Day 5 of New Moon in Taurus Self-Love Challenge

Self Love Lady

Welcome to Day 5 of the challenge!  Gosh, I feel good!  The meditation and activation for the New Moon yesterday was really powerful.  I feel ready to surrender my old crap and start focusing on the light.  Coincidentally, I had an appointment with a doctor who practices Quantum Medicine.  Do you know about Quantum Healing or Quantum Energy Work?  It’s a powerful way of seeing the world where your thoughts and vibration are EVERYTHING.  Anyway, when I spoke to the doctor, we helped me get a deeper understanding of Self-Love.  I made a video about it to inspire your practice today.  In the first part of the video, I share a bit about my journey to the Quantum Medicine Doctor.  And then I did a quick exploration of three points about Self-Love:

Below, you’ll find the video I made under the Inspiration tab; you’ll find some objectives for the day, and your action list.  You’ll also find a link to the New Moon in Taurus Meditation and Activation under the Meditation tab if you haven’t done it already.

Big hug,
Crystal Lynn

Action List
Day 5 Objectives:

  1. To explore Self-Love.
  2. To affirm what we have by giving and sharing.


“As you build trust in yourself, your ability to expand your vision and fully live in your magnificence is amplified.” ~Miranda J. Barrett

Action List
Here is your action list for today

  1. READ:  You might get a little pleasure from a post about Paris in the spring of 2003 I made on my blog.
  2. WATCH:  You can find my Self-Love Exploration video under the Inspiration tab.
  3. MEDITATE:  If you haven’t done the New Moon in Taurus Meditation and Activation, then you’re missing out!  It is a powerful tool to help you clean and clear your chakras and lay the groundwork for you to manifest your dreams.  You can find it her under the Meditation tab.
  4. JOURNAL:  Start dreaming about what you want, what you desire, what you want to bring in for yourself.  Write it down.  See how courageous you can get.  Start dreaming like you are fearless and powerful.
  5. GIVE:  All of these planets and aspects are particularly generous.  They are naturally generous because they know themselves as infinitely abundant. So please make giving a big part of your journey this week.  Giving is an affirmation of having and it is your belief (and ultimate KNOWING) of your having that is going to make you realize it in your inner world and subsequently in your material world.  In other words, if you want to receive more sexual flirtation from Venus, you have to KNOW that you have it.  Go out and flirt!  Don’t wait until you think you’re ready.  Flirt when you’re not wearing make-up and dressed frumpy.  Flirt when you’re dressed to the nines.  You have it now.  Go share your beautiful self.  Same thing with money.  Don’t wait until you think you have more money than you need… hell, that could be like waiting for Godot (remember that from French Existentialism?  He never arrived!)  Take a risk on trust and give now.  You don’t have to empty your bank account, but you also can relax the purse strings a little bit.  These planets and aspects are not waiting to give you what’s already yours.  It’s already yours!  You’re just tuning into them to turn on your own channels that are blocked by your egoic self.  So stop pretending like you don’t have it and go give it.  Do this every day.  Give something every day because you are abundant every day.  Give to charity, make a donation, offer something to the homeless, volunteer to help, make a meal and share it with someone, give money to a friend, bake cookies for your local fire department, go perform for children in the hospital, share your smile, share your ideas, talk to people in line at the post office, share yourself.


If you haven’t done the New Moon in Taurus Meditation and Activation, then here it is, waiting for you to receive the inspiration!


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