, so when you get a chance, check it out.  Shadow emotions most likely start in childhood and so the Full Moon is a great time to do work with your Inner Child.  The Completion Process is a powerful healing technique for the Inner Child originated by spiritual teacher Teal Swan.  I was among the first to be certified in it and I have incorporated it to my coaching program.  If you feel like you want to experience this service, then book yourself in directly. If you have any questions about it, check it out on my website.  There’s also a video of Teal taking me through the process personally.

Alright, my beloved Badass Butterfly!  That’s it for now.  Remember to sign up for the Monthly Full Moon Ritual and if you need help with this Full Moon, join me for Emotional Wellness Happy Hour!

With love,

Crystal Lynn 

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