Nomadic Wisdom: The Effect of Emotions on Health

Have you ever considered the role your emotions play in your health? In this video, Sonia Zivkovic and I explore how pain in our physical bodies can be a road map to our emotional trauma and wounding. Pain is our primary teacher of important lessons. It is through pain that we move from one level to the next. (Love is a powerful teacher, too, but for some of us hard-headed folks, pain is the greatest.)

We discuss how drugs are useful to give us comfort, but they keep us from confronting what is really going on inside of us. And we also explore how women are taught early on to grin and bear pain, which separates us from the opportunity to know ourselves.

This dialogue is full of great information. We explore lots of things including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western medicine, how addiction can creep in and we even get into ancestral lineage (generational) healing.

We hope you enjoy this video. Have a watch and join our Facebook group which is all about supporting women with creativity, self-love, and deep inner wisdom.

OH! And I forgot to spit out my gum before the video, so sorry if my chewing is too obnoxious! I felt a bit stuck until I finally realized that I could just toss it onto ledge!   

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