We’re All A Little Cancer– Monthly Sun Report

Can you feel it yet? A sort of deepening of your sexy playfulness? Are you noticing a pull toward nurturing, protecting, and feeling? If you’re not feeling this urge, let me encourage you to let go, lighten up and let Goddess. On June 21st, the Sun moves from his station in Gemini and on that day… we will all be a little Cancer.

And this is a VERY good thing—especially if you have been experiencing a dryness in your heart, disconnection in your spirit and separation from the playful kitten of your creativity.  If you are living in this world and are not cloistered in a monastery or meditating your life away in a cave, you’re bound to feel some oppression as the weight of world politics, the naughtiness of elected officials, random acts of terror, the pressures of striving for success, and the fight to stay focused on what is truly important take their toll on your emotional wellbeing.  The Sun’s movement into Cancer is going to be both challenging and beneficial as your Higher Self calls you forth to breakthrough your old patterns of seeing yourself and your old patterns of behavior.  You are being extended a magic wand to take charge of your life.  Welcome to Change.

By the way, Friend.  If you are reading this article between June 23rd and July 4th, you might want to read my New Moon in Cancer Report and Ritual.  It has some good information to help you harness the creative powers available to you in the coming days.

With the Sun in Cancer, we have a particularly helpful hand in probing deeply into what lies beneath the surface of our everyday selves. Cancer rules the home and for each of us, our home life is the foundation of our being. Home is where we go to regroup, recover and rejuvenate. In our earliest lives, our home was our haven for love, comfort, security and nurturing and in our adult life, it is the place where we express authority, cooperation, and vision. If you are feeling resistance to this idea or are recognizing that this is not true for yourself, then the Sun’s movement into Cancer has a special healing mission for you. The Sun illuminates and clarifies that which is dark and obscure. His movement enLIGHTens and uplifts.  That is how the transit is going to transform the old patterns of behavior that are no longer serving you.  By illuminating and then clarifying what is wrong for you, you are being given the opportunity to move toward what is right for you.  The energy of the Sun is always healing, particularly if you are born in the sign that he is transiting.  When the Sun moves into each sign, he activates and enhances the traits and characteristics of each sign.

The sign of Cancer is feminine and ruled by the Moon. Each sign takes on the qualities of its ruling celestial body. And the Moon, in all her dark and mysterious states, represents the flow of emotions, the cycles of our being, the cycles of our states of mind, the flow of our intuition, the flow of the tides of the ocean and the tides of the waters of our bodies. Some key words for the Moon are shadow, cool, silver, inward. I know that many people are confused about how signs, planets and houses work, so I want to very generally and simply summarize by saying that each sign is a constellation of stars. As this constellation beams its energy at the earth, it forms a house. Each individual planet presides over a house and each planet carries the qualities of that house. The more you read astrology and apply it to your life, the easier it will be to develop a natural wisdom around it. And OF COURSE, you can take classes, read books and get a REALLY deep understanding of this beautiful science. If you find this stuff stimulating and relatable, I totally recommend you go deeper.  Ha!  You can sign up to receive my astrology reports and this is a good start.

On a practical level the Moon and Cancer rule the 4th house of the astrology wheel. This little gang of energy is about home, property, family and ancestry. In addition to being Shadowy and inward, Moon represents Mother. The Moon is nurturing, listening, intuiting. Her power begins with Intuition and her feeling nature. Of course, EVERYONE gains power with their Intuition and feeling nature but these are the primary guidance system for those ruled by the Moon. As a Cancer, if you are suppressing your Intuition and letting your thinking nature dominate, then you are cutting yourself off from your most powerful  asset. Air signs tend to think their way through the world. Fire signs tend to action their way through the world. Earth signs tend to be their way through the world. Water signs tend to feel their way through the world. Cancerians are sensing, intuiting, and feeling. They have excellent minds and enjoy book knowledge, but their primary way of taking in the world is by feeling.  This is what we ALL have to be prepared for with the Sun’s transit into Cancer.  It is rational, masculine authority (the Sun) meets Intuitive, feminine authority (the Moon.)  Thinking vs Intuiting.  Doing vs Allowing.  All of these characteristics are highlighted for us all for the next 30 days.

