New Moon in Cancer June 24, 2017: Your Transformation Is Real

I took a Goddess card for this New Moon cycle and the message came the Celtic Goddess Cordelia who represents Nature, and the movement outdoors. She is the perfect guide to accompany us into the Shadows and back to the Light. I just love this image and am naming her Cordelia. I found it on

Here is your Moon Phase Report and Ritual.  The New Super Moon rises at 4:30am on Saturday, June 24th at 4:30am CEST (that’s on June 23rd at night if you’re in the USA)

There are lots of reasons to rejoice right now.  The Sun is in Cancer.  The New Moon is in Cancer.  Mercury is in Cancer.  And Venus (planet of love, sex, and money) is still in Taurus where she is as happy as all get out.  (Read about how to take advantage of Venus in Taurus powerful aspect before July 4th!!) We have just entered summer here in the northern hemisphere and we are being invited to blossom beneath the Sun. The planets and this New Moon are going to make sure that we do. There are three important things that you need to work on for this New Moon in Cancer phase:

  • Feeling connected before you attempt to manifest
  • Claiming your true Authority
  • Releasing yourself from bondage

As you probably know, I am a strong believer in what I call the Inside Out Lifestyle.  It’s an approach to life where I see the Goddess/God within as the Source of all my good.  I start by tuning into the Truth of who I AM– a genuine extension of God/Goddess… a pure light consciousness that is divine, eternal and unconditionally loving.  From this powerful place of truth, I say, “Yes,” to myself as the Divine in 3-dimensional physical form.  The act of saying, “Yes,” is akin to chanting OM.  It is the starting point of creation.

I then imagine (the most powerful use of mind) roots sinking from my Base Chakra down into the earth.  As my roots push down, I am connecting consciousness with the denizens of the Earth– everything from microscopic organisms and earthworms to gnomes, undines and salamanders.  As I sink my roots (my ethereal connective tissue) deeply into Mother Earth, I find my body be-coming calm and grounded.  This grounding is essential to powerfully manifesting from the Inside Out.  By connecting my Divine Light with Earth Elements, I am bridging from the ethe-real to the mate-real (the material.)  As my roots continue to extend below I connect, too, with groundwater and thus the consciousness of the Water Elements.  My emotional body is nurtured as I let go and let Goddess and space is made for my feelings and emotions to flow.  I AM grounded and I AM feeling.

My last step downward finds me at the Earth’s core.  It is believed that the inner core of Mother Earth rivals the temperature of Father Sun and I like to imagine that right at the center of the Earth is, indeed, a beautiful star.  It is to this belly, this centermost beacon of light that I ingest the Fire Element through my roots.  My personal Dragon energy (Kundalini) is activated by the fire from the Earth’s belly. Fire is the key element for action. Water nourishes my feeling nature.  Earth grounds my be-ing.  I bring this union of energy up through my roots, taking in the Fire, the Water and the Earth, making me fully activated here in my Earth body. I then breathe this union of energies up through all my chakras and I know that that my portals are are being activated and are working as they should.  How could they not be?  I am Divine within and connected below!  Indeed, my knowing is affirmed as I reach upward and my thoughts become untethered and free. I am in the land of the Air Elementals, the world of thought. Thoughts come and go, but I am not thinking. It is as if the top of my head is a wide funnel and the Mind of God/Goddess is pouring in.  I AM that I AM.  I am in what Abraham Hicks calls the Vortex.  Yeah, Baby.  It feels SO good.

From here, I am ready to call in whatever I desire– beautiful experiences, beautiful people, creativity, excellence, focus, love.  No matter what it is, connecting beautifully on the inside is the key to manifesting beautifully on the outside.  I was not surprised when the Goddess Cordelia came forth to guide us on this journey.  I use Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards whenever I want to open my psyche to the magic of the Goddess.

