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Every 30 or so days, the Sun moves into a different astrological zodiac sign. Most of us know that we’re born on a certain day and that this date determines our zodiac sign. What most people don’t realize, however, is that as the Sun transits each sign, we get to enjoy the benefits (and the potential pitfalls) of that sign. What I try to do in these monthly reports is to give everyone an opportunity to learn how the Sun’s movement through the signs is affecting us all—what great opportunities it brings and for what dangers we need to plan. On May 21st the Sun moves into Gemini and will remain there until June 20th. So during this time, we’re all going to be a little Gemini…

Gemini is a sign ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is a lean planet at only 2,440 km at its radius (compared to Earth at 6,371 km and Jupiter at 69,911 km!) and its small size and close proximity to the Sun are clearly embodied in Gemini people and shows up in all of us when the Sun is there. In Roman mythology, the deity Mercury rules transportation, commerce, and communication. He is the patron of business and financial gain. Mercury was the messenger to the other gods and his winged feet made sure that those messages were delivered swiftly. In astrology, the planet Mercury is endowed with all those responsibilities and perhaps even more importantly, Mercury rules our THINKING.   This is why when Mercury goes retrograde, the shit hits the fan with our communication, our transportation and the way we are perceiving the world. I won’t discuss Mercury retrograde here because it’s its own wild phenomenon and needs lots of space for discussion and the occasional shot of whisky to untangle its intricacies. I try to write a report summarizing each Mercury retrograde period when they happen, so keep your eyes open for it.

People born under the sign of Gemini are mostly ruled by their minds and when Mercury is positively aspected, it makes them open-minded, articulate and beautifully eloquent. Geminis love writing and thinking and talking and sharing ideas. They are charming; and when this charm is paired with a beautiful mind, we find ourselves utterly attracted to these lovely people.

When the Sun moves into Gemini, we all become more Gemini like. We can find that expressing ourselves through writing and talking is eased. We become more expansive in our thinking, more quick-witted, and more flexible. This is where we want to accept the benefit of these Mercurial qualities and use them to our advantage. From May 21st through June 20th, we will find that where our minds were once locked, blocked or even stagnant, that we are more expansive, far-reaching and agile. Watch yourself and see if you find yourself being quick-witted, flirty, playful and light. Geminis are wonderfully light, not just in their minds, but in their bodies.

Geminis are air signs (ruled by the mind) and they tend toward the lean and can be more athletically inclined (think Venus Williams at 6 feet tall and 160 pounds of pure muscle. Go on with yer bad self, Ms. Venus!) They are naturally graceful and tend to dress in a more elegant and perhaps slightly conservative way. This is not to say that they are stuffy. Not at all! These are some fun-ass people-loving-people. But they have an innate appreciation of the finer things in life. They are attracted to that which is quality—whether it be objects, food, or people. Geminis respect the respectable and the dis-respectable are most likely blatantly disrespected. You do NOT want to get on the bad side of a Gemini; and you can do so with displays of base behavior. They will rip you a new asshole in the most eloquent and beautiful way. You will feel about knee high to a dime. That’s low. With that being said, we would all benefit during this transit period to go slowly with our blatant expressions of disrespect, even toward the disrespectful. Look, if a Gemini has a badly aspected Mercury, they can be a bit mean, prejudiced and snobby. We can all be this way, but when the Sun is in Gemini, we want to be particularly careful that we are not careless with the feelings of others and we don’t want to behave in a way that is cruel or demeaning to those who may be disenfranchised in some way. Personally, this shows up for me as being carelessly dismissive of certain people. I suggest remembering to be of service before you express your truth.

I feel like I want to make some suggestions about business here, since the Sun is in a strong area of commerce and communication. Many of us are business owners and entrepreneurs. This is Mercury territory. Authors, bloggers, healers, diviners, artists, musicians, and other people who have something that they want to offer should also pay close attention to this Sun transit Gemini period. Now is the time for you to THINK your enterprise. Use this transit period to get clear about what you want for yourself. Your mind is going to be your best ally right now, so use it to shape your future. Authors, bloggers, writers, speakers—you should be churning out your work right now. Schedule in another day of work so that you can take advantage of this transit. If you are someone who communicates, whether it is visual or with words, or with sounds, or with products, now is the time to focus on what you’re producing AND HOW YOU ARE FOLLOWING THROUGH. Oooh. This is important!

Okay. So I have told you a lot about the beautiful mind of the Gemini. What I’ve not yet shared is the potential to drop the ball. UGH! This is the problem with having lots of access to ideas and the other world—lack of follow-through. At a party, Gemini can put too much food on its plate and not finish because it’s walking around chatting to everyone, making connections and getting enthralled by the world surrounding it. When the Sun is in Gemini, we can find ourselves inhaling information, but not grounded enough to do something with it. Starting on the 21st of May, keep a little notepad near you for all the ideas that come in. You may not feel like you can do anything with the information now, but it will serve you later, for sure. Keep track of your abundance of good ideas and then go back to them at a time when you can think them through, plan and make them real.

And I am going to do a SHAMELESS plug for my service as a Business Concept Coach. If you have an idea for a business and you want to birth it, but you don’t know where to begin, then you’ll want to book in for a complimentary Discovery Session with me to discuss how I can help you. I have a complete program that can help you go from just having an idea to making it real—complete with Mission Statement, Business Plan and CUSTOMERS. If you have an idea, I want to help you birth it into the world. Book a Discovery Session and let’s get started.

So who are some famous Geminis? Well, for sure you know Johnny Depp, Kanye West, Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie… And gosh!  America’s favorite presidents– John F. Kennedy and Donald Trump.

Alright. I think that’s plenty of information to get you rocking and rolling through the Sun’s transit of Gemini. We have the New (Super) Moon in Gemini on Thursday, May 25th. That will be a great time for launching new ideas, programs, habits and processes that are Mercurial in nature. Keep your eyes open for my New Moon Report scheduled to go out in a day or two.  Sign up to get my astrology and Moon phase reports delivered right to your inbox.

Blessing to you, Beloved Friend. Big hugs to you from Zagreb, Croatia, where life is beautiful, full and exciting.

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