Earlier this month, our collective energy was in our heads as the Sun in Gemini made us all a little more thinking oriented, more clever, and more intellectually creative.  You can read my article about that transit.  Now, as summer officially begins, we are being drawn down into our bodies and our feeling nature is emphasized.  For those of us who are accustomed to feeling our feelings, the Sun’s entry into Cancer will be a welcome relief as what was probably dark and mysterious becomes clear and understandable.  We have a golden opportunity to work consciously with our Shadow self to heal, forgive and release. This is a welcome time because we are now supported to go deeply into the Mystery.  Our New and Full Moon rituals will be important.  Dream work will be important.  Shadow work will be important.  If you’ve struggled with these in the past, push forward with them now because all of your hard work will now be rewarded.  You get to go deep and break through your own psyche.

Personally, I’ve been feeling this pull inward to the darkness for these last several days.  My mind was still expansive and communicative with Gemini, but I have been feeling my feelings very strongly.  It has been tiring me out!  My energy has been sluggish and I’ve been needing massive naps in the middle of the day.  Fatigue is such a strange thing to experience as the summer begins!  It seems to me that I should be fully energized and frolicking.  Okay, I am doing that, actually, but I need to stop at about 16h00 and have a siesta.  This is NOT normal for me.  I need five hours of sleep max.  No naps.  I am normally a machine.  But this slowing is a natural reaction to the stirrings that are happening to us as the Sun moves into Cancer.  It’s like the Universe is saying, “Hey, just because the Sun is shining brightly, you don’t get to shuck off your psyche.  I’m blessing with you beautiful days, warmth and flowers.  You do your part and tend your inner garden.”  Personally, I’m listening because I’m not about to get my ass kicked by the Universe and I’m not about to turn down help when it is offered.  Please let me know what you are experiencing with this transit in the Comments section.  I wanna know what symptoms you’re having!

This morning I awoke at 4:15am (my usual time) to find Venus and the crescent Moon beautifully lit by the Sun as it sat just below the horizon. Venus and the Moon are both feminine and they were so bright and lovely against the backdrop of the waning velvet blue sky. The light of the Sun was slowly dawning and casting the perfect balance to highlight the sparkle of the two celestial bodies that represent the Divine Feminine.  My view included a gorgeous hillside of trees and alpine-style houses, with soft orange street lights dotted here and there. And at the top of this hill is one of Europe’s most beautiful cemeteries. (Yesterday I went walking in that cemetery and made a video about the beauty of men and falling in love.  You can watch it on my Youtube channel.)  This morning’s sunrise was kundalini raising as these three celestial bodies painted the sky over Mirogoj Cemetery yellow, green, blue and pink. It was the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine making artful love on the canvas of the sky. It really was a symphony unfolding right before my eyes… And here is your most powerful take-away for this transit:  when the conscious mind meets the unconscious mind, there will be tension.  How you deal with this tension is going to determine how the next year unfolds for you.  I encourage you to go with the flow.  Spend more time meditating and doing the inner work.  Schedule some alone time.  Take a siesta when you need it.  By the way, I’m getting the message that I should tell you to give your children guidance in this.  Look, I’m not a parent, but I am a messenger and the message is that your children are super sensitive and they have FULL access to their feelings, but are still developing the systems for coping with them.  I want to encourage you to spend some quiet time with your little ones exploring their feelings, letting them tell you and show you how they feel.  Give them space to be emotionally honest and forthcoming.  The energies are very strongly supporting this for the wee ones. They are all naturally empathic, meaning that they are taking on what you feel.  Because the love you unconditionally, they will try to process your emotions for you.  Be careful that you don’t unconsciously dump on them.  As you support your wee ones by hearing them, guiding them and nurturing them, you will be doing this for yourself.  OH!  And please do not try to fix your children’s emotional perspective.  This is a time for validation.  When your daughter says, “Mary is prettier than me.  It makes me feel so sad!”  Try not to say, “She’s not prettier than you!”  Mary might look like hell on wheels, but this is not the point.  Your work right now is to validate your daughter’s perspective and to validate her sadness.  This is teaching her that it is okay to have a negative perspective and negative feelings.  It is much more powerful to say, “Honey, I understand why you feel that way.  Mary gets lots of attention and that would make me sad, too.”  And just let that be for the moment.  You can later explain your perspective about your daughter’s beauty.  But try to validate her and give her permission to feel her feelings.  Gosh.  You are so blessed to be a parent.  I never wanted children because I was made to feel so worthless as a child, but man, what I wouldn’t give for a couple of kiddos now.  My own flesh and blood?  YES, please!  Adopted children?  YES, please! OOOOOh!  Hahahaha!  Ya see!!  Cancer is about Motherhood.  Look at me expressing my heart’s desire!  In the video I made at the cemetery, I tell you about my magical experience with little kids this past weekend.  Ha!  I am really feeling the pull of this Motherhood transit.  I love it!