With the Inside Out approach to life, you get clear on the inside by focusing on what you want for yourself and examining your Shadowed Self to see what is stopping you from manifesting it.  Your Shadow is your collection of negative beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you small and stuck.  For example, in the 3-D material world, you might be dismayed because you keep getting passed over for a promotion.  You’ve watched newbie after newbie move past you and up the ranks, getting honored with accolades and salary, while you’re stuck at the same desk with the same paycheck or maybe that 3% yearly increase.  Consciously working with your Shadow means that you go in and look at yourself to find out why you aren’t able to manifest what you say you want.  Perhaps you have a belief that because you do not have a Master’s degree, you will always be stuck in the bottom half of the corporate world.  Or maybe you discover in working with your Shadow, that you harbor a belief that a higher salary means less time with your family and friends.  If you deeply value your intimate relationships, your psyche is not going to let anything block that, and you will always create situations that affirm your most dominant beliefs.

The New Moon in Cancer is a powerful time for getting your inside connection cleaned up.  We have just transitioned into summer and so 2017 is halfway over.  2017 is a “10 year,” the year of personal Authority.  2+0+1+7=10.  All of us are either consciously or unconsciously grappling with the authorship of our lives.  I am always surprised when I hear people try to distance themselves from Authority.  They’ve lost touch with its meaning.  Lots of people see authority as a dominant force outside of themselves that holds them accountable to something which they don’t want to be held accountable.  They think bosses, the po-po (police,) immigration agents, judges, tax agencies, domineering parents, biased teachers, examination boards, and even parking citation officers.  In our collective conscience we have given these entities the right to determine our destinies and in our individual conscience we affirm it by repeating stories of oppression, as if there is no other possibility than what we have experienced before.  We disdain the power the ‘authorities’ hold because it seems to limit and negate our own power.  We are all the same in the eyes of the law. Really?  As someone who lives her life from the Inside Out, I know that all my experiences are extensions of myself into physical form.  They are mere projections of my aspects onto the 3-Dimensional stage of life.  I AM the Author of my life and therefore, I AM the Authority of my life.  This 2017 “10 year” establishes my Authority tenure.  This is the year for all of us to accept our role as Author and this New Moon in Cancer is going to make sure that we do it.

The sign of Cancer is cardinal, meaning that its nature is to act from the Authority it holds within itself.  The cardinal signs of the zodiac (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) seem to burn with an inner knowing that makes them boldly confident and grounded.  They know.  With the New Moon in Cancer, we ALL have the opportunity to awaken this confidence in ourselves.

New Moons are powerful because they are about creation and activation.  The seeds you plant today (and which you should continue to nurture over the next two weeks) will bear fruit in your garden the following year.  You can start to feel the effects of any New Moon about three days before it happens.  During this time, you should start paying attention to how you feel.  No matter what sign the Moon is transiting, it is always connected to your feeling nature.  The radiant power of the New Moon will continue for about 10 days after its apex.  If you do any rituals, this two week period is when the effect is strong.  Try to do at least one ritual!  For this ritual New Moon Ritual (which is toward the bottom of this post,) I am including a link for a meditation that I recorded.  It is most powerful when done during this Summer Solstice New Moon period.  It is a long meditation, but worthwhile because it is going to purify your chakras and connect them with your 5th dimensional self.  Your 5th dimensional self is a master manifestor of love and light.  Give it a try.  I’m sure you’ll LOVE it and be changed for the better.

The New Moon in Cancer is auspicious for many reasons, but mostly, it’s because the Moon rules Cancer. The Moon represents the feminine traits of mystery, changeability and fluidity.  She is silvery and cool, but very nurturing and unconditionally loving.  Moon represents Mother and Home and this New Moon phase welcomes Mother back to the 4th house, which she naturally rules.   If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I adore the Moon and that I write a report and provide a ritual for her New and Full phases each month. (Sign-up to get the reports delivered to your inbox if you haven’t done so already!)  I do this because I believe that the Moon is one of our greatest allies in discovering our Authentic Self and recovering what gets lost through emotional trauma. Since I was a little kid I have loved the Moon’s mystery, her changeability, her beauty.  So it is with tears of joy that I write this Moon Phase Report because Mother is Home.  The Moon very lovingly transits all the signs of the Zodiac bringing multiple opportunities to face forward and outwardly create (New) and to look at the past and inwardly heal (Full.)  She is a working mom who spends a whole year away from her home and so when she comes back, there is real cause for celebration.  It is homecoming and we won’t be let down.  This New Moon is a Super one, and it is wonderfully aspected– that is if you are ready to deepen your ability to feel, expand, commit and envision!

