New Moon in Libra October 19, 2017: The Audacity of Your Higher Self

Good morning from Zagreb, Croatia, my BADASS friends. It is Monday morning, and we are entering the time of the New Moon in Libra.  I awoke this morning from a lovely dream in which I was making love to a beautiful man in one scene and then playing with a beautiful little laughing baby who looked like a little troll with pink hair in another. I felt so good when I awoke, and I looked at the clock, which read 4:45am.  Ooops!  I had overslept!  I normally awaken at 4:15, but I appreciated that extra time spent in my lovely, happy dream.  When I rolled out of bed, I was struck by a sharp and shiny beam of moonlight.  I looked over my shoulder at the darkened landscape and saw the crescent Moon. I am always excited by the Moon.  Whether she is New and dark or Full and bright, she always gets my love and deep appreciation.  
I am a priestess of the Moon, and it is my pleasure to deliver you two reports and rituals each month.  The reports are posted on my blog every two weeks, and the rituals are offered for free through my Emotional Wellness portal.  I ask that you share my reports on Facebook, Twitter, and your favorite social media platform so that there is a lovely network of Unconditional Love and awareness for our ally, the Moon, being spread to our beloved friends and community.  Also, I invite you to join my growing community of high vibration people striving for Emotional Wellness in my Facebook Community. In the group, I’m running a challenge for my community members to manifest 10 goals before the end of 2017. If you join the group, you can challenge yourself, too!  I hope you’ll join us, Friend!
So when I looked out this morning and saw the beautiful Moon in the darkened velvet sky, I got excited!  Her crescent shape reminded me that she is waning and that it’s time to focus on our heart’s desires.  The Full Moon is a time of going inward to look at the past and to confront our Shadows.  The New Moon is our time of exploring the outside and looking to the future.  It is our time to confront our deepest desires.
On Thursday, October 19th, the New Moon rises at 21:12 in Zagreb, Croatia.  As I stood gazing at the waning Moon this morning, I was struck by the opportunity that she is presenting.  Two weeks ago, we had the Full Moon in Aries and many of us truly awakened to our Badass Nature.  It became very apparent that we are powerful beings with the power to create beautiful lives that inspire ourselves and others.  We learned that it is up to us to take the bull by the horns and that if we DECIDE what we want, the Universe will deliver without haste.  We must take the responsibility to decide.  In the Full Moon in Aries ritual, we were bold in the face of our Shadow.  We took three days to be present with that part of ourselves that was hesitant, fearful, doubtful and resistant, we worked with our Spirit Guides to find healing for it, and we created a space of Unconditional Love in our hearts as we found forgiveness for others, and more importantly, for ourselves.
By working consistently with the Moon and the many other Spirit Guides that serve us, many of us are experiencing a tremendous shift in our energy as we let go of doubt and made way for big, bold vision.  The New Moon in Libra will take us to the next level.   There is a word that is coming through me to wield as our sword and our shield for the next two weeks.  That word is ‘audacity.’
Do you have the audacity to be your biggest, boldest, Badassest Self?
There are two meanings for the word audacity:
1) Willingness to take bold risks and
2) Rude or disrespectful behavior.
Most of the time, people use the word audacity in the negative sense, as in, “She had the audacity to come into my office and tell me her opinion!” I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been struck by two things when I’ve heard the word ‘audacity.’  It’s usually being used in reference to a woman; and it’s always used by someone who is not accustomed to allowing other folks to assert their authority. In other words, the word audacity comes up most often when someone is asserting their power and moving forward with their beliefs or their personhood in a way that scares another authoritative person or calls them to task for their own behavior.
Now, if you’ve been following these bi-weekly Moon reports and my other writings and videos, you will know that this is a ’10’ year numerologically.  You’ve heard me say that 10 is about Authority and power.  You’ve heard me say that this is our year to uncover our Authority and express it in a way that is Authentic to our true Self.  You’ve also heard me say that your Authority is about Authoring your own life– that is taking responsibility for what you want to create and telling your story in your own unique way.   Now you hear me saying that you need to be Audacious.  Is anybody else noticing the message that is coming through me with the root of these words???
  • Authority
  • Authorship
  • Authenticity
  • Audacity
Spirit is serious in its guidance to claim our spot as the Prime Authority in our own lives.  Spirit is urging us be the (Badass) Prime Authority authentically authoring our own lives audaciously. Aaaaaauuuu shucks! 
I am suggesting that we become audacious, my friend. The New Moon rises on Thursday, October 19th and it is going to be POWERFUL!  The New Moon is about calling in what you want and it is about looking ahead to envision an audacious future filled with confidence, trust, and BIG VISION. I will be building our New Moon ritual to help us take full advantage of this extraordinary time, so please sign up for it!
The New Moon power is 14 days, however, for the Monthly New Moon Ritual I make just a one day ritual simply because I feel it’s more important that we put more energy into the healing work around the Full Moon, whose ritual is 10 full days.  It is up to you to take yourself on the journey with the New Moon since I focus more energy on the healing with the Monthly Full Moon Ritual, so I’ve written out a simple ritual that will help you feel connected. If you have been following the Monthly Full Moon ritual, then you know (or are learning) how to work with Shadow, Healing and Light. You know how to talk to your Spirit Guides and how to use forgiveness to heal your heart. If you are NOT following the program and you feel confused, don’t worry. Spirit and God/Goddess have your back! And I am holding space for your ascension. Don’t worry, but do DECIDE to take action. Darling, YOU MUST DECIDE. Once the decision is made, then all of Providence conspires to move you in the direction of your dreams. Perhaps you’ve decided to stay in your comfort zone. The Universe can’t help but keep you there. If your comfort zone brings you pain and you’re more comfortable with that pain, then good for you for having a strong stomach for pain (and perhaps mediocrity.)