In this photo, you can see the beauty of the sunrise, but my camera just cannot pick-up Venus and the sliver of crescent Moon. But you can see why I cherish my early mornings. It’s simply beautiful.

And hey, if you don’t have children, the message would be for you to get close to your Inner Child.  Your Inner Child is alive and kicking.  This is great when they are happy, vibrant, optimistic and trusting.  But when they are broken, wounded, despairing and desperate, it makes for a life of challenge and upset.  DO YOUR SHADOW WORK.  WRITE DOWN YOUR DREAMS.  SAY YOUR PRAYERS.  The Sun’s transit into Cancer is giving you the chance to feel your feelings and heal your feelings.  Last night I was walking home from a beautiful evening spent with friends.  I was exhausted from a day full of life-affirming synchronicities, but because I was feeling my more shadowy feelings very powerfully, my night was clouded by a strange sadness.  Loneliness.  I walked home through a world of beauty, with loneliness as my companion.  Don’t feel sorry for me, please.  I am alive and full of passion.  My life is creative, independent and free.  I am a master manifestor and am exactly where I desire to be.  Experiencing the darker emotions and walking with them is essential for living the full-spectrum, multi-dimensional life that I desire.  This is right for me.  It helps me relate to the whole world, and it is why I feel at home everywhere I go– because through my feeling nature, I can relate to people at the deepest level. Compassion and empathy. The energy right now for us all is that of feeling our feelings and healing.

In Tarot, the Moon card represents walking through a land that is illuminated only by your Intuition.  This is true Jedi training, my little Padawan.  The Moon casts a silvery light, obscuring the landscape and making nothing as it appears.  If you try to move forward with your eyes and mind like you normally do during the day, you are going to stumble and fall.  The Moon is urging you to go slowly and feel your way.  Use your intuition as your guide.  Spend some quiet time and allow the world to reveal itself to you.  Don’t force anything right now.  ALLOW.

All Sun transits present an opportunity to heal and correct your problems. You should pay particular attention to this transit if you:

  • Have been feeling stuck and are needing a breakthrough
  • Are having trouble with your sexuality
  • Have trouble expressing your emotions authentically, honestly, or powerfully
  • Have issues with family, particularly issues with your mother
  • Are a mother and want to improve your relationship with your children
  • Want to connect to your ancestry
  • Have problems in your home or want to improve your home
  • Own property or are considering buying property in the next 30 days
  • Have issues with money (particularly if you experience feast or famine)

