Full Moon in Libra March 31, 2018: How Audacious Can Your Badass Be?

Full Moon in Libra March 31, 2018:
How Audacious Can Your Badass Be?

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Keywords:  Audacious Authority Revisited, Higher Self-Esteem, Badassery, Healing Relationships

The Sun moved into Aries on March 20th this year, which means that the Zodiac has kind of reset itself.  Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and Pisces is the last one.  In the northern hemisphere, it is the end of winter.  With the Sun in Pisces, we were clearing up the last remnants of the emotional debris that began in March a year ago.  All this recent Pisces/12th house processing we were doing was challenging yet powerful as we confronted the dark aspects of ourselves and had our feet held to the fire by Spirit.  The goal was to find strength and connection.

Every year, the end of February and the beginning of March are a time of major emotional growth, as our subconscious mind gets stirred up by benevolent energies that want us to heal.  The thing is, these situations are good for us but sometimes feel AWFUL because they’re forcing us to confront head-on the Shadows to which we’ve been mindlessly clinging.  Gosh!  You can really see why Pisces is the end of the Zodiac.  All this emotional processing is so draining!  There were days were I could barely get out of bed.  I was EXHAUSTED and good for nothing but feeling my feelings.  I felt blessed to have the qualities of winter to shelter me and protect me from too much compulsive activity.  The snow, the rain, and the gray skies all combined to make me choose stillness rather than action. Our Universe is SO clever, isn’t it?  Putting the Sun in Pisces when it’s too cold to go outside and escape the feels. With the Sun in Pisces, we cleaned up all the darkness that had been accumulating over the last year and when the Sun transited to Aries, we should now expect a renewed sense of energy, a powerful new outlook, and an opportunity to put on our big girl panties and head out to conquer the world.  Winter’s sleep is over.  Spring has sprung!

A little info about the Sun… This is a Moon report, but I want to give you just a little bit of insight around the Sun’s energy because its movements through the zodiac are affecting us strongly, as well.  The Sun will stay in Aries from March 20th through April 19th.  Aries rules the first house, which is the house of the human self.  It is your physical body and your personality.  Aries and the first house are ruled by the planet Mars.  He is considered to be a young hot-headed warrior who blazes into battle using his strong instincts.  He is sexy, commanding, and inclined to some dramatic displays of excellence.  The nature of Mars is to not necessarily think things through.  He doesn’t like taking the time to deliberate on all the minutia and he’s not really interested in anyone else’s opinions.  He leaves all the fine details to Saturn.  This can sometimes get Aries people into trouble because by the time Saturn has sorted through all the fine details, Mars in onto the next thing, which means the ball can get dropped.

What we can expect, with the Sun in Aries, is much more heat coursing through our veins.  We are awakening with the spring, and we have newfound energy, focus and enthusiasm.  Our Badassery feels invigorated.  We feel sexier, hornier, and more ready to take risks.  We may have a need to be seen and heard.  We’re like a flower that has been buried beneath the snow.  We are budding and blossoming.  OH!  By the way, Mars, Aries and the first house also rule the ego.  This does NOT mean that they are egocentric in a negative sense.  Please remember that your ego is not just a bad drive that limits you.  It is the container of your self-identity.  A healthy ego has a healthy sense of self.  This is what makes Aries Badass.  They know who they are.  This Sun transit through Aries is a GREAT opportunity to grab the ram by the horns and push into your Badassery in a healthy way– really embracing who you are and building your self-confidence.  Don’t be afraid to explore who you are right now.

When the Sun is in Aries, the Moon rises full in Libra, the sign opposite to Aries.  That’s how Moon phases work.  The Moon is fully illuminated by the Sun when it is directly opposite it (on the other side of the Earth,) and the sign opposite Aries is Libra.  Some folks think that opposite signs are opposite personalities, but I have found that the opposite signs tend to have the same aim but they go about achieving them in different ways.  This adds potency to every Full Moon phase because these polarities create tremendous sexual (creative) tension.  They also provide great contrast so that it becomes easy to see the writing on the wall.  The polarities of the masculine Sun and the feminine Moon are working together and inciting great change within us.