The Sun moved into Cancer just a couple of days ago and it will be there for 30 days.  Please read my Monthly Sun Report:  We’re All A Little Cancer.  This brought the bright light of conscious awareness to the inner world of mysterious feelings and hidden emotions.  All of a sudden we know how we feel and we can feel our emotions and have clarity in them.  What was fake and inauthentic can no longer be supported because our truth can no longer be suppressed.  Are you feeling this?  Have you noticed that you have access to your feelings now, more than ever?  You might be experiencing this as being fed-up with the status quo, clear about what you truly want for yourself, aware of your grief and anger, maybe irritable or prickly around certain people with whom you may have been biting back your true feelings.  The Sun is the Authority of the Solar System.  His transit through Cancer gives you the opportunity to unite Heaven and Earth, the masculine with the feminine, and the outside with the inside to find find true alignment.  You might see the sign of Cancer represented by the Yin Yang symbol.  This is where Cancer gets juicy because the Shadow in Cancer is just as strong as the Light.  This is not a problem, friends.  It is a good thing.  Balance is good.  True Authority does not deny the Shadow, but rather welcomes it as an integral part of the Self.  True Authority knows the cycle of Death and Rebirth and it holds space for its unfolding.  This is why your Inner Authority is not afraid of your emotions and why the Sun and Moon in Cancer is AWESOME!

Imagine your emotional self as a lovely painted cabinet whose shelves are very deep and whose doors are always closed.  What lies inside your cabinet rarely gets seen because you’re very busy living life and you don’t always have the time to visit your cabinet and sort its contents.  With the Sun’s movement into Cancer, it means that the Universe has opened your cabinet doors and that you have the bright light of the Sun illuminating the darkness.  All of your emotions are visible, exposed and waiting for you to deal with them.  It will be hard at times, but this is the price of emotional freedom.  It is a true release from bondage.  Your mind is ready to give space to your true feelings so you will no longer be hostage to them.  You are aware that your old feelings don’t just go away, right?  You’re aware that they MUST run their course, even if you have trained yourself to stuff them down with ice cream and Orange Is The New Black binges?  With the Sun in Cancer, you will be illuminating and processing what is old and needs to be released.  Now is the time to let go and let Goddess. Emotional freedom breeds success, high vibrational manifestation, and deep intimacy.  Every month the Moon transforms from an empty vessel to a full one.  These changing aspects of the Moon are in essence little deaths and rebirths that happen every month under the influences of each different sign.  This Moon phase has us moving inward to fuel and nurture our place of power, giving voice to our own Authority and experiencing emotional freedom as we examine what is inside of us and bless it with integration.  Blessed be, my friends.