If you’ve been following my blog, you’re coming to realize that you’re not just the astrological sign under which you are born. Hopefully, you are starting to realize that as the Sun transits each sign, it is as if you are dressing up in that sign’s skin. Here’s a little example to make sure you understand the profound significance of this principle. I was born an Aquarius. As an Aquarius, I am lead by thought, reason and rationale. Aquarius is an Air sign and this makes me particularly idealistic, innovative and with my head waaaaay up in the clouds. I think my way through the world rather than feel my way through the world. I am always airy Aquarius, but when the Sun moves onto Pisces, Aries, Taurus, and so on through all the signs of the zodiac, I become more like those signs. For example, Pisces (like Cancer) is a water sign.   Pisces is sensual, feeling, soft and compassionate. When the Sun is in Pisces, the hard idealism of my thinking nature becomes more fluid, open and flowing. I am still Aquarius, but when the sun is in Pisces, my thoughts flow more softly, more lovingly. I am less concerned about the hard structures of the world and more concerned about how the world feels. I am still experiencing the world through my thoughts, but now I am more emotionally involved with them and the stories I am telling. Aquarius tends to take a scientific, specimen-observing approach to life whereas Pisces is all up in it. My Aquarian-ness becomes more involved when the Sun is Pisces.

So as Father Sun transits the zodiac, we, too, transit, taking on the qualities of each sign. To me, this is sexy and fun and adds lovely texture to life.  Growth flows from one month to the next, from one sign to the next. Just imagine that in January you are Oprah Winfrey (BIG vision, BIG confidence) and then in February you are Drew Barrymore (soft eyes and tender heart… or Steve Jobs, if you prefer that far reaching creativity thing.) And then in March you find yourself getting a bit more physically aggressive as Spring springs and you find that your energy is high and you are becoming more extroverted and artistic like Aries. Think any glamour puss like Lady Gaga. Or think in terms of physical prowess and athleticism. Certainly you have witnessed your own internal changes that mimic the Sun’s movement through the signs. If you have, then give me a shout out to let me know that my words are not falling on deaf ears. If you haven’t, then definitely let me know that, too. I like to consider all perspectives.

And just to close out this article, I want to say that Cancer is a VERY sexy sign. My all-time favorite lovers have been Cancers (by the way, gentlemen, I am open to having my mind changed by a more sexy, sensual, and tender lover.  Just sayin’.) And some of the women whom I most admire are Cancers. And here’s a WARNING—I am in love with every sign of the zodiac. It’s my job to find the thread of creativity in every astrological influence so that I can share it and help you find it in yourself. You are going to find that I talk a lot about the sexiness and the vitality of the signs because in my eyes, sexy vitality is the key to life. I’m not talking about coitus penetratus (I just made up that shit) but I am talking about orgasmic living, which is something that I did not make-up and something that each and every one of us are entitled to live. We are Diving beings—extensions of Life Force Energy into physical form. You bet our lives are meant to be orgasmically joyful. That’s why we need to be celebrating that the Sun is in Cancer and that we’re all a little Cancer for the next 30 days.

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  1. June 29, 2017 / 1:44 pm

    idk if its because ive been aggressively working on healing old wounds and self improvement, but I have cried purging tears every single day this week and now it makes more sense, thanks for these extended explanations!

    • June 29, 2017 / 2:23 pm

      Hi, Crystal! I am so glad that the write-up resonated with you! This has been such an intense time for us all. We are truly feeling our feelings. Although much of what we are feeling can be optimistic, bright and hopeful, many of us are strongly affected by Mars’ transit through Cancer. I won’t go into too much detail, but this is not the most happy transit!!! Mars represents the ego and as ego transitions shadow, we are forced to experience our harsher perspectives even though we are aware that we are blessed beyond measure. If I offered any advice, it would be to do your best to listen to yourself. Turn off the distractions and become an active listener to your own emotions. Listen to your own wounding and don’t try to fix it unless you feel real inspiration to do so. But rather listen with an open and compassionate heart. Listen to yourself with kindness and the intent to simply hold space for this aspect of your truth. I hope that makes sense! This is ‘no proofread Thursday!’ <3

Here I am! Eccomi qui!

Florence, Italy


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