Turning ‘Oops’ into ‘Aha!’: The Late Bloomer’s Guide to Coaching

Are you a late bloomer like me?

Imagine starting a race long after the gunshot has faded. That’s how it feels for many of us stepping into our power a bit later in life. ⌚️

While the world often celebrates early bloomers and youthful success, some of us are just hitting our stride in the fabulous ’50s and beyond. This journey comes with its unique quirks—especially when you’re coaching folks who remind you of a younger you!

For the late-blooming woman, those years of feeling like a wallflower or making less-than-stellar life choices can linger like a pesky party guest. You might find yourself whispering prices during client calls or tiptoeing around your vast experience. 

It’s like wearing an invisibility cloak in your own business—hardly the outfit of choice for a thriving coach. ‍️

Society’s little obsession with all things young and speedy certainly doesn’t help. Add to that a personal history of relationships that were more ‘miss’ than ‘hit,’ and you’ve got yourself a cocktail of self-doubt. This mix can make it tough to stand proud and proclaim, “Yes, I’m the coach you’ve been waiting for!”

Time to swap those old boots for some shiny new stilettos! 

Let’s start strutting our seasoned selves by:

Embracing mindfulness to treat ourselves with the same compassion we offer our clients.

Building a tribe with fellow late bloomers who turn their own ‘oops’ into ‘aha!’ moments.

Sprinkling our personal stories into our coaching like glitter at a disco—because everyone loves a bit of sparkle.

While the old school might say, “Keep your skeletons in the closet,” we’re throwing open the doors and decorating the living room with them!  

Our past isn’t just a tale of woes; it’s a treasure trove of wisdom. By sharing our stories of transformation, we don’t just attract clients—we captivate them. It’s about showing that if we can dance through a downpour, so can they!

For all us fabulous late bloomers, our coaching practice isn’t merely about signing clients; it’s about connecting heart to heart, sharing the journey of turning late starts into great art.

This post isn’t just a pep talk; it’s your playbook for weaving your magical, hard-earned wisdom into a coaching career that’s as vibrant and fruitful as a well-tended garden in full bloom.

I’ve got a workshop coming up about how to attract your dream clients next week. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to attend.❤️‍


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