If you’ll recall, each Moon phase builds upon the other.  When the Moon is New in a sign, it is an opportunity to envision new goals, dreams and desires around whatever that sign influences.  Six months later, the Moon becomes full in that same sign and we are given the opportunity to look at any Shadows around our goals, dreams and desires and their manifestation.

Six months ago, the Moon was new in Libra and I asked you to explore your Audacious Authority.  You can read that article if you want to revisit.  At that time, we took a very good look at ‘audacity.’  We had just awakened this Badass in ourselves and the Spirits were guiding us to expand our self-concept and take on a bigger understanding of our value and worth.  I had asked you to explore your relationship with audacity because we tend to use that term in a negative way.   For example, “She had the AUDACITY to run for president!”  We tend to keep ourselves small and in alignment with the status quo and six months ago, the Universe gave us a wake-up call saying, “Hey!  You’re a Badass at Heart.  Why don’t you act like it?  Why don’t you show it?  What does it mean to be a Badass?  You can think bigger.  Go for it.  Be Audacious.”  That New Moon in Libra in October of 2017 opened the doors for us to start shedding the small mind of the caterpillar and to embrace the new vision of the Badass Butterfly.  Lots of you, my beloved readers, took this to heart and you started sharing with me your Badass audacious goals, dreams and plans.  It has been awesome!  And I thank you for including me in your shares because you always affirmed what I, too, was experiencing.

How to benefit from the Full Moon in Libra

So now the Moon is full in Libra, and the great opportunity is to explore any negative feelings or emotions you have around your Badassery.  Small-minded thoughts, negative core beliefs, sabotaging behaviors will all be illuminated now by the silvery light of the Moon.  This is your time to go in and do some serious healing to unleash the next level of your Badass Butterfly Nature.

Libra is an Air sign, which means that it tends to be intellectual, thought-oriented, cool, and even other-worldly.  It is sandwiched between Gemini and Aquarius and it seems to provide a counter balance for its two sisters that are SO heady and potentially ungrounded.  Libra is ruled by Venus and it is diplomatic, graceful, and peaceful in its way of being.  Libra is occupied with fairness and equity and one of its central roles is to create a sense of peace and harmony.

The Power Dynamic of Relationships:  The work we MUST do when the Moon rises full in Libra is to explore what aspects of our minds are preoccupied with fairness and equity to the detriment of our own magnificence.  Our job with this Full Moon is to take inventory of our belief systems and eradicate the ones that are keeping us stuck because of fear of disturbing the waters of our relationships.  Libra rules partnership and relationships of all kinds.  Relationship dynamics change and evolve, and what was once an established hierarchy of power might be disturbed during this Full Moon phase as the Universe is pushing us to expand and grow and develop into something else.  Our tendency to keep things status quo in our relationships can work to our detriment when the dominant power is oppressive, causing resentment and suppressed anger in the subordinate power.  This is debilitating for our creativity.  It can choke off our self-expression and prevent the natural flow of our magnificence.  The Full Moon in Libra is going to highlight these relationship dynamics and give us the opportunity to confront and heal what is not working in them.

Giving Voice to the Higher Self:  When I’m working with my clients in session and they have a relationship problem, there’s a tendency for them to point their fingers at an ‘adversary’ and tell me what’s wrong with that person.  When I remind my client that everything they are experiencing is a reflection of some aspect of themselves, they go immediately into a keen listening mode.  Their ears perk up as they remember that they are the center of their Universe and that everything around them is stemming from their own consciousness.  It’s a helluvalot easier to control ourselves than it is to control other people.

Whenever there is an issue with a relationship, I always ask my client to do some exploratory work around their own relationship with their Higher Self.  Very often, it is easy to find the point of projection in the conflict they are having in the outside world when they consider their relationship with their very own magnificence.  I had one client say, “My boss treats me like crap.  They ignore me when I give suggestions.  And they don’t act like my contributions matter. It makes me feel so insignificant and small.”  When we considered her relationship with her Higher Self, we found that her Higher Self was making suggestions and contributions, and that she was having a tendency to minimize them, choosing instead to side with her ego’s critical point of view.  For example, she had an impulse to wear a yellow dress to an evening party but her ego said she should play by the rules and wear the standard little black dress.  She got to the party and found attention drawn to several radiant women who had broken the little black dress model and who looked vibrant and alive in hues of blue, pink and red.  She found herself feeling embittered and distracted over the course of the evening.  Her Higher Self offered her a chance to shine and express her Authentic Self but she quashed it to play it safe.  She found herself feeling insignificant and small in her little black dress.  Aha!

Over the course of that session, we realized that insignificance and smallness were reflected to her at work every single day.  After shedding light on this, she started building a new relationship with her Higher Self by listening to her physical sensations and acknowledging her emotions.  She found that she had all sorts of exciting ideas that would add value and significance to her days.  She began appreciating herSelf for what began as small things in her life, but over the course of a few weeks, she started identifying more and more with her Higher Self and she started finding more and more value in EVERYTHING around her– even the big scary things like the attention her radiant smile draws, her ability to think deeply, her great compassion and empathy, and the heart she puts into her job.  She started valuing herself at a deep level.

Interestingly, within a month of starting this relationship with her Higher Self, her boss left the firm and she got a new boss who adores her and even includes her to meetings beyond her official rank.

I would like to suggest that during this Full Moon you take inventory of the things that are not working well from your perspective and see how they are reflecting something about your own self back to you.  See if you can find what they are mirroring and see how you can heal the disconnection in yourself.  Then just sit back and observe how the world unfolds over the next few weeks.  I find that things happen pretty quickly when you work directly with your energy field.  It only takes me two days to see real evidence of my internal healing work manifested in the material world.  But then I work on this stuff all the time.  It’s my job and I’m knee-deep in it.  My clients have an acceleration because they have an expert coach– yours truly!  YES!  Working with a professional is a surefire way to accelerate your growth.  I love self-help, but I ADORE self-help with an expert hand to guide me.  I created Emotional Wellness Happy Hour for you to be able to get help around the New and Full Moons.  It’s a wonderful group coaching and healing circle where you bring an issue you want resolved and get my help to find powerful soul-utions and healing.  I think you’ll love it.

Allowing Your Audacity:  The word audacity has two different meanings– rude, disrespectful or impudent behavior… or it means taking big, bold risks.  What I find is that the first meaning is in the eye of the beholder.  I remember auditioning for a community college play back in Los Angeles.  There were two categories of students– professional film and theater people and those of us who just wanted to try our hand at acting.  There was a dance number for the audition where a large group of us occupied the stage at one time and we had to move through this choreography.   I had just met a young woman and we were chatty together.  Both she and I and a group of other women were talking and laughing, and when we were all called onstage, we were still huddled together at the back.  When the music began, however, my new friend disappeared from our huddled mass and moved straight to front and center stage.  As we in the huddled mass tripped over one another, I watched my new friend execute the moves with grace and a theatrical flair.  She was not one of us at the back of the stage!  She was a professional.  She had done this before.  When the number ended, we all went backstage and I overheard a bunch of women angrily complaining about my new friend’s audacious behavior.  They said, “Can you believe her?  She just jumped in front of everybody.  She had the audacity to put herself front and center stage!”

The thing is, while I viewed her move from one of the huddled masses to front and center stage as pure risk taking, bold and (Badass) audacity, I didn’t find it rude at all.  She was talented and a leader and she needed to be up front because she knew what she was doing and she had IT.  She didn’t go forward because she was judging us less experienced people.  She went up front because she was a vibrational match to that when she was performing.  She, of course, was awarded the lead role.  Can you guess her sign?  LIBRA!

My point is this– you being big has nothing to do with kindness, compassion, love, or care.  Your magnificence is yours and it is meant to be expressed, not suppressed.  And it is certainly not meant to be hidden so that others can shine.  You need to be Badass and audacious so that you can be a light that guides others.

Do you have the audacity to take a risk on your own magnificence?  The Full Moon in Libra accompanies the Sun in Aries.  This is a great opportunity for you dig deep into your Shadow uncover your shine. Use the energy of the Full Moon to excavate your Shadows so you can discover the diamond at your center.

Alright, Precious One.  That’s it for this report.  Sign up for the Monthly Full Moon Ritual.  Join me in my Emotional Wellness & Spiritual Empowerment Facebook group.  And remember to get help in the Emotional Wellness Happy Hour:  Full Moon in Libra.

See ya soon, my Badass Friend. 


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