But you don’t have to do that. That’s you calling in pain for yourself. That’s your decision. No need to blame anyone, but maybe consider DECIDING for something better.  There are some areas that are out of your control.  But DECISIONS ARE IN YOUR CONTROL.  You can do this.
This New Moon is in the sign of Libra. Libra is creative and strives for excellence. It is also relationship oriented. You can use this energy to look at your relationships with other people; and you can use it to look at your relationship with your Higher Self. You do realize that you have a Higher Self, right? You do realize that your Higher Self is FOR REAL, right?
Your Higher Self is the part of you that is perfect, fearless and fully 100% connected to God/Goddess/Source of All. Not only does your Higher Self have all the answers, It also has all the resources. It has all the money. I has all the energy. It has all the keys to the Kingdom.
If you don’t have a relationship of substance and constant contact with your Higher Self, then your hands are empty. All it takes is a DECISION to tune in at any given moment and listen to your Higher Self. Listen for the guidance, the wisdom, the nurturing, the support and the Unconditional Love that is always present for you.
Your Higher Self is urging you to be audacious. Take big risks. But first, take a big risk on your Higher Self. Reach out to Her (or Him.) Call Her down to you. Look up to her and see her in the vastness of the sky. See her in the rolling clouds, the bright sun. Feel her in the cold wind, the autumn leaves, the flowers that bloom at your feet. Your Higher Self is everywhere and most importantly, she is in your Heart… sitting peacefully waiting for you to come to her with your face turned upward because you know that with her, you need not shame yourself. But do come to her with the innocence of a child. Come with your heart open and ready to receive Unconditional Love and guidance that you may not be expecting.
There is something special about the sign of Libra.  Libra people are LIGHT.  I can’t think of a single heavy Libra.  They always seem to be glowing from the inside.  There’s something about a Libra that makes me think that everything is gonna be okay.  With the New Moon in Libra, we can invite that Libra levity into our lives to help us illuminate our darkened corners and to lay down the burdensome emotions.  If you have any personal planets in the sign of Libra, you will feel the energies more strongly in those areas of your life.  To find out where all your planets are, you can order an Astrological Blueprint.  It’s normally $32, but at the time of the Moon, I reduce the rate to $20 to offer a little something more to my loyal readers.  Thank you, Loyal Readers!!!  Personally, I have Uranus in Libra and it makes me quite passionate around my philosophies.  It also makes me a little moody, unpredictable and freedom-loving in relationships.  Oops!  Hahahaha!
So, I also have something to just throw out there to you about Uranus.  This is important because of the Higher Self.  Uranus represents the Higher Consciousness and the Crown Chakra.  This is really important because right now (and through March 2018) Uranus is in Aries.  Now, you know what happened two weeks ago when we had the Full Moon in Aries?  Well, Uranus was there, too, and it was this combination of the Moon in Aries, representing your Divine Feminine self and illuminating your deep fears so that they could be released; and Uranus in Aries, representing the Higher Mind and expanding our self-concept/identity that brought forth our BADASS self.  In other words, Uranus in Aries wants you to expand the way you see yourself.  Here I go again with this BIG VISION stuff.  Right now, you have Uranus still in Aries and now this New Moon in Libra.  You can look at this as an opportunity to continue the expansion of who you are, but direct your focus toward your Higher Self!  Develop your relationship with your Higher Self.  Talk to your Soul.  Talk to God.  Listen to the Wisdom that comes from your center and cultivate a deep and meaningful relationship with that aspect of who you are.
Seriously.  This is true badassery.  No real badass will ever get caught with their ass hanging out in the wind because they were disconnected from their Intuition.  You have to know who You Are, Toots.  You are not your ego.  You are not the limiting beliefs that you hold.  You are not the wayward emotions that are coursing through your system.  You are a being of God that is fully connected to the Source of Unconditional Love.  If you KNOW this, then you will have no problems manifesting your fondest desires.  If you do not know this, then you can work on it.  You can cultivate a relationship with your Higher Self and receive all the information you need to help you attain your dreams.  When you feel resistant to your relationship with Source, or you feel disconnected, doubtful or fearful, then can use the energy of this New Moon in Libra to forge this new relationship with YourSelf.
If you feel like you want to go deeper into a relationship with your Higher Self, then please sign-up to do the Monthly New Moon Ritual.  You can also learn about my other programs and classes on my Emotional Wellness site.  In my not so humble opinion, your emotional wellness is the key to overall happiness.  Emotional Wellness helps you find the underlying causes of anxiety, depression, sickness, fear, doubt and low self-esteem.  I have a Shadow Work program that teaches you how to heal your Shadow (those negative aspects of the self) and how to do Shadow Work; I have a Healing program that will certify you as a Reiki Priestess (that is a one day program runs this coming Saturday/Sunday so sign up quickly for that!!)  I have a Spiritual Life Coach Certification program that will certify you to be a Spiritual Life Coach, and I have the Monthly Full Moon Ritual and the Monthly New Moon Ritual.  If you have any questions about any one of these programs and you’d like to get more information about them, then please book yourself in for a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session.  During this session, we’ll discuss what you feel like you need to find balance and emotional wellness.
Alright, Beloved Friend.  Thanks for reading this post and please sign up for the Monthly New Moon Ritual and please join me in my Emotional Wellness & Spiritual Empowerment Facebook Group!

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