Here’s your New Moon Ritual for the New Moon in Cancer…

  1. Set the mood. Turn off your computer and phone. Put on some uplifting music that invokes good feelings in you. Make it positive and inspiring.
  2. Light some incense or put some essential oils in some water in a burner. Personally, I love using charcoal disks to burn essential oils and incense resin.  It helps me really feel like I’m working magic (and remember that how you feel determines your power.) Get yourself a pretty glass and fill it water. Hold the glass in your hands and say a prayer for guidance. Bring the water to your ritual space and sip it as you do your ritual.
  3. Get a white candle, but before you light it, say a word of thanks and bless the light that will come forth. Light the candle.
  4. Get a journal and pen (or laptop or tablet or phone… whatever you’re gonna use to write. It could be a napkin and a crayon. Use what you got.) Put this near you because you’re going to need it in a few minutes.
  5. Get comfortable. You can sit at a desk or on the floor or on your bed. Just get into a position where you can hangout and focus on what’s really important to you. Just keep in mind that the better your posture, the more aligned you are. This is purely technical. You’re still a divine being even if your spine is curved.
  6. Take a few deep breaths and tune into your heart. Allow yourself to release any tension you may be holding. Put your dominant hand over your heart and see if you can notice the beat or feel heat radiating from your chest. Feel your body and settle into peaceful contemplation.
  7. Remember that you are inhaling Life Force Energy and that as you exhale, you are releasing tension and doubt, worry and concern. Inhaling Life Force Energy. Exhaling doubt. Inhaling Unconditional Love. Exhaling doubt. Inhaling Joy. Exhaling doubt.
  8. You’ve got a couple of choices of how to proceed.
    1. You can do the Ascension Meditation and Activation, which takes about an hour to complete, but once it is complete you will feel connected and your chakras will be purified.  If you do the Activation Meditation, when you’re done, just jump down to Step #17 to complete the ritual. By the way, the meditation was recorded for the New Moon in Taurus, but the work is very appropriate for the New Moon in Cancer.  Here it is:
    2. Or you can do a connection meditation like I wrote about at the beginning of this report.  You would sit in meditation and just breathe your connection through the Earth and Heaven and just feel yourself present in your body.  If you do your own connection/meditation/visualization, after you feel yourself connected to Heaven and Earth, proceed through the following steps.
  9. Bring your awareness to your Third Eye chakra and just bring your heart energy up to it. Take some slow deep breaths and channel them into your third eye. You can imagine that your third eye is a doorway. Imagine that the door is closed and that you simply reach out and open it. Just stand before that open doorway and see what you see, feel what you feel.
  10. You might find it comforting to gently roll your eyes up to the third eye. This might strengthen your focus. Just be gentle.
  11. Imagine that a deep indigo sky falls over your third eye and from that deep color comes a sliver of silver light– the crescent Moon.
  12. Focus intently on that moonlight. Say, “Yes,” to it in your mind. Let the Goddess come to you through your Third Eye, saying, “Yes” to whatever she sends you.  If she sends you something that feels scary to you, you are being given an opportunity to explore your fear.  Ask the Goddess for guidance and clarity.  Spend about 10 minutes with this.  Use your breath to connect, ground and expand.
  13. Now bring your awareness back into your heart and take some slow deep breaths.  Listen to the murmurings of your heart.  Mingle the New Moon’s wisdom with that of your heart and allow yourself to receive any messages that might be coming.  See if you have any positive feelings that want to be expressed.  If they are present, then sink into them.  It’s important that you feel these good and exciting feelings in your body. The feelings you have in your body are your point of attraction. Joy attracts things that bring you joy. Excitement attracts excitement. Trust attracts the trustworthy. Sit in this for at least 10 minutes.
  14. When you feel ready, come out of your meditation/visualization and pull out your journal. Write down any message or vision that you saw in your mind. Let yourself feel any excitement or creativity that is rising. If you can feel or sense a strategy or a plan of how to work with your message or vision, you can write that down, too. If not, don’t worry. That can come later.
  15. Shadow Work. If you feel any resistance to your message or vision or you doubt yourself, then do Shadow Work. If you don’t know what Shadow Work is, don’t worry about it. Just write down your doubts and ask your Spirit Guides to help you heal. That’s good enough.
  16. Now it’s time to have a talk with God/Goddess. Open your mouth and talk out loud to the Moon and to Source.  Express your enthusiasm and your worries. Be honest, but solutions oriented.  Share your ideas and your desires with Source. Talk to God/Goddess with respect, but don’t hide. You can share your fears and worries. Ask for help to move beyond your fears.
  17. Shh… now just listen. Listen to the wisdom that comes from deep within you. Say, “Yes,” to this wisdom and invite it to expand through you. Enjoy it. Sit for at 5-10 minutes.
  18. Say, “Thank you,” for all the love that has been bestowed upon you. Know that these words are appreciative, not grateful. What is the difference, you might wonder? Appreciation puts you on the same level of abundance. It is a mirror reflection of abundance. Gratitude is the feeling of having not had something and then getting it. It is about lacking something and then coming into having it. Appreciation is an acknowledgement that you were never lacking. It is a knowing that you have always been a child of God/Goddess—even when you have forgotten.
  19. Say thank you and goodnight to Mother Moon. If you want, you can do a little bow with your hands in the prayer position at your heart.

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    Simply beautiful!!, Thank You